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after an incredibly stressful start to this year, i enjoyed a much needed and perfectly timed weekend getaway to palm springs. it was only two days, but it was a grand adventure from start to finish: torrential rain! crazy winds! landslides! roundabouts and DETOURS! peacock explosions! broken cars! gas station shenanigans! and that was all in the first day. and while some of that could have been traumatic, it somehow wasn't because YAY VACATION and ADVENTURING! it also helps when you're with by people you really, really like.

sunday was spent drinking mimosas in the pool, or lounging next to the pool, or in the jacuzzi, or napping in the sunny shade. 80 degrees and the bluest blue skies. it was rough, let me tell you. definitely not as great as it was being back at work today. :(((

lazy days are my favorite days (shocking, i know), and sunday was so blissful and relaxing that when i pulled into my driveway that night, it felt as though i had been gone for dayyyys, instead of only 34 hours. it was nice. i really needed that trip. thank you, friends! <3

oh! i also saw adam lambert shake his booty wearing nothing but glitter and peacock feathers. okay, not really. he also had on a feathered pimp hat and some check-out-my-cock pants. you know, LIKE YOU DO.

he was, in the simplest terms, FANTASTICO. absolutely brilliant and dazzling and i could have easily watched him perform for another hour or two. my only complaint was that he wasn't as chatty between songs as i hoped he'd be, but other than that it was superrrrrrb. (also, tommy was hottttt.)
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i'm trying to dive back into the internets, after nearly a week away, but it's kind of daunting. and i'm just so tired at night. i'm still not caught up on sleep, and as long as my alarm keeps going off at 6am, i don't see that happening until this weekend. oh, glorious weekend filled with NO PLANS, you cannot get here soon enough. not to say that this month hasn't been fabulous, because it has. two weddings, vegas, and a fantastic week spent with K2.

we shopped on third street in santa monica (mostly in sephora omg), saw three movies (where the wild things are, couples retreat, and whip it), ate lots of yummy foods (islands!, cpk, jiraffe, 8 oz burger bar, wokano, baja fresh, in n out!), saw the sounds at jimmy kimmel, enjoyed an evening with kevin smith (and hearing about his adventures with pot, sex with his wife, and his new-found love of wayne gretzky), and saw U2 at the rose bowl (amazing amazing amazing)!

and now i'm sleepy and freezing (it's WINDY and 65 degrees today, brr), K2 has safely made it back to massachusetts where she is also likely sleepy and probably actually freezing (we're wimps out here, i'm aware), and i miss her terribly already. i mean, she made my bed and tucked my pjs under my pillow every morning. ♥ maybe one day i'll woo her back to this coast.

anyhoo, so i'm back. sort of. mostly. zzzzzz.

unrelatedly, i made this face last night at sytycd. :((((( i was so excited to yell GO, BILLEH at my tv this season. but, alas... :(((( at least we still have jakob.
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wedding #2 was also beautiful!! it was an intimate ceremony on a cliff overlooking the ocean. the morning was fogged in, but the sun came out just in time, and both bride and groom were beaming with joy. it's a second marriage for both, and kudos to them for being brave enough to take that plunge again. YAY LOVE.

vegas was tons o' fun, too. i picked up K2 and two of our friends from the airport and we immediately started off our mini-vacay with an excellent meal and deceptively strong cocktails. I LOVE BEING RANDOMLY DRUNK IN THE AFTERNOON. \o/ and then in the next two days we saw cirque du soleil's O, Zumanity, and the Crazy Horse cabaret show starring carmen electra's BOOBS. actually, we saw a lot of boobies this weekend, to the point where it was almost ridiculous. almost, but not quite. i mean, can you ever have too many tits? i'm thinking no.

and now i am back home and back at work, but i have a K2 for the next week! i predict much feasting and much lounging in the coming days. ah, BLISS.

hope all y'all are doing well. i'll do my best to catch up one of these days. ♥!
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i am back! not that you knew that i was gone. but i was. spent the last four days up in monterey where it was GORGEOUS and RAINY and there were FISH and OTTERS and DEER and smelly smelly seals on a rock. it was pretty awesome, i gotta say. pictures to come!
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flisters, i've been trying to catch up on LJ all weekend, and i'm only about half-way through omg. /o\ i know i comment-bombed a good handful or two of you. um, sorry? :D i hope to finish reading everyone else by the end of this week. (i hate knowing that there are posts out there that i never saw. i am ridiculous, I KNOW.)

there is so much i meant to post about this weekend. maybe i should just bullet point some of it.

+ vacation was awesome and RELAXING and totes what the doctor ordered. i haven't slept that much since... i don't even know when.

+ i saw equus! i really enjoyed it! daniel radp33n was great, and even though i was expecting "that", I REALLY WASN'T EXPECTING THAT. he is a brave, brave boy and i applaud him. i couldn't help but think how beneficial it must have been to have mister dursley in the role opposite him. to have that level of trust with someone who's known him since he was, what, 10? someone to really mentor him, etcetc. anyhow, if you get the chance, go see it! it was really quite interesting, bits and bobs aside. ;)

+ ate at all the usual spots, enjoyed quality time with now far-away friends, and spent a good amount of time just wandering the city, soaking up the streets and the people, the stoops and the shops, and loving every damn minute of it. ugh, east village esp, ilu.

+ i got my hair cut! guise, remember when i had really long hair? YEAH, ME NEITHER. \:D/

+ my flight home last sunday night included not only a scary-ass descent where people actually SCREAMED, but also kyan from queer eye! and two people from gossip girl. :D blake lively and one of the guys from the show sat in the row next to me. (here, i will imdb him to find out his name - i don't watch the show... penn badgley!) anyhow, they were kind of snuggly and totally holding hands as they walked away toward their car. it appears they might be an item. i don't know if that's ~news or not, but there you go.
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greetings, flisters, from massachusetts! i have a purring cat on my lap (er, had. he just jumped off).

i have spent the last several days sleeeeeeping tons and lounging in pjs eating cocoa puffs with a k2 next to me. BLISS I TELL YOU, BLISS. we did manage to shower and get our asses out the door a few times to hang with friends, drink some beer, gamble ten bucks at the casino (biggest casino in the states! apparently), and om nom some sushi. tomorrow we've got a big day at the mall planned, where i intend to engage in some shoe shopping. YOU CAN NOT STOP ME.

my plans of flopping about in front of the tv and stuffing my face with good foods are proceeding nicely and should continue for the next few days. then it's off to nyc friday for city tiems with the rest of the girls - and naked harry potter on a horse! \o/

now the quickest of quick flist perusals and then it's off to bed for me.

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+ this time tomorrow i will be on a plane headed for portland, oregon, where i will get to throw my arms around a [livejournal.com profile] slightlytricky and a [livejournal.com profile] calvin_would. \o/ and tomorrow night there will also be a ruuuuuuuufus and a [livejournal.com profile] bunniewabbit (though i don't think i'll get to throw anything around rufus 'cept my undying love). <3

+ yesterday was kind of a crap day, but it ended with pizza and top chef, so it wasn't all bad.

+ my friend jen finally confirmed that she is a go for vegas/mcr shenanigans at the end of this month! dude, i was stressssssssing. i had tickets and a hotel room, but no partner in crime. huzzah, huzzah. (i only kind of wish the timing was different so that i could see mcr for the first time with biz. alas, our weekend will be amazers no matter.)

+ i renewed my paid account with LJ yesterday. =\ i didn't feel particularly good about it. they suck, but i don't want to leave and i want all the icons i can get, damn it.

+ is there stuff that i don't post about? sure. mostly for the benefit of you, the reader. ;) is there anything you want to ask me? if so, go for it. coffee refill tiems.
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hello, from... oh right, douglas, wyoming. we have concluded our stay in south dakota and are now on our way back home (hallelujah). we've still got three days of heavy driving ahead of us, topped off with a two day stay in vegas (naturally), but then it's HELLO CALIFORNIA MY BED, OH HOW I'VE MISSED U. *flop*

i am only up to chapter 11 in hp7 - largely due to wildlife excursions and two nephews with 834921583 questions and comments and krit krit krit KRIIIIIIT (well, the auntie version of that name) - oi. due to this (not having read past chapter 11), i am terrified to check the flist tonight. i have thus far (knock on a pile of wood) remained spoiler free and i'd hate to alter that now. my goal is to finish it in the coming days - adorable but exhausting nephews permitting.

in the meantime, here, have a pronghorn. )
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hello, from cody, wyoming! this is the first campsite i've been to that has internet access, but sadly we're only here for one night. *cliiings* we're heading out soon to see the sights etc, but i should be back online tonight. MISS U ALL OMG.

have seen many bison and elk but HAVE STILL NOT SEEN HP5. WOE.


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