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+ a fucking mosquito apparently FEASTED on me two nights ago while i slept, and now i am so fucking ITCHY. asjflAKJSF;LAKDASD. most of the bites are around my arms, shoulders, and neck line right where my shirt keeps rubbing. >:\\\\

+ also two nights ago, i had a dream that it was my birthday (it's not actually for another two months) and i was trying to convince my friends to go to see MSI with me, even though it was a monday night (loll, we are old even in my ~dreams). cut for dreamspam )

+ ICON MEME! you know the drill, drop a comment if you want me to pick some of yours. yadda yadda icons )

+ YAY FRIDAY YAY. no real plans yet for the weekend aside from massive cleaning and shopping! two weddings + various bachelorette outings + vegas = NEEDS NEW DRESSES. and probably shoes. i don't suppose i could get away with a princess dress and converse? phooey. hey, flist, hey. what are YOU up to?
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oh, beloved flisters, i have missed you. one week ago today, my computer came down with a nasty virus. it's my fault, really. i hadn't updated the virus protection in a long time and i continued to use ie. two not very good things.

i handed my computer over to my brother to work his voodoo magic, but i faced the long FOUR-DAY WEEKEND with not an intertube in sight. :((( i felt so lost, and yet HELLO PRODUCTIVITY. i cleaned like i've never cleaned before. :p and i read! oh, how i read. comics comics comics. i finished the first volume of angel: after the fall, read umbrella academy's dallas #2, and got a little over halfway through the watchmen. which ps, how the hell did they make all of that into a movie?! THERE'S SO MUCH. TOO MUCH. it makes me nervous for what got the axe.

the only outlet i had to the outside world was twitter. but i couldn't even turn on my phone alerts bc i don't have unlimited txting. :((( and then i came in to work on monday morning, itching to get my hands on you guys, only to discover that not only had our printer/fax died over the weekend, but our INTERNET WAS BROKEN AS WELL. /o\ fail, universe, fail. we finally got everything up and running late yesterday afternoon, and my computer seems to be back in business too. though really, only time and use will tell. fingers crossed for the long weekend coming up.

as for the last week, i had a lovely christmas with the family; watched the extended editions of both fellowship and two towers on a gigantor screen (we will hopefully conclude with rotk this weekend), and i cried at parts for the first time in a long time, esp over boromir's death; baked cookies and ate tons; watched most of buffy, season two; saw milk and cried a little more.

one early morning, i also had two mcr dreams. in the first i made an ass out of myself in front of gerard. in the second, i was at frank's house and managed to trip and fall into a curtain, tumbling to the ground and wrapping myself up like a burrito in such a comical fashion that i WOKE MYSELF UP LAUGHING. oh, krit. even in your dreams you are laaaaame. /o\

happy almost new year's, flist! i hope this week has treated you well. i know it started out pretty rough for some of you. <3 <3 catch up this weekend. *flops, flops*
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okay this is getting ridiculous. i swear, i hardly ever have dreams about celebrities. i think i've had maybe three or four orlando dreams total. and that's over how many years? i think i'll just private-post these from now on (for my own amusement) if this keeps up. i would have with this one too, but it included a brief cameo from [livejournal.com profile] slightlytricky and so i felt compelled to share.

SO... frank iero dream #4 )

maybe i need to lay off the crack pipe youtube before bed.
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+ i am supposed to be in san diego right now. instead, my body decide to barf itself silly this morning. that was fun. if by fun i mean completely wretched, which i do.

+ frank iero dream #3. very minor, but worth a mention since i seem to be keeping track of these things. )

+ most illuminating bit from the pwentz cosmo girl article: it's so gross, but i've been trying to perfect a heart-shaped hickey for, like, the last 15 years of my life, and i still can't do it. is it wrong that my first thought was oh, poor patrick?

also his favorite song on his ipod right now? "the luckiest" by ben folds. oh pete, stop. <3

+ i went to see the stage production of 'the color purple' last night. i really enjoyed it, but i gotta say it mostly just made me want to go watch the movie again. cut for length )

+ is today a day for picspam? i'm thinking it might be. or icon making. *faces*

+ today is definitely the day for more tea. ye gods.

+ lastly, i'm really quite ready for the new panic album. or how about just the video? srsly. now would be good. )


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