Feb. 5th, 2013

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hrm. current fandom climate is strange.

i have SUITS things i want to say, but where to say them? only a few people here on LJ are likely interested. other options are twitter - if i could fit it in 140 characters, which i cannot - or tumblr, where it would be read by a bunch of strangers. idk how comfortable i am with that yet, especially as most of it is pure nonsense. hrm, i say, hrmm.

...LJ IT IS. the best place for my nonsense since 2004. /o/ scroll on by as needed!

so, the creator of suits, aaron korsh, often has q&a's on his twitter. i've perused his @replies, and he actually answers most of the questions he gets (he's usually answered the ones i've asked, which has been nice). he even answers the really dumb and/or repetitive ones. he has explicitly said in the past that he won't answer questions that involve spoilers, however.

so a few weeks ago i asked: any thoughts on introducing a gay character and/or storyline at some point? Read more... )

this next bit is likely interesting to even fewer of you, lollll, as it involves SHOES (i am me), but not actually the kind you would think! alas, it's true. last october patrick j adams betrayed me when he posted this photo to his instagram. )


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