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they pretty much killed it tonight. they sounded AMAZING, and they wore their KILLJOYS COSTUMES which i was not expecting. /o/

i saw them last weekend in anaheim, after which i promptly got sick sick sick and had to sit out the san diego show this past thursday. it was a dark day. and while i'm still not 100%, there was no way in hell i was missing my chem at the fucking HOLLYWOOD BOWL. it's an odd venue. a GREAT venue, but an odd one (imo) for a rock show. it's all seats, no pit, and so no matter where your tickets are, you're not close. not by our fangirl standards, at least. more + 20 pictures )

i pretty much love this band. i can't wait to see them again. and again. and again. but in the meantime they've got some well-deserved time off coming their way, which i hope they actually take. (though i sure wouldn't say no to some new comics. :D? :D?)
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um, better late than never? travel back with me, won't you, to this past may, exactly three months ago to the day, and one fantastic weekend spent with those chemical romantics.

30+ blurry photos )

and thus concludes mcrfest 2011, part the first. looking forward to three more shows in part the second this october! \o/
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* holy crap! In order to show our appreciation for your loyalty and support during our recent DDoS attacks, we've added two weeks of Paid time to your account. LJ, i am stunned. thank you for that gesture. it actually helps.

* i feel like the only person who doesn't have hbo lately. *thrones-less* :(

* i have been hard-core craving high school mikey/pete this week. or high school mikey/anyone-who's-a-boy. i think gerard is generally the go-to Gay Way (i mean, it just makes sense), but i really want to read something where he's the straight older brother and mikey is the gay one. and maybe mikey feels uncomfortable about telling him? not that he would react horribly - OBVS GERARD WOULD BE COOL WITH IT - but still. mikey's sort of hesitant and unsure. or maybe gerard already knows, because he's gerard. or more likely, mikey just hasn't told him yet because gerard's kind of wrapped up in his own self-involved shit. WHATEVER, point is mikey just really likes that pete/frank/ray kid, and he's kind of on his own navigating that. and then there are hand & blowjobs and eventual ass-fucking (bc there should always be eventual ass-fucking). so, yeah. i want that. or pretty much any hs mikey/boy. if you have any favorites (that aren't everyday mysteries in the summertime or holly golightly - ugh <3 ugh), feel free to drop recs in comments!

* last week i saw patrick stump at the hotel cafe! WHAT A LITTLE FIRECRACKER. i'm not sure i've seen someone with as much energy on such a tiny stage. he's... quite simply: captivating. his music isn't exactly my bag (i lean more pop/rock and less soul/jazz), but that hardly mattered! that kid has got mad talent and his enthusiasm is MOAST infectious. if you ever get a chance? go see him. i highly doubt you'd regret it.

it's also a well established fact that i am le old and often in bed by 9, however! we stayed for the second show and i was still WIDE AWAKE AND ENTHUSED at the end. it also didn't hurt that when we walked back to the stage for the second show, there was this odd little pocket of space where inexplicably no one was standing. so i took that space, like you do, and being maybe 10 feet from patrick fucking stump? pretty nice, i gotta say. a few peechurs )

* lastly, i'm having a hard time closing the tabs with these pictures in them. gurgle )


Aug. 1st, 2009 12:49 pm
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i still can't believe this actually fucking happened.

it was all too unreal and i wouldn't let myself get too excited or really talk about it until i was inside the venue, because up until that point anything and everything could have gone wrong. my flu, for instance, could have taken a major turn for the worse and what if i had to cancel and not go? ugh ugh possible devastation. but no! i've been steadily getting better with every passing hour, and lo the tickets that my GORGEOUS friends won from kroq were there and we got in and HOLY SHIT MCR AT THE ROXY!! \o/

not too many and not too great photos )

gah, i love this stupid band. ♥ ♥ ♥

eta3: epic post of media and quotes HERE!


Jan. 18th, 2009 04:57 pm
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i just went looking for my pictures from sequoia, but was momentarily waylaid by some other pictures in my july 2008 folder.

so you all know how if you move AT ALL, even dare to breathe while using my camera, the pictures will come out blurry? well imagine what the first few seconds of SEEING GERARD WAY AT COMIC-CON will do to them. ahahaahhaha /o\ )
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i don't know why i'm having such a hard time writing this post, but i can tell if i just don't force myself and do it, it will wind up yet another post not posted like far too many others. so here goes...

i went to the 'without you i'm just me' art opening last tuesday night, featuring artwork by pete wentz & travie mccoy. it was fun! when [livejournal.com profile] wovenindelibly and i walked in, pete and travie were sitting at a table signing programs, so we walked around and checked out the artwork. and then john mayer walked in. HI JOHN MAYER UR PRETTY. then the three of them disappeared into the back room for a while.

there were surprisingly few people there when we first arrived, but it definitely picked up as the night went on.

we never saw john mayer again, but the other two came back out for signing, pictures, chatting, whatever. travie especially was very social and available and making the best faces. <3 travie. and holy shit is that boy TALL.

we lingered politiely for a long time, not wanting to interupt anyone else's 'moment', but ugh, it just doesn't really work that way. there's always someone waiting in the wings to take their attention next, right? but i continued to wait patiently. and then finally travie looks right at me and smiles and fucking WAVES at me. so... I WAVE BACK. /o\ and this is clearly my moment, take it or leave it, krit. so i quickly walk up to him, say hi, and ask if he'd mind signing my program. it's all very quick, his attention is in high demand.


aaaaauuugh, and i've just deleted another paragraph. i keep starting over and starting over but it's just not coming out right. apparently there's a reason this was never written. LET'S JUST GET TO THE PICTURES AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS OKAY? OKAY! )
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waited in the freezing cold (okay, freezing for LA) on the sidewalk by myself surrounded by spazzing teenagers for three long hours. but oh, oh, it was worth it.

blurry photos and whatnot )


Oct. 2nd, 2008 01:27 am
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... )


go see them if you can. AJ;LSDFKJl!@

<3 <3 <#
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right, so we all know by now that my camera sucks. if anyone nearby is BREATHING, the photos will come out blurry. but whatever, that doesn't stop me! :D here are the least blurry from last tuesday night - leATHERMOUTH (and other people) at the avalon )
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so i went to the warped tour on sunday in ventura. and hooboy am i glad i chose ventura over pomona. it was the hottest weekend of the year, so instead of experiencing 100+ temps, we got a break and enjoyed the blissfully mild mid-70s on the coast.

yay bands )

so that was it. that was warped. i'm off to vegas tomorrow night to finally see cobra and gym class, and then tai once more. YAYS.
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left my house: 5:15 am
returned home: 10:45 pm
items consumed: cheez-its, chocolate pop-tarts, granola bar, water
sweat: buckets
disney made: shitloads

pirates 3 premiere, the long version )


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