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yesterday was surprise warped. i had no plans of going, but then... suddenly had plans to go. YAY.

fangs up )

we missed academy (woe), but made it inside the venue just in time to catch most of cobra's set. then we had about six hours to kill until gym class heroes. hooray for shady spots, ludo, against me, and the Beer Garden of Absurdity. :D

i got to bed at a decent-ish hour, but my brain and body were so farking beyond exhausted that they were restless, and i actually couldn't sleep. what the helllll? now it's dreary outside, and there is seriously not enough coffee in the world. x_@

i also saw tropic thunder this weekend with my brother and laughed my ass off. good times. and i got to witness a teenboy declaring in the concessions line: robert downey, jr. was so good in iron man, how has he not been discovered until now?! O_O you guys. he really wasn't kidding. oh, clueless youth. you are HILARIOUS.

meme time

Aug. 14th, 2008 10:03 pm
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well my posting mojo came to an end yesterday. just didn't have it in me. but tonight i bring you more memage. woo. (if anyone still wants to join in, just drop a comment and i'll pick seven of your interets.)

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Jul. 3rd, 2008 02:34 pm
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linkage from [livejournal.com profile] hearthisvoice.

(from here)

Gabe: Why are you sick, girl?
Shana: Because my girlfriend and I keep making out and swapping germs?
Gabe: Yeah, I've been sick from sucking too much dick.

ALSO: And for the record, Gabe would like the world to know that he's totally made out with Pete Wentz since Pete was 22, and that it was good.


and then there's his OUT interview. \o/

jeebus, it's like christmas. who's next? ryro?! let's hear about how panic's "more gay in a totally other way".
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1) GIP! this would be the third icon i have of frank's feet. i really am hopeless, aren't i. but you guise, look at his little ankles! and his too short pants and his leeeeeeetle white socks. couldn't you just die?!

2) i used to drive a stick shift, but i haven't since the move to nyc when i sold my car. that was oh, roughly six years ago? my dad's truck is a manual, but i've been apprehensive about giving it a go, horrific memories flooding back about stalling and rolling backwards on hills from when i first learned. but last night i had to get his truck home from work, so it was do it or... do it. SO I DID IT AND LO IT WAS AWESOME. srsly, just like riding a bike. and damn, do i miss driving a stick; it was so much fun. it's like there's driving a car, and then there's driving a car.

3) i have long thought vicky-t from cobra starship was all kinds of hot, but this adorable photo of her just cemented her place in my pants heart. krit approved )

4) i have one of those huge underneath zits that huuuurt on my forehead making me feel a little like the elephant man. but i'm eating a burrito right now, so there's that.

5) i'm leaving for nyc in 14 days! holy crap how did that happen. i think i'm as excited about all the great food i'm going to eat (7A here i come!) as i am about seeing mcr at the garden.

6) happy hump day, flist. *HUMPS*


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