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the bottle says 'secret,' but i prefer to think of it as iron man red )

and then with an idea stolen from the internet, and further iron man inspiration, i added gold glitter tips )

IT'S FRIDAY, Y'ALL. long week has been longggggg, and it's not over yet. i have to come in tomorrow because it's our fiscal year end and there is much number crunching to be done, not to mention prepping for it today. hoorayyyyyy. but to offset that, i'm heading to the comic shop after work today for some happy. /o/ last two tpb's of the walking dead and possibly some spider-man. yeah, idk either, but spider-man is funny, you guys. who knew.
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typically in these parts, birthday celebrations are relegated primarily to the top tier: orlando, gerard, frank. and yet here i am. completely at a loss. :|

i don't know what kind of black magic you're employing, evans, but it needs to stop. aside from being ridiculously beautiful, you're not even my type! but i'm already watching (and buying) terrible movies because of you. i recognize the signs.

happy 31st, asshole.
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i didn't want to talk about this before it happened for fear of jinxing, or in case it just didn't work out, but OMGGGGGGG I SAW THE AVENGERS TODAY! /o/ \o\ /o/ \o/ no real spoilers, just some enthusiasm )

man, this has been A Day. it started at 4:50 am when my alarm went off (the first of two - i was REALLY concerned i might sleep through just one). stumbled to the shower by 5, coffee in my hand by 5:15, and out the door by 5:30. there wasn't even a smidge of daylight yet. buhhhhh. x_x

the screening started at 9:30, but they said to get there early, that not everyone was guaranteed to get in. we arrived shortly after 6:30 and didn't see a soul. we couldn't possibly be the most uncool people in LA showing up for this thing at ass-crack o'clock, right? there had to be bigger nerds out there than us. i mean, THE AVENGERS! well, sure enough, the line was on another floor, but still we were only about 40 people back? WE WERE MOST DEF IN. /o/ holy shit this was really happening. (as an aside, it was almost all dudes, though i did notice that the first person in line was a girl, so yeah! *high five*)

even with 5 layers, a hat, and scarf, i still managed to freeze for the next two hours, but whatever! worth it. not complaining. once we were seated inside ralph garman (from kroq radio) asked avengers-related trivia questions and handed out prizes. it went on for some time, and eventually, with camera crews standing around, it was clear he was stalling and we were waiting for someone. but, who?!

huzzah, joss whedon came out to introduce the movie! :D :D :D he made a few jokes, thanked the fans, and i thought cool! now let's get to the movie! but that wasn't all! clark gregg (agent coulson) and cobie smulders (other shield agent) were there as well! :D :D :D (ngl, at the first mention of clark i totally grabbed my friend's shoulder, bc holy shit i kind of adore him. <3)

so that was awesome and i was totally excited (clark!) and ready to watch the movie. BUT THAT WASN'T IT.


TOM FUCKING HIDDLESTON WAS JUST A FEW ROWS IN FRONT OF MY FACE YOU GUYS I ALMOST DIED. DIED! and then chris hemsworth walked out too and they were standing next to each other all smiles and brothers and next to each other in front of my face and what is my liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife. x_o

so yeah. that happened.

we weren't allowed any electronics, but here is a photo from the internet. )

oh! and i forgot to mention, when standing in line they were handing out toy props from the movies - a hulk fist, cap's shield, and i got THOR'S HAMMER. mjolnir )

and now i'm about to fall over. those were a lot of emotions to deal with on just a few hours of sleep. but it was ao amazing. eternal thanks to my friend m for thinking of me. <3333

ugh. i needed this day. ♥

eta: what is with these cut-tags, LJ? >:[
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happy 35th, gerard. i'm so very glad you exist. ♥ ♥
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i owe so many real posts, and i hope to get to them... someday.

but i couldn't let today pass without a quick mention.


happiest congrats to frank and jamia! ♥ 19 dogs, two twin girls, and now a baby boy. ngl, my heart is a squishy mess right now. ♥


Jan. 24th, 2012 10:41 am
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attn e-reader types!

i've been thinking lately of getting a kindle, nook, or whathaveyou for the primary purpose of reading fic in bed. my laptop is rather unwieldy, and i hate to kill a bunch of trees for my brief enjoyment (i mean, i have and will for fics that are keepers, but you don't know that going in for the first time, do you).

any suggestions? is one or another best for fic purposes (downloading/uploading/transferring files yadda yadda)? i haven't a clue, i am quite possible the least technically savvy person you know, so any thoughts on the subject would be most welcome.
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well, i made it four days straight before i crapped out on Post Every Day week. friday was such a hectic day at work and it wasn't until i fell into bed exhausted that i realized i hadn't posted anything. for a brief moment i considered getting out from under the covers, but that thought was quickly replaced by another, fuck it.

saturday morning was gray and rainy (hooray!), and i faffed and watched iron man 2. i did a little kicky dance of glee when agent coulson showed up, ngl. the rest of the day was spent catching up on tv from the week, sorting and starting seven loads of laundry, and the most minimal tidying up, all while fighting off a headache.

and sure enough, i was up at 4 am on sunday with a full-blown migraine. i spent the next three hours of the dark, early morning on my couch, watching (or listening to) buffy, and trying my very hardest not to throw up. honestly, i don't know how i would make it through a migraine without excedrin and buffy the vampire slayer. the pills, so that my head doesn't actually explode - because some days it feels like it just might, and the tv show because it's like a comforting cocoon of comfort. hot cocoa for the soul. it's home, and it tells me everything will be okay. thank you, joss. sincerely. ♥

surprisingly, after that morning trauma, i was actually feeling pretty good by the afternoon and had my most productive day in weeks. i did ALL THE LAUNDRY and ALL THE DISHES, swept and swiffered every surface, put away the lingering remnants of christmas, and with my meager rations in the cupboard managed to make lasagna for dinner and pear-oat muffins for the week. AND IT FELT GREAT. /o/

OH WAIT, THAT'S NOT ALL. i also re-did my nails (as seems to be my sunday night tradition three weeks in a row): captain america glitter, silver edition. :D )

tonight there was much needed marketing. how i survived the weekend with no bread-type product in the house is beyond me. a glorious hunk of cheddar in the fridge and not one sourdough slice, tortilla, or cracker to put it on. tears tears vomit.

ion, why oh why don't i have any avengers icons yet? :(
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this is a cheat of a post, i'm aware, but whatever, it's a post nonetheless.

being frustrated with how few books i've read since moving back to california, i thought perhaps if i made ~a list~ it might pressure/inspire me to pick up an actual novel more often. because it's not like i don't enjoy reading, i do! it's just too easy to turn on the boob-tube and zone out instead. i did read a lot of comics in the last few years, which is great and i intend to continue that, but additionally, my brain NEEDS MOAR WORDS.

so here be The Lists that i will update as warranted throughout the year. and while i'm at it i'll track my movies too, just for kicks.

Lists, 2012 )

eta: AUGH I AM AWFUL AT KEEPING TRACK OF SHIT. this is SO NOT a complete list. woops. /o\
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* after months of disinterested scrolling, i finally dropped [livejournal.com profile] icecreamhdaches from my flist today. i've been hesitant to let go, but damn. best decision. i love fall out boy, i do, but ICH isn't about them anymore. it's about four individual guys that i'm just not that into. i'll keep up with pete's nonsense on tumblr, though. i don't know how to quit him.

* in a recent big day out interview, frank had this to say about the possible new mcr album: "I can tell you that I think about music in color, and I see a lot of orange in the next record." ORANGE. ♥_♥ i knew he was my favorite for a reason.

* i've been watching a lot of merlin lately. never having actually been in the fandom, i haven't a clue where the good fic is. i've poked around here and there, but oh, trusted flist, might you have a link? perhaps there is one that pops into your head right away? i don't need many, just one or two that you're fond of should quench this thirst. (arthur/merlin preferred. also sex preferred. the show provides plenty of gen and ust already, you know?)

* was it just me being a crankybot, or (aside from the summer lovin' intro) was that one of the worst glee episodes ever? everything will schuester/matt morrison is just gross to me. i'm so curious about the writers' intent with that character. do they mean to make him a creepy douche with no sense of boundaries? or are we actually supposed to like him?

* in personal life update news, still no spidey senses to speak of, but the swelling has mostly gone down on my face. i paid my water bill and started cleaning the kitchen this morning. still no energy to cook, so cereal for dinner it is. but this weekend there will be ALL THE LAUNDRY and swiffering for dayyyys. the dust bunnies are starting to scare me. D:

* as a result of my somewhat recent obsession with the avengers, i was inspired by captain america last week and bought red, white, and blue glitter nail polish. i first paired it with a red base: )

and now i settle in for more mad men and tea.
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i am in such a FUNK lately. my house is a disaster, it's been so long since i've done laundry that i'm almost out of underwear (even the grungy period ones), and i've been eating my weight in cheese for the last few weeks. pretty much all i want to do everyday is watch thor and masturbate. is that so wrong? :(

the mail is starting to pile up, though, and that's my neon blinking WARNING sign that i need to get my shit together. so yesterday i ran the dishwasher, today (with the help of my brother) i forced myself to go to the gym (30 minutes on the treadmill), and tomorrow i will find and pay my water bill. it's around here somewhere.

in better news, i finally started watching mad men. better late than never? i finished the first season and am midway through the second. here are some of my thoughts thus far: )

and now dinner! and glee! and later parenthood! <-- such a great show, you guys. the entire cast is pretty fantastic. and dax shepard can really act! who knew? he's come a long way since punked.

and with that, day 2 of Post Every Day is in the bag. YOU'RE WELCOME.

day one

Jan. 16th, 2012 09:37 am
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the list of items i've been meaning to post about has piled up so high, i'm not even sure what's at the bottom anymore. i mean, i never even posted about hawaii, and that was in september! i think the best way to conquer it (along with the general wall i keep hitting every time i log on to LJ) is to once again tackle Post Every Day This Week. i need that extra motivation to push past the exhaustion and malaise at the end of every work day when i zombify in front of the telly.

i have nothing exciting prepared for today, but i can tell you that last thursday night a spider (i presume) bit me on my cheek. and while i haven't gone full-on elephant man, i am still sporting a swollen bloom beneath my left eye that is both tender and itchy (and not one spidey-sense to speak of yet! what a rip). what does one do for spider bites? is there anything other than wait it out? bahhhh. :*(

aside from tolerating my deformed face, i spent saturday at the park for my nephew's birthday, saw the film melancholia (which i didn't necessarily love, but i'm still thinking about it, so), and then sunday was spent gardening at the shop (out with the dead, in with the pansies) before plunking down on the couch for six hours. and now it's back to work for me, because we are an evil company that doesn't take today off.

hey, flisters, hey.

flop flop

Jan. 13th, 2012 06:46 pm
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today was nuts. our internet was down and when your primary work program is web based? well, you're fucked. i think it took at&t about 5 hours to fix the (multiple) issues. i am so ready to get this weekend started. i've got an evening of veggie burgers and rise of the planet of the apes in my very near future. i'm tempted to have a beer, but i'm running in the morning for the first time since, oh, october? hrm...

anyhow, first! as is tradition in these parts, i must wish a very happy 35th to mister bloom.

i would wish him buckets of joy this coming year, but i'm pretty sure baby flynn already has that covered. ♥
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hope you are having a most lovely day wherever you are.

this has been an incredibly busy holiday season for me, but also a pretty great one, if for no other reason than it's the first one in my house. i had the family over for dinner a few times which was nice (for the most part, family is hard). but more than anything, i've just really enjoyed sitting on my couch every night, lighting smelly candles and enjoying my first christmas tree. i kind of hate the thought of having to take it down soon. :(

treeeee )

we're doing presents and dinner later tonight with my brother's family, but my parents let me take home one of my gifts early, since i already knew about it and actually picked it out. still, the clappy hands of glee are abundant. BAKE ALL THE THINGS )

and now for a relaxing afternoon with THOR. :D a happy christmas, indeed.
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for anyone interested, here is the tomato soup recipe i recently made. it's from The Best 30-Minute Recipe cookbook from Cook's Illustrated (the America's Test Kitchen people).

Creamy Tomato Soup )

as for the grilled cheese, mine is just sourdough with dijon mustard spread on one half and extra sharp cheddar.

pretty sure i could eat this meal every day and be happy.
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in reverse order so we end on a better note.

the ugly
i have been sick for what feels like the entire month of november. mid-october i got sick (during mcr tour v2), and then i think i had a few good weeks until i got hit with this nasty chest cold, thing. i haven't really felt the aches and pains of being sick, no fever or nausea to complain of, just endless coughing and congestion. i went to a doctor last week, and he assured me that my lungs are clear and it's in all likelihood just a nasty virus. lots of fluids and rest. a four-day weekend could not have come at a better time, let me tell you. (he also gave me a prescription if things got worse over the long weekend, but i'd rather not take antibiotics needlessly, so i'm giving it another week.)

i'm still not back to normal, but there have definitely been improvements. so. baby steps. sickly baby steps. :((((

once this shit is over i am going to the gym ALL THE DAYS and eating ALL THE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES, believe you me. >:| EPIC DNW ever again. >:|

the bad
nano was a total bust and i feel like a dick for my 'hey i'm totally going to do this!' post last month. :\ i wanted to, i really did. and i did get about 2000 words that i didn't have before, so there's that. but there's only that. i just got really stuck. i couldn't make anything happen. it frustrated me, i got bummed, and i watched a lot of tv instead. i also got sick (see above). nobody really talks about how depressing being sick can be. it's kind of been a shitty month. not exactly the send off to my 30s and welcome into my 40s that i was looking for. ah well. onward, nonetheless.

the good
yesterday i made THE MOST DELICIOUS creamy tomato soup. my parents gave me a creuset dutch oven for my birthday and i've been making ALL THE SOUPS since. this one was definitely my favorite. naturally i also made a grilled cheese (with dijon mustard nomm) to go with it. sometimes it's the little things in life, you know? :)

and then after lunch i did some yard work (woo). i'm always a bit hesitant when i'm in the garden because i'm pretty wimpy when it comes to creepy crawlies. so there i am, pulling weeds and picking up 700 fallen maple leaves, when i get to this plant and promptly jumped back about a foot. cut for creepy crawly )

the rest of my long weekend mostly involved watching a lot of tv/movies and re-reading my walking dead comics. and oh, man. last night's walking dead episode was pretty great. i appreciate, in theory, that the creators of the tv show are trying to change things up from the books in part to keep it more interesting for the viewers who have read them. most of these changes are frustrating the shit out of me. but last night was the first time i thought oh, wow. that was good. the other obvious exception to the 'everything different sucks' rule is norman reedus. bc norman reedus. *_* but srsly, somewhere book!dale is punching a wall and he doesn't know why.

so hey, flisters, hi! this is what i've been doing. how 'bout you?
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and happy 30th birthday to mister frank iero (our littlest pumpkin), who is now officially Young for Trees. i'm quite fond of you, dude. keep on keepin' on. ♥
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it occurred to me that i hadn't played This Time Last Year in a while, so i dove into my archives. turns out i didn't post anything on this day for the past two years, but i found this privated post from 2008 that i never actually unlocked (until today). i think i had meant to come back and add to it before posting, but time passed and i forgot. this is not unusual for me.

so come with me, dear reader, back to october 27, 2008, as i (meant to) share some of my 'ridiculous but true' thoughts regarding frank, gerard, ray, and mikey (with a side of ryan ross, my apologies). c&p'd below )

ion, work is busy busy today and my coffee cup is empty. i'm not sure i'm going to make it.


Oct. 25th, 2011 03:01 pm
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found on apartment therapy dot com:

as someone who once lived with mice (and i don't mean as pets), let me just say, WELL FUCKING DONE, that is one of the most terrifying things i've seen all year. O_O

the heebie jeebies, i has them.

eta: aha, [livejournal.com profile] philosiraptors, your cover is blown! i mean, wolves, foxes, and monsters? come on, we're not idiots.
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these seem to be my two topics of choice, lately.

so with mcr out of the way, let's get back to HOUSE TALK. specifically paint colors.

i've been really happy with all the paint choices i made for my house (especially my bedroom, nnnngh RED). all except for the office/guest room. i had a vision early on of what i wanted: buttercream yellow walls with white and black accents. this is the room where most of my art will get hung, and i wanted the black frames with white mattes to really pop against the lighter backdrop. but then when the time came to paint, i started having second and then third thoughts. the yellow started to feel blah-ish, dated, and i was suddenly leaning toward a crisp grey, something that looked a bit sharper and current. but i had already chosen grey for the hallway and i really didn't want to change that. it works as a great neutral to lead into all the other rooms. and even picking a different shade of grey felt too... grey. too depressing. i wanted color! i am a fan of color (there are no beige's in my house; they are simply not allowed). so i stuck with my first instinct and painted it buttercream. cut for length + photos )
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they pretty much killed it tonight. they sounded AMAZING, and they wore their KILLJOYS COSTUMES which i was not expecting. /o/

i saw them last weekend in anaheim, after which i promptly got sick sick sick and had to sit out the san diego show this past thursday. it was a dark day. and while i'm still not 100%, there was no way in hell i was missing my chem at the fucking HOLLYWOOD BOWL. it's an odd venue. a GREAT venue, but an odd one (imo) for a rock show. it's all seats, no pit, and so no matter where your tickets are, you're not close. not by our fangirl standards, at least. more + 20 pictures )

i pretty much love this band. i can't wait to see them again. and again. and again. but in the meantime they've got some well-deserved time off coming their way, which i hope they actually take. (though i sure wouldn't say no to some new comics. :D? :D?)


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