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i didn't want to talk about this before it happened for fear of jinxing, or in case it just didn't work out, but OMGGGGGGG I SAW THE AVENGERS TODAY! /o/ \o\ /o/ \o/ no real spoilers, just some enthusiasm )

man, this has been A Day. it started at 4:50 am when my alarm went off (the first of two - i was REALLY concerned i might sleep through just one). stumbled to the shower by 5, coffee in my hand by 5:15, and out the door by 5:30. there wasn't even a smidge of daylight yet. buhhhhh. x_x

the screening started at 9:30, but they said to get there early, that not everyone was guaranteed to get in. we arrived shortly after 6:30 and didn't see a soul. we couldn't possibly be the most uncool people in LA showing up for this thing at ass-crack o'clock, right? there had to be bigger nerds out there than us. i mean, THE AVENGERS! well, sure enough, the line was on another floor, but still we were only about 40 people back? WE WERE MOST DEF IN. /o/ holy shit this was really happening. (as an aside, it was almost all dudes, though i did notice that the first person in line was a girl, so yeah! *high five*)

even with 5 layers, a hat, and scarf, i still managed to freeze for the next two hours, but whatever! worth it. not complaining. once we were seated inside ralph garman (from kroq radio) asked avengers-related trivia questions and handed out prizes. it went on for some time, and eventually, with camera crews standing around, it was clear he was stalling and we were waiting for someone. but, who?!

huzzah, joss whedon came out to introduce the movie! :D :D :D he made a few jokes, thanked the fans, and i thought cool! now let's get to the movie! but that wasn't all! clark gregg (agent coulson) and cobie smulders (other shield agent) were there as well! :D :D :D (ngl, at the first mention of clark i totally grabbed my friend's shoulder, bc holy shit i kind of adore him. <3)

so that was awesome and i was totally excited (clark!) and ready to watch the movie. BUT THAT WASN'T IT.


TOM FUCKING HIDDLESTON WAS JUST A FEW ROWS IN FRONT OF MY FACE YOU GUYS I ALMOST DIED. DIED! and then chris hemsworth walked out too and they were standing next to each other all smiles and brothers and next to each other in front of my face and what is my liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife. x_o

so yeah. that happened.

we weren't allowed any electronics, but here is a photo from the internet. )

oh! and i forgot to mention, when standing in line they were handing out toy props from the movies - a hulk fist, cap's shield, and i got THOR'S HAMMER. mjolnir )

and now i'm about to fall over. those were a lot of emotions to deal with on just a few hours of sleep. but it was ao amazing. eternal thanks to my friend m for thinking of me. <3333

ugh. i needed this day. ♥

eta: what is with these cut-tags, LJ? >:[
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they pretty much killed it tonight. they sounded AMAZING, and they wore their KILLJOYS COSTUMES which i was not expecting. /o/

i saw them last weekend in anaheim, after which i promptly got sick sick sick and had to sit out the san diego show this past thursday. it was a dark day. and while i'm still not 100%, there was no way in hell i was missing my chem at the fucking HOLLYWOOD BOWL. it's an odd venue. a GREAT venue, but an odd one (imo) for a rock show. it's all seats, no pit, and so no matter where your tickets are, you're not close. not by our fangirl standards, at least. more + 20 pictures )

i pretty much love this band. i can't wait to see them again. and again. and again. but in the meantime they've got some well-deserved time off coming their way, which i hope they actually take. (though i sure wouldn't say no to some new comics. :D? :D?)
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and only a week late! but sadly, yep, that sounds about right. between work, the house, and that pesky need to sleep, my time has been, well, limited. ah well. here be lots of rambling. consider yourself warned.

my tale of woe but with a happy ending )

so, onto the q&a recap. it's long (like i mentioned) and certainly not verbatim, but remembered and summed up as best i could. things are likely out of order, as well. and though they never mentioned it that night (they said video of the q&a was for archival purposes at the museum), rumor has it that it may show up some point on the grammy museum's website, so fingers crossed for that. and none of these pictures are mine - we were strictly forbidden - they were all stolen from the internet, like you do.

q and a )

they wrapped up the event by having us line up to take group pictures with the band (us sitting on a couch, and the band behind us). as we walked in, we got to shake their hands and say hello, and then boom, they snapped our picture, and onto the next. we were given a signed copy of danger days on our way out (which is kind of amusing since i'm sure most, if not all, in this crowd already had a copy - or six).

a great night! i'm soooo grateful i was able to go, and that i met a new mcr!friend in the process. i really, really hope the video shows up somewhere sharable. frank was pure joy (i may be a little biased), and everyone should get to see that. no recap could do them justice.

ugh ugh ♥BAND♥
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blah blah about the line-up )

but whatever, MCR!! \:D/ they were GRATE. it was clear from the start that the majority of people were there for them that night. everyone (the fans and the band) seemed pretty happy and pumped. jen and i started the night off behind a WALL OF DUDES. srsly, in every direction we were pretty screwed - and we're not short (we're both about 5'7''ish)! thankfully, by the time we sauntered back up for the main event, we found the Sea of Frankie Fangirls who top out at about 5'5''. THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. :D

favorite things:
+ RAY! we weren't on his side, but still had a great view of him, and his SMILE, man, it beams so brightly it's impossible to not smile right back. :D!
+ at one point ray came over to frank's side of the stage, to check in or whatever. when frank looked up and saw him standing there he immediately lit up and smiled SO BIG and then ray smiled back and gave him a thumbs up and frank nodded in return. S'ALL GOOD. ♥
+ GERARD. he wasn't as gloriously campy as he is sometimes, but he still fucking worked it. he's just a really great front-man. he's constantly on the move, going from one side of the stage to the other, and (i've mentioned this before, but) he has this WAY (lol way) of making you feel like he's looking right at you. i know he's not, but he really makes an effort to ~connect~ with the audience in that way. idk, but even jen felt that, and i've never talked to her about it before.
+ what i'm not fond of is them ending with cancer, bc 1) cancer, and 2) everyone, except for james and gerard, slip away without any sort of ceremony. i want to give them a proper send off with applause and heartfelt woo-hoos, but we're denied that. it bums me out. :(
+ but before cancer, gerard was taking a moment over by the drum set during the intro and trying to get his jacket back on. i couldn't make out what the issue was, but clearly he was having TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES, because eventually he was out of time and tossed it back to the ground with a shrug and this little embarrassed smirk as he walked toward the mic. it was kind of hilarious. but ever the professional, the smirk quickly disappeared and he put on his SRS BZNS face for the song.
+ OMG I ALMOST FORGET, GERARD WORE A NEW FUCKING SHIRT. i mean, not a new shirt (his iron maiden one, inside out), just not the skanky sleeveless one he hasn't taken off since september (or maybe earlier). i have an old school lolzy flip phone and it takes me like 5 MINUTES to type out the simplest of texts (which is why i don't concert twitter), but when i saw those sleeves, i was like HOLY SHIT, i need to tell the internet immediately. O_O

my favorite exchange came from the end of the night, talking with jen, when i found out that she bailed out of Frank Iero Sex Chicken almost immediately. "i'm sorry, but there is NOTHING SEXY about spitting up in the air and then catching it with YOUR HAIR when it comes back down. DDDDD:" ahahahahahahaha, okay. that's valid (but i'm still in /o\). "and then a second time he tried to swat it away with his hand when it came back down. better, but NO." yeahhhhhh (still in). her faces of horror were priceless. ♥

my pictures always come out blurry - THEY MOVE AROUND TOO MUCH! especially FRANK. the second i have it all lined up and in focus, zoom, he's spinning around and out of frame. :\ ah well. here's the least blurry of the bunch. )

...so, wait. what do you MEAN i won't be seeing them again until MAY 2011?!? ;_________;
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from a recent article about the album: Gerard Way peers through cigarette smoke and the late-afternoon Pasadena haze as he searches his memory... damn it, gerard. you're supposed to tell me when you're in my hood so we can do lunch! whatever, i see how it is.

ion, i know i am years late to this party, but omg how great is PSYCH. my friend jen totally got me hooked on this show the last time i was in san diego. it's hilarious! every episode is a pop culture extravaganza! there are currently 5 psychs on my dvr waiting for me, I AM EXCITE. the last episode i watched had ralph freaking macchio in it, HOLLAHHHH. :D (not to mention that our two protags are totes married.) favorite new (to me) show. <3

ioon, i started this post over two weeks ago, and i meant to come back to add/edit whatever, but that just hasn't happened and clearly is not going to, so i'm going to dump this here in order to move on. (i get very stuck sometimes where i think i can't post new stuff until i finish up with the old - and then i don't post for a month.) it's very tl;dr.

harry potter and the second to last )

mcr, danger days record release @ the house of blues )
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so remember how last december i went to pete & travie's art show? no, you don't remember? oh. that's probably because i never posted about it. i fail pretty hardcore like that if you haven't noticed. anyhow! THE POINT IS, i took some photos while i was there and one of them is now the background image that pete wentz is using for his twitter. WHUT. o_O

i took a screenshot of it for posterity (like you do) because he'll no doubt change it next time the wind shifts. i don't know how long he's had it up, i don't actually frequent his page, but i was back-tracking a mikeyway comment (like you do) and holy shit i was not expecting that! lollll. )

i always meant to post my pictures from that night. well, the few decent ones (it's no secret i'm a crap photographer), but i just couldn't get the write-up done. i had a great time, but there was a certain funk i couldn't quite shake off. anyhow, back then i emailed my pictures to a friend who used a few of them for article about the art show and we all agreed that that particular shot was the gem of the bunch (i really wanted a good photo of his hoodie, and then all of a sudden his teeny tiny ASS was just hanging out in all its stupid striped glory right in front of me and i had to go for the shot). i'm guessing that's how he got the photo, from the article. i don't really care, i'm just... finding this pretty hysterical and BIZARRE. i mean, WHAT. /:D\
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i don't know why i'm having such a hard time writing this post, but i can tell if i just don't force myself and do it, it will wind up yet another post not posted like far too many others. so here goes...

i went to the 'without you i'm just me' art opening last tuesday night, featuring artwork by pete wentz & travie mccoy. it was fun! when [livejournal.com profile] wovenindelibly and i walked in, pete and travie were sitting at a table signing programs, so we walked around and checked out the artwork. and then john mayer walked in. HI JOHN MAYER UR PRETTY. then the three of them disappeared into the back room for a while.

there were surprisingly few people there when we first arrived, but it definitely picked up as the night went on.

we never saw john mayer again, but the other two came back out for signing, pictures, chatting, whatever. travie especially was very social and available and making the best faces. <3 travie. and holy shit is that boy TALL.

we lingered politiely for a long time, not wanting to interupt anyone else's 'moment', but ugh, it just doesn't really work that way. there's always someone waiting in the wings to take their attention next, right? but i continued to wait patiently. and then finally travie looks right at me and smiles and fucking WAVES at me. so... I WAVE BACK. /o\ and this is clearly my moment, take it or leave it, krit. so i quickly walk up to him, say hi, and ask if he'd mind signing my program. it's all very quick, his attention is in high demand.


aaaaauuugh, and i've just deleted another paragraph. i keep starting over and starting over but it's just not coming out right. apparently there's a reason this was never written. LET'S JUST GET TO THE PICTURES AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS OKAY? OKAY! )
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waited in the freezing cold (okay, freezing for LA) on the sidewalk by myself surrounded by spazzing teenagers for three long hours. but oh, oh, it was worth it.

blurry photos and whatnot )
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left my house: 5:15 am
returned home: 10:45 pm
items consumed: cheez-its, chocolate pop-tarts, granola bar, water
sweat: buckets
disney made: shitloads

pirates 3 premiere, the long version )
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and then? it kind of sucked. but it was a good day overall, and i'm going to bed with a smile on my face, so there's that. and he was beautiful. for the 2.5 seconds that i saw him, he was beautiful. ♥

more tomorrow.
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because i don't have enough RL crap going on right now, i got called for jury duty last week. =\ i had one hour left of sitting there before they would dismiss us for the day and mark our duty as served when my name was called. up to the courtroom i went with about 30 other folks. wah. but all was not lost, after all, i'm friends with a prosecutor for the DA's office in orange county, my best friend's father is a police captain, one of my closest friends has been a police officer for nearly 15 years! surely, they would not want me on this criminal trial. OH HOW WRONG I WAS. at least half the people in the jury box had friends in law enforcement. far too many hours later, several of my fellow jury contenders had been dismissed. i, my friends, was not. WAH. so lucky me gets to return on monday. i realize the importance of serving, i do, and i'm sure it will be a new and interesting experience, but the timing right now - it just blows. alas.


wow, that got long. )


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