May. 3rd, 2013 05:31 pm
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i don't really have anything vital to say, but i've got the free time at work this afternoon, so i feel like i should post something... hrm, let's see.

busiest weekend plans:
tonight: baking muffins for tomorrow morning, then IRON MAN 3. /o/
saturday: running, coffee (and muffins) with the parents, free comic book day!, home depot, gardening at the shop, then MSI (mindless self indulgence) (featuring the gorgeous lindsey way)! /o/
sunday: yard work at home, read said comics, and faff? idk, i feel like there was something, but my mind is blank right now. i would not argue with no plans.

suits content (sort of):
so last weekend i watched 'whiteout' starring kate beckinsale, tom skerritt, alex o'loughlin, and gabriel macht. as entirely expected, it was total crap. one day i will do a write up of my machtapalooza experience and award certain films with titles like Hey My Mortgage Isn't Going to Pay Itself, and Second Homes in Australia are Expensive, Yo, because seriously. seriously.

one delightful thing came out of 'whiteout', however. while i was watching the behind-the-scenes extras, there were a few interview bits with gabriel (he is usually, and frustratingly, ABSENT in dvd extras, even for movies in which he is the Main Character, like swat 2). nothing too notable was said, everyone was great to work with yadda yadda, but, you know, he looked great! kind of painfully great in some parts.

and the next thing i know, HE'S FLASHING BARE THIGH AT ME and saying "GABRIEL WEARS SHORT SHORTS" and omg whuuuuuuuuuuuuuut.

i haven't scrambled that fast for the remote control in a long time. :p i have the poorest computer skills, but for this i was determined to figure something out; I HAD TO SHARE. i tried searching tumblr, but to no avail. i put the disc in my laptop thinking i would figure out how make my own caps, but my computer doesn't recognize blurays, apparently. so i did the only thing i could think of: i took photos of my tv screen with my camera. /o\ WHATEVER, IT WORKED. i am delight.

so that was fun. and OH, HEY, it's time to leave. weekending begins now. /o/
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