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i owe so many real posts, and i hope to get to them... someday.

but i couldn't let today pass without a quick mention.


happiest congrats to frank and jamia! ♥ 19 dogs, two twin girls, and now a baby boy. ngl, my heart is a squishy mess right now. ♥
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and happy 30th birthday to mister frank iero (our littlest pumpkin), who is now officially Young for Trees. i'm quite fond of you, dude. keep on keepin' on. ♥
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* holy crap! In order to show our appreciation for your loyalty and support during our recent DDoS attacks, we've added two weeks of Paid time to your account. LJ, i am stunned. thank you for that gesture. it actually helps.

* i feel like the only person who doesn't have hbo lately. *thrones-less* :(

* i have been hard-core craving high school mikey/pete this week. or high school mikey/anyone-who's-a-boy. i think gerard is generally the go-to Gay Way (i mean, it just makes sense), but i really want to read something where he's the straight older brother and mikey is the gay one. and maybe mikey feels uncomfortable about telling him? not that he would react horribly - OBVS GERARD WOULD BE COOL WITH IT - but still. mikey's sort of hesitant and unsure. or maybe gerard already knows, because he's gerard. or more likely, mikey just hasn't told him yet because gerard's kind of wrapped up in his own self-involved shit. WHATEVER, point is mikey just really likes that pete/frank/ray kid, and he's kind of on his own navigating that. and then there are hand & blowjobs and eventual ass-fucking (bc there should always be eventual ass-fucking). so, yeah. i want that. or pretty much any hs mikey/boy. if you have any favorites (that aren't everyday mysteries in the summertime or holly golightly - ugh <3 ugh), feel free to drop recs in comments!

* last week i saw patrick stump at the hotel cafe! WHAT A LITTLE FIRECRACKER. i'm not sure i've seen someone with as much energy on such a tiny stage. he's... quite simply: captivating. his music isn't exactly my bag (i lean more pop/rock and less soul/jazz), but that hardly mattered! that kid has got mad talent and his enthusiasm is MOAST infectious. if you ever get a chance? go see him. i highly doubt you'd regret it.

it's also a well established fact that i am le old and often in bed by 9, however! we stayed for the second show and i was still WIDE AWAKE AND ENTHUSED at the end. it also didn't hurt that when we walked back to the stage for the second show, there was this odd little pocket of space where inexplicably no one was standing. so i took that space, like you do, and being maybe 10 feet from patrick fucking stump? pretty nice, i gotta say. a few peechurs )

* lastly, i'm having a hard time closing the tabs with these pictures in them. gurgle )
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okay. i don't really do picspams. i'm lazy and i generally figure i'll leave it to the clever people with the witty captions and the rare finds. but this one time? it had to be done. i couldn't not. (and loll, i was such a bb, less than a year into bandom, and terribly flummoxed by timelines and hairstyles.)

i ended that post with "oh, Cub Day Camp Camp Tamarack Gay Shirt, i love you and look forward to seeing you again. because i know that i will. "

and LO, just when i was starting to lose hope, over two years later, november 30th, 2010, it surfaced at a private taping in nyc. i got the news via twitter from [livejournal.com profile] fuschia, and i nearly lost my shit. :DDDDDD )

and then three days later... )
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so, ayup. i'm 39. i am WAY YOUNG FOR TREES. /o/ i mean, i'm not super dazzled about getting older, but it's a bazillion times better than the alternative, so i will take it! thank you, universe! \o\ also, mcr is throwing me a birthday party monday night, so, you know. that's pretty cool.

oh, man, i haven't posted in over a month. :( i have a few half-posts with random link dumps i meant to come back to and make something coherent out of, but yeah. that never happened. um... to recap? i still have a house (along with twenty new decisions to make daily), and this band i like has a new album out (it's pretty fucking sweet).

this month has been and continues to be pretty jam packed:

1 - scott pilgrim screening + q&a
5 - sympathy for delicious + q&a
8 - stamps @ hotel cafe, 9:30 didn't go, laziest
11 - haircut
12 - m&c bday @lolas
13 - lindsey's art show
18 - k2 arrives! (mcr on kimmel)
19 - dinner at craft! happy bday to meeeee.
20 - harry potter matinee
21 - big family dinner
22 - mcr @ hob, album release
25 - thanksgiving
26-27 - san diego
30 - k2 leaves :(

house: construction finally started! and is proceeding surprisingly swiftly! there currently is a giant hole in the back of my house. this picture was taken only 4 days ago, and already it looks so different. the new framing is almost completed and the windows were supposed to have gone in yesterday. i'm going up later today to check it out and take photos. so. exciting. (for me.)

band: (we've now seen the whole video, but before that) so i saw this screencap from sing? )

lindsey's art show: i went. her art is pretty amazing. i can't even imagine have the patience (and vision!) to create those dioramas. thousands and thousands of little itty bitty pieces of paper glued together to create these magical boxes of wonder that tell a story. i wish i had a picture as an example, but i don't think i do... as for the boys, when i walked in, gerard was tucked around the corner right at the entrance. it was dark and i could only vaguely see his shape in my peripheral vision, but i heard him talking and YEP. WE'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE, i told my friend as we kept walking. i didn't turn around or anything, and i never saw him again the rest of the night. i did unknowingly walk in front of ray toro while looking at lindsey's art. i heard his voice RIGHT BEHIND ME O_O and almost came in my pants. we oddly crossed paths several times that night, and DAMN BOY IS FIIIIIIIIIIINE. UNF UNF RAY TORO. i never saw mikey, alicia, or mike pedicone. i did see lindsey from a distance a few times, but she was always surrounded by people or being interviewed. and jimmy and chantal were there, adorable as always. aside from our mcr-related crew, who were among the ordinary looking people, it was QUITE. A. SCENE. LOL. very LA art crowd. everyone was in black adorned with some combination of feathers, glitter, platform boots, and buckets of ~~dramatic flair~~. in conclusion, lindsey's got talent, and UNF UNF RAY TORO.

today there will be boot shopping and then harry potter and the second to last! AND I HAS A K2! my other half arrived thursday night, and since then we have gorged on our favorite foods and watched our favorite shows together and laughed and laughed and oh, how i have missed this. our big plans for her stay here include watching more tv, going to the movies, shopping, seeing our friend jen in san diego, and watching more tv. <-- that sounds lame, i know, but it's not! it's ~glorious~! :DDD and i'm really glad she's here for mcr's record release party. she's not really that into them, but as corny as it sounds, i'm glad i get to share something that's so important to me with her.

and that's all i got right now. i am woefully behind on all things LJ. :( every weekend i think THIS will be the weekend i catch up, but then... well, like last weekend, i spent TEN HOURS between sat & sun staining my fence. basically when i wasn't staining, i was flopped in bed moaning in pain. good times! anyhow, point is, i miss y'all, and really hope i can keep up better in the coming months. <3
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+ weekend, weekend, i am so ready for the weekend! tick tock tick tock. this past week we FINALLY had rain in LA - like real, actual, rain for THREE DAYS. it was glorious. i wore socks and shoes to work for the first time since, idk, april? and two nights ago i busted out my hoodie and fuzzy socks for after work snuggling and it was cozy and fantastic and i love fall, hooray!! ....and now it's supposed to be 95 degrees this weekend. sigh... SIGH.

+ yadda yadda house stuff )

+ in lol whut news, one of the remodeling/decorating blogs i follow, young house love dot com, recently answered some questions from their readers, and this one made me aruhh?!

Q: What kind of music do you listen to? -Christine

John: Panic At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Black Eyed Peas, Death Cab, Eminem, The Killers, Britney Spears, Lily Allen, The Ting Tings, Vampire Weekend, Lady Gaga, Glee soundtracks, we’re all over the place.

and not only that, but a few questions down they mention that panic was also the last concert they attended. lol whut. i've never actually known anyone outside of fandom who's even heard of panic, and those who know of fall out boy typically only know of pete and assume he's the lead singer. probably a generational thing, but still. always amusing when worlds unexpectedly collide.

+ nanowrimo is coming up! but once again, i don't think i'll be participating. :( every year i think that next year will be the year i really give it a hearty, college try. but idk, it never seems to work out. my head's so deep in house planning right now, that it's honestly hard to focus on anything else, and then K2 is coming for two weeks in november (NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING \:D/), so clearly i won't be holing up in my room typing while she's here. so i'll shoot for 2011. as it turns out, 2011 is shaping up to be a pretty big year for me: finally moving in to my house, mcr tour, hawaii w/K2, turning 40 :\\\\, and now, nanowrimo. woot woot, year of the krit, here i come.

+ and lastly, most who care have already seen this, but i just want it here because... well, because. punkins )

(also, om nom mcr box set!!1! my brother has agreed to get it for me for my birthday, and it is taking everything in me to not turn around and ask DID YOU ORDER IT YET? DID YOU GET IT? DID YOU ORDER IT? YOU WON'T FORGET TO ORDER THAT RIGHT? DID YOU ORDER IT YET???)


Oct. 31st, 2009 04:58 pm
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happy ieroween, kids. be safe out there. remember it's only funny until someone gets hurt. and then it's HILARIOUS.
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how about some long overdue meme-ing. here's that five words, word-association thing that was going around. from [livejournal.com profile] wearemany:

1. house
i've been waiting so long for one of my own, it's hard to believe that it will actually become a reality one day. i don't think it's too much to want, just a small two bedroom, one or two baths, a back yard with a tree or two to read and breathe under and a spot to grow basil and tomatoes. i want to have dinner parties again and house guests and sit around all weekend in my pajamas if i want to, guilt-free. i will purchase furniture that for once is not disposable and i won't have to worry about carrying it up four flights of stairs or making sure it is tiny enough for a studio. of course, now that i've said that, i will likely end up buying a closet-sized condo, and a fourth or sixth floor walk-up at that. well, regardless, mostly i look forward to living somewhere that isn't temporary, and creating a home. my home. with a cat! :D

2. 15
oh god. me at 15. sophomore year of high school. i had glasses and braces and was in love with nick rhodes. i failed two classes for the first time that year, english and history (i hated reading, okay?). and when i say failed, i don't just mean i did poorly, i mean there were two F's on my report card. =\ and yet i got A's in algebra II and spanish. that's just how i roll. i mean, there are RULES and FORMULAS and things make SENSE! oh well, i went to summer school and we all moved on from that disappointment. oh, and i liked this boy, but he kissed my friends. they cried over who he liked more, while he told me he liked me just as a friend. super. i had no idea what i wanted to be when i grew up. my heart wanted to be a dancer, but my brain knew that wasn't practical. looking back i can tell you i wanted to be a rayanne. daydreamed about my life as a rayanne. but i was and will always be an angela. no amount of hair dye (or tattoos or piercings) can change that. *shrug* could be worse. ;)

3. stripes
STRIPES. i'm actually a big fan of stripes, and may have, possibly, idk, made some embarrassing remarks about underage wizards and their sexy stripey cardi's once upon a time? erm. OH HOW THE WINE TALKS. /o\

but mostly when i think about stripes now, this is what i picture. i don't know whyyyyy. )
so, yes. stripes. they're swell.

(also, it was a lolarious movie once upon an 80's. harold ramis. <3)

...makes me happy. his stupid face. his everything, really. i will never lose frank sex-chicken. never ever. i love him skinny, i love him fatty. his stupid giggle makes me laugh and laugh, as do his srs bzns lol edgy ~opinions and lyrics. i love that he makes no apologies. i love that he's been with jamia since he was 19 or 20, since the dawn of mcr. and i love that he's been in love with gerard for nearly just as long. he is patient and kind and passionate. he will never be done. his body is his scrapbook, and i want to nibble on his middle. i didn't see him coming, i never would have expected it (he's short!), but i absofuckinglutely adore that doof. in short: HUMP HUMP HUMP. ♥

5. party
1. = me throwing up?
2. vegas, baby, vegas!
3. house-warming, this summer, you're invited!
5. good times, good times.

drop a comment if you'd like to play, and i'll give you five words.


Feb. 10th, 2009 12:05 pm
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+ carofacers! i has a package! i went rootin' around in my parents' office for something and stumbled across a stack of mail that was mine including your package. i don't know how long it's been here, but i imagine it got lost in the confusion of them being out of town and then me being out of town and then them being out of town etc etc. anyhow, HORRAH! AND THANK YOU THANK YOU. so much fun stuff. i admit i fondled the 'in celebration' programs a bit. ♥

+ elijah keychain lady lives a block away from me. *eyepoke*

+ i'm having in-n-out for lunch today! grilled cheese w/grilled onions om nom.

+ okay, really, mcr. it was great that you brought the rain; we needed it. but for the sake of my freezing toes, hurry it up already! the high is only in the 50s today. :( yes, i know i am lolspoiled. the forecast tells me they'll be recording for at least another week, though. sighhh.

+ ugh, i made a most frivolous purchase last night. someone give me a mortgage so i won't cave so easily! but to be fair it's something i've wanted for quite some time, and i had an amazon gift card to use, so it was like 50% off! pictures to come when they arrive. /o\

+ can it be the weekend now? really, i'm ready! things to do, PEOPLE TO SEE. nnnnrgh.
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FLIST HALP. does anyone know anything about this picture? where/when it was taken, if that's really indeed frank (i mean, it sure looks like it could be, but my jaded little heart is afraid to get its hopes up), bc akdjsf;klds WINGS. )

also also i need more than just a snippet of the desolation row video like BURNING. when when when do we get the whole thing?? is it really tomorrow? can it be tomorrow now???

IN ADDITION, umbrella academy dallas #3 was fantastic. i laughed out loud REALLY REALLY LOUDLY. and then i made a lot of these faces :OOOOO :|||||||||| :))))))) :???? gerard way, your brain. <3 srsly, he must have so much fun writing this series. also, when i was at the comic shop yesterday picking up ua, i overheard the employees unpacking watchmen action figures! i was in a rush and didn't have time to see them, but i will definitely be going back soon with my credit card in hand.

and lastly, here is gerard guest blogging or something about his love for watchmen. movies and videos and songs, OH MY.



Dec. 18th, 2008 10:52 am
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"Ok really not to belabor this topic but why even have California if it's not going to have good weather? I mean really we need to reconsider"
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frank finally twittered. O_O

and he's here! and yes, it's fucking cold. there was ice on my windshield this morning. =\

and there are at least four FIVE members of mcr in the same room together maybe most probably making muuuuusic. eee eee eeeeeep.

omg i need twitters of frank fail!touring la. bonus points for faily twitpics.
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hrmm... this is from mtv's recent leathermouth article, emphasis mine:

Iero, who has been involved with many bands (Pencey Prep, Hybrid, Sector 12, I Am a Graveyard, the Pole Smokin' Five, Give Up the Ghost, Reggie and the Full Effect and a Cure tribute band called Love Cats) but never as a lyricist...


Iero had never felt the urge to pen prose for any of his bands' songs before, because he said he was "always very fortunate to be in bands with people that I felt were very poetic. I always felt like the voice that I would put across would be through the music end of it. The music end was kind of taken care of [with Leathermouth], so I did the lyrics."

now, is mtv just mucking up the facts here, or did frank seriously not write the lyrics for pencey? i feel like my whole world has been thrown topsy-turvy. i mean... 8th grade? lloyd dobler? ps don't write? these aren't frank's words??? DDD:

admittedly, i may be a little over-invested in baby!frank, but but... say it ain't soooooo. :( half the joy of listening to pencey prep is thinking of a young, pissed-off frank, bitter and heartbroken, but filled with hope. fraaaaaaank. ♥
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and happy 27th birthday, you big goober. your stupid face has brought me embarrassing levels of joy this past year, skeevy facial hair and all. never ever stop. ♥
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right, so we all know by now that my camera sucks. if anyone nearby is BREATHING, the photos will come out blurry. but whatever, that doesn't stop me! :D here are the least blurry from last tuesday night - leATHERMOUTH (and other people) at the avalon )
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hoping to write up a short something tonight and post the least blurry of my photos. still feeling kind of trashed from tuesday. =\ but in the meantime, here's a little something to nibble on? om nom )
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my favorite picture right now. )

this one's not bad either. )

in news not frank: i've been entirely un-productive today. it's been kind of nice, i gotta say. i haven't left my bed, except for food or to pee, since i woke up this morning. sometimes you just need a recharge, you know?
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yesterday i read frank/gerard fic that broke my heart into a million tiny little pieces. but today it was put back together! frank frank frank! at the leathermouth/reggie show in florida.

the awful mustache and bitch sunglasses! the bass player is one of his NJ bros, check his matching nj anchor tattoo! sweaty pink-faced screaming frank! i want to climb him like a TREE, DON'T JUDGE. *om nom nom monkeyclimb*


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