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hello, flisters, hi! it's been 100 degrees (if not higher) for over a week now and i'm losing my mind. our a/c at work is on its last legs, and my a/c at home is total crap. or maybe my house has poor insulation. likely both. all i know is i get home from work and it's 90 degrees INSIDE and after the a/c has been on for hours and hours it still only gets down to the mid-80s. that shit ain't right. i really should do something about it, but it's too hot to function. there's also no end in sight. 100+ all this week. :|

so i haven't slept well in over a week, and i'm one of those people that loves and needs their sleep. last night i got less than 5 hours and so i've have a LOT of coffee this morning, and thus HEY LJ HEYYYYYYYYY, even though i don't have much to say. or maybe too many things but they're all scattered and shouting.

the loudest is probably SUITS SUITS SUITS. idk, this season i fell headfirst and there's only two episodes left which is freaking me out, so i bought the season 1 dvds last night. there's commentary and deleted scenes and a gag real. i'm pretty jazzed. also there's fic. not on the dvd, on the internet, and HOLY BALLS some of it is great. nom nom nom.

there's also sebastian stan who is currently on political animals which i think is kind of a crap show and repetitive and often boring but sebastian is engaging and hot as hell and damaged and makes out with boys regularly and good god i'm only human. you might also know him as cap's best friend bucky in captain america, and he'll be reprising this role in the sequel, the winter solider, in 2014. cut for spoilers if you haven't seen captain america yet, and vague-ish ones for the comics )

ANYHOW there are feels, SO MANY FEELS, with bucky and cap, and obvs cap and tony, and then somebody made THIS on tumblr and it was the worst thing ever. ;_____; i don't even know how to handle it. to borrow a phrase or two, I NEED HELP REACTING TO SOMETHING, bc all i can think of is lying down in traffic. D:

and then gerard was interviewed by kevin smith on his show spoilers and he was just the cutest thing (surprise). i think my favorite part was when he said he looked up past eisner award winners (the night he won his) and realized that he was now a part of this group of influential creators. also when he said that he's totally 'george lucas-ed some lyrics' bc he came up with something better after the fact, and kevin said well just don't jar-jar them. :p and lolllll at them having costumes for the new album, UNLIKE LAST TIME. oh hah ah ahhahha. OKAY, GERARD. sure.

and so that's about where i am, fandom-wise, i guess. i read the perks of being a wallflower last weekend, and wow. intense book. i really wasn't expecting that. but i'm quite excited for the film, now, i must say. and i've heard good things.
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the bottle says 'secret,' but i prefer to think of it as iron man red )

and then with an idea stolen from the internet, and further iron man inspiration, i added gold glitter tips )

IT'S FRIDAY, Y'ALL. long week has been longggggg, and it's not over yet. i have to come in tomorrow because it's our fiscal year end and there is much number crunching to be done, not to mention prepping for it today. hoorayyyyyy. but to offset that, i'm heading to the comic shop after work today for some happy. /o/ last two tpb's of the walking dead and possibly some spider-man. yeah, idk either, but spider-man is funny, you guys. who knew.
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i didn't want to talk about this before it happened for fear of jinxing, or in case it just didn't work out, but OMGGGGGGG I SAW THE AVENGERS TODAY! /o/ \o\ /o/ \o/ no real spoilers, just some enthusiasm )

man, this has been A Day. it started at 4:50 am when my alarm went off (the first of two - i was REALLY concerned i might sleep through just one). stumbled to the shower by 5, coffee in my hand by 5:15, and out the door by 5:30. there wasn't even a smidge of daylight yet. buhhhhh. x_x

the screening started at 9:30, but they said to get there early, that not everyone was guaranteed to get in. we arrived shortly after 6:30 and didn't see a soul. we couldn't possibly be the most uncool people in LA showing up for this thing at ass-crack o'clock, right? there had to be bigger nerds out there than us. i mean, THE AVENGERS! well, sure enough, the line was on another floor, but still we were only about 40 people back? WE WERE MOST DEF IN. /o/ holy shit this was really happening. (as an aside, it was almost all dudes, though i did notice that the first person in line was a girl, so yeah! *high five*)

even with 5 layers, a hat, and scarf, i still managed to freeze for the next two hours, but whatever! worth it. not complaining. once we were seated inside ralph garman (from kroq radio) asked avengers-related trivia questions and handed out prizes. it went on for some time, and eventually, with camera crews standing around, it was clear he was stalling and we were waiting for someone. but, who?!

huzzah, joss whedon came out to introduce the movie! :D :D :D he made a few jokes, thanked the fans, and i thought cool! now let's get to the movie! but that wasn't all! clark gregg (agent coulson) and cobie smulders (other shield agent) were there as well! :D :D :D (ngl, at the first mention of clark i totally grabbed my friend's shoulder, bc holy shit i kind of adore him. <3)

so that was awesome and i was totally excited (clark!) and ready to watch the movie. BUT THAT WASN'T IT.


TOM FUCKING HIDDLESTON WAS JUST A FEW ROWS IN FRONT OF MY FACE YOU GUYS I ALMOST DIED. DIED! and then chris hemsworth walked out too and they were standing next to each other all smiles and brothers and next to each other in front of my face and what is my liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife. x_o

so yeah. that happened.

we weren't allowed any electronics, but here is a photo from the internet. )

oh! and i forgot to mention, when standing in line they were handing out toy props from the movies - a hulk fist, cap's shield, and i got THOR'S HAMMER. mjolnir )

and now i'm about to fall over. those were a lot of emotions to deal with on just a few hours of sleep. but it was ao amazing. eternal thanks to my friend m for thinking of me. <3333

ugh. i needed this day. ♥

eta: what is with these cut-tags, LJ? >:[


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