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these seem to be my two topics of choice, lately.

so with mcr out of the way, let's get back to HOUSE TALK. specifically paint colors.

i've been really happy with all the paint choices i made for my house (especially my bedroom, nnnngh RED). all except for the office/guest room. i had a vision early on of what i wanted: buttercream yellow walls with white and black accents. this is the room where most of my art will get hung, and i wanted the black frames with white mattes to really pop against the lighter backdrop. but then when the time came to paint, i started having second and then third thoughts. the yellow started to feel blah-ish, dated, and i was suddenly leaning toward a crisp grey, something that looked a bit sharper and current. but i had already chosen grey for the hallway and i really didn't want to change that. it works as a great neutral to lead into all the other rooms. and even picking a different shade of grey felt too... grey. too depressing. i wanted color! i am a fan of color (there are no beige's in my house; they are simply not allowed). so i stuck with my first instinct and painted it buttercream. cut for length + photos )

day 3

Aug. 24th, 2011 08:45 pm
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drive by picture post. +5 )
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I FOUND A COUCH FABRIC FOR $30/YARD HALLELUJAH! /o/ the price of my couch is now LESS THAN HALF of what the original (and heart-palpitating) bid was. \o\ i also think i might like this one better. :D certainly, i won't care as much when i spill my coffee on it (which is an inevitability). this sofa thing was reallllllly stressing me out. omg, a weight has been lifted off my chest. i can breathe again. horrah.

the pattern (a brown & teal floral print) matches perfectly with my walls and is just the right ratio of granny/chic - which i've come to realize is my design style. i tend to lean toward accents from the olden days (like white, porcelain handles on the bathroom faucets and hideous wallpaper), but with a more current twist. or something.

in other house news: the hardwood floors went in yesterday! and on wednesday i went to the fabric mart in downtown LA and found this gorgeous stripped teal silk for my living room drapes, and a simple textured white fabric for the office curtains. also, last weekend we transplanted various flowers and grasses from my mom's yard into my side yard, and they seem to be adjusting okay. productive days have been productive! i really do hope to post pictures one day. i just have this problem where i run out of petrol and splat into bed most days, where wielding a remote is almost more than i can handle.

this weekend to-do's:
*plant clumping bamboo
*tear out roses and miscellany from main back garden to ~start fresh~
*purchase kitchen pendant light
*look for area rugs & a chair
*revist thrift stores for desk, dresser, armoire options
*blog? aha ha heh

happy weekending, flisters! i keep forgetting it's easter on sunday, because i don't really celebrate it anymore. being non-religious, it's always felt like a holiday for kids - as it was for me growing up - easter baskets brimming with jelly beans and chocolate bunnies and easter egg hunts, etc. but i'm no longer a kid, and i don't have any kids, so... yeah. it's pretty much a sunday. WHICH AIN'T HALF BAD. /o/
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hey, remember when it didn't take an entire week to get LJ comments? remember when LJ used to reimburse you with extra paid time for the inconvenience? i mean, i created my LJ in january, but now my yearly renewal date is in march. that's how much free time they used to give out. i miss those days. apparently, they're saying it's some snafu with yahoo mail flagging the comments as spam. reluctantly, i've switched over to my gmail account for LJ, and sure enough, it seems to be a-okay. but bah. email worlds colliding. dnw. :\

it's been an entire month since i posted last. woops.

house stuff )

surely there's some bandom content i should mention... um. i saw panic! at the disco at the roxy earlier this month. it was so great to see them on stage again. especially brendon in all his brendonness. i kind of adore that kid. and at the end, my mouth literally hung open in shock when he launched himself into the crowd. i was really, really not expecting that. A++, boys.

glee! i went to the paley festival's glee panel which was a delight. it started off with a screening of the most recent episode (the one where kurt and blaine FINALLY kiss) which was followed by a q&a with almost the entire cast in attendance. i feel like i have ~things~ i want to say about this show, but my thoughts are pretty jumbled. basically, i feel like while everyone's been distracted with the will they or won't they (or rather, WHEN will they) storyline regarding kurt and blaine, the writers were able to slip in this other gay storyline without anyone realizing. from early on with the flippant comments about brit and santana having sex yet not being in a relationship to the scissoring bit with sweet lady kisses, and then surprise confessions and declarations of love. i cried so much during that episode. i watched it three times and i can't bear to delete it from my dvr. i love kurt (and blaine), but i find myself more emotionally invested in this relationship. and i find it sort of strange that so much attention is still on the kurt/blaine dynamic and their *gasp* kiss! and yet here, these two girls have been having sex since season one (and presumably before) and have said i love you to each other, and yet... idk, no one cares? i mean, not no one, but... *shrug* i guess maybe that's a good thing, in the end. that it's kind of... inconsequential?

what else. the boys of mcr (and their wives) continue to be my favorites. no real 'news' to report there. eta: gerard will apparently be singing at tonight's DURAN DURAN concert! it seems there will be a livestream of it here. TALK ABOUT WORLDS COLLIDING. you guys, when i was 15, duran duran posters covered my walls. nick and simon were over my bed. ♥__♥ this is really weird for me. and a leeeeetle embarrassing when i stop to think about how little has changed. /o\ ah well, once a fangirl, always a fangirl, i suppose.
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sleeeeeeepy. i need a day off to go splat. x_o sadly, no holiday for me.

productive weekend was productive:
we painted the two bedrooms and my hallway! i looooooove my bedroom color. it's called SALSA and it's a dark red that leans more orange than pink, but mostly RED. it feels cozy and warm and i just want to sleep in there foreverrrrrr. ♥ i ended up going with a light butter yellow (called cottontail) for the office/guest bedroom. there's a lot of sunlight in this room, so i was going for a light, breezy, peaceful vibe. i think it suffices. and the hallway color (named DANGEROUS ROBOT! :D) is a medium warm grey that leads nicely into the other rooms. all that's left to paint (on the inside) is the bathroom which will hopefully get done later this week, and the trim for all the rooms (white).

and my dad installed all the cabinets so my kitchen is actually starting to look like a kitchen! it's v. v. exciting. he's working on the drawers and pull-outs now, and then the doors will be last. last weekend i bought all my plumbing fixtures (faucets for kitchen & bath & a toilet) and i found a chandelier i actually really, really like for (relatively) cheap on-line. fingers crossed it looks okay in person. i just need one more lighting fixture for over the sink, and i'm debating buying the one i like a lot vs. one that's decent and half the price. decisions. the most exciting bargain so far has been my bathroom mirror - TWELVE DOLLARS ($12!) FROM ROSS. \o/ i totally did a little jig when i found it. sure it's kind of plain and rectangle instead of oval like i wanted, but TWELVE DOLLARS. one does not walk away from that (esp when they spent more than intended on a kitchen faucet - eek).

friday was my mom's birthday and my brother and i got her tickets to see Stars on Ice yesterday. her usual skating buddy couldn't make it, so i stepped in to accompany her (as my dad preferred to stay home and work on my cabinets). it was fun! and kurt browning was there and amaaaazing (in his old old skating age). [my mother is a nut for skating and tennis <-- which is why you will never see me in either of those two fandoms loll. but i can enjoy them from a distance!] evan lysacek was there as well and skated to the roxanne remix from moulin rouge. but the pairs skaters were the ones that really shone. shined? they rocked. and then there was yet another big birthday dinner, the amazing race, and then zzzzbed.

and now there is work and i just want to sleeeeep. i may have mentioned.
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so, ayup. i'm 39. i am WAY YOUNG FOR TREES. /o/ i mean, i'm not super dazzled about getting older, but it's a bazillion times better than the alternative, so i will take it! thank you, universe! \o\ also, mcr is throwing me a birthday party monday night, so, you know. that's pretty cool.

oh, man, i haven't posted in over a month. :( i have a few half-posts with random link dumps i meant to come back to and make something coherent out of, but yeah. that never happened. um... to recap? i still have a house (along with twenty new decisions to make daily), and this band i like has a new album out (it's pretty fucking sweet).

this month has been and continues to be pretty jam packed:

1 - scott pilgrim screening + q&a
5 - sympathy for delicious + q&a
8 - stamps @ hotel cafe, 9:30 didn't go, laziest
11 - haircut
12 - m&c bday @lolas
13 - lindsey's art show
18 - k2 arrives! (mcr on kimmel)
19 - dinner at craft! happy bday to meeeee.
20 - harry potter matinee
21 - big family dinner
22 - mcr @ hob, album release
25 - thanksgiving
26-27 - san diego
30 - k2 leaves :(

house: construction finally started! and is proceeding surprisingly swiftly! there currently is a giant hole in the back of my house. this picture was taken only 4 days ago, and already it looks so different. the new framing is almost completed and the windows were supposed to have gone in yesterday. i'm going up later today to check it out and take photos. so. exciting. (for me.)

band: (we've now seen the whole video, but before that) so i saw this screencap from sing? )

lindsey's art show: i went. her art is pretty amazing. i can't even imagine have the patience (and vision!) to create those dioramas. thousands and thousands of little itty bitty pieces of paper glued together to create these magical boxes of wonder that tell a story. i wish i had a picture as an example, but i don't think i do... as for the boys, when i walked in, gerard was tucked around the corner right at the entrance. it was dark and i could only vaguely see his shape in my peripheral vision, but i heard him talking and YEP. WE'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE, i told my friend as we kept walking. i didn't turn around or anything, and i never saw him again the rest of the night. i did unknowingly walk in front of ray toro while looking at lindsey's art. i heard his voice RIGHT BEHIND ME O_O and almost came in my pants. we oddly crossed paths several times that night, and DAMN BOY IS FIIIIIIIIIIINE. UNF UNF RAY TORO. i never saw mikey, alicia, or mike pedicone. i did see lindsey from a distance a few times, but she was always surrounded by people or being interviewed. and jimmy and chantal were there, adorable as always. aside from our mcr-related crew, who were among the ordinary looking people, it was QUITE. A. SCENE. LOL. very LA art crowd. everyone was in black adorned with some combination of feathers, glitter, platform boots, and buckets of ~~dramatic flair~~. in conclusion, lindsey's got talent, and UNF UNF RAY TORO.

today there will be boot shopping and then harry potter and the second to last! AND I HAS A K2! my other half arrived thursday night, and since then we have gorged on our favorite foods and watched our favorite shows together and laughed and laughed and oh, how i have missed this. our big plans for her stay here include watching more tv, going to the movies, shopping, seeing our friend jen in san diego, and watching more tv. <-- that sounds lame, i know, but it's not! it's ~glorious~! :DDD and i'm really glad she's here for mcr's record release party. she's not really that into them, but as corny as it sounds, i'm glad i get to share something that's so important to me with her.

and that's all i got right now. i am woefully behind on all things LJ. :( every weekend i think THIS will be the weekend i catch up, but then... well, like last weekend, i spent TEN HOURS between sat & sun staining my fence. basically when i wasn't staining, i was flopped in bed moaning in pain. good times! anyhow, point is, i miss y'all, and really hope i can keep up better in the coming months. <3
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i went up to my house last night after work to water the plants that the sprinklers don't quite reach. while the hose was doing its thing, i sat on the front porch and read 'the walking dead.' it was so peaceful and quiet out. just a few birds chirping, a distant dog barking, and the occasional neighbor coming home. it still feels odd sometimes to think that this place i visit every few days is actually my house. this is where i'll be living for 5, 10, maybe 20 years. this is my street now. this is my home.

the sun set, my porch light came on overhead, and i sat there on the steps reading zombie comics. it was pretty great, i gotta say.
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+ weekend, weekend, i am so ready for the weekend! tick tock tick tock. this past week we FINALLY had rain in LA - like real, actual, rain for THREE DAYS. it was glorious. i wore socks and shoes to work for the first time since, idk, april? and two nights ago i busted out my hoodie and fuzzy socks for after work snuggling and it was cozy and fantastic and i love fall, hooray!! ....and now it's supposed to be 95 degrees this weekend. sigh... SIGH.

+ yadda yadda house stuff )

+ in lol whut news, one of the remodeling/decorating blogs i follow, young house love dot com, recently answered some questions from their readers, and this one made me aruhh?!

Q: What kind of music do you listen to? -Christine

John: Panic At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Black Eyed Peas, Death Cab, Eminem, The Killers, Britney Spears, Lily Allen, The Ting Tings, Vampire Weekend, Lady Gaga, Glee soundtracks, we’re all over the place.

and not only that, but a few questions down they mention that panic was also the last concert they attended. lol whut. i've never actually known anyone outside of fandom who's even heard of panic, and those who know of fall out boy typically only know of pete and assume he's the lead singer. probably a generational thing, but still. always amusing when worlds unexpectedly collide.

+ nanowrimo is coming up! but once again, i don't think i'll be participating. :( every year i think that next year will be the year i really give it a hearty, college try. but idk, it never seems to work out. my head's so deep in house planning right now, that it's honestly hard to focus on anything else, and then K2 is coming for two weeks in november (NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING \:D/), so clearly i won't be holing up in my room typing while she's here. so i'll shoot for 2011. as it turns out, 2011 is shaping up to be a pretty big year for me: finally moving in to my house, mcr tour, hawaii w/K2, turning 40 :\\\\, and now, nanowrimo. woot woot, year of the krit, here i come.

+ and lastly, most who care have already seen this, but i just want it here because... well, because. punkins )

(also, om nom mcr box set!!1! my brother has agreed to get it for me for my birthday, and it is taking everything in me to not turn around and ask DID YOU ORDER IT YET? DID YOU GET IT? DID YOU ORDER IT? YOU WON'T FORGET TO ORDER THAT RIGHT? DID YOU ORDER IT YET???)
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+ this tweet from an interviewer for the sun, which says: Just had morning in Pasadena. I think Gerard Way is a v interesting man and that new MCR album going to be big

EMPHASIS MINE. ALSO aksdfj;lakjkjd. that's my town, yo. adlksafj;lskjd.

+ i get the keys to my house today! the sellers moved out yesterday, and today we go over all the instructions that come with the house, ie how shit runs: sprinklers, garage door, gardener info, etc etc etc. once they leave and i am left all alone i am going to run around and dance in every room. LIKE YOU DO (I WOULD IMAGINE).

+ this blog, how about orange, which seems to have been made just for me. i mean, really. if you know me, you know the answer is always yes to orange.

+ things not making me happeh: 105+ degrees. >:[ we are melting. even the fucking weather agrees, it's fucking hot. epic dnw.

+ but i has coffee! and a house! so whatever! hi, flisters, hi! ILU!
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flisters, do you have any favorite home design sites/blogs that you like to peruse? any with a focus on remodeling/renovating?

inquiring minds! :D
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1. i finally get my house two weeks from today! the sellers will be OUT and i can run around and cartwheel through it and shake my booty in every room because it is mine mine MINE. can. not. wait. omg. understatement. :DDDDDD though it is a bit nerve-racking to think that i need to start the Big Remodel in ~~2 WEEKS~~ wah decisions gaLORE. but the sooner i get a move on, the sooner i get innnnnnn (which almost more importantly means ouuuuuuuuuut of the parents' house).

2. i saw RENT at the hollywood bowl twice last weekend. it was directed by neil patrick harris, which, you know, YAY. except... well... okay, look. i loved it. i will never not love rent. i sat there in UTTER GLEEEEEE friday night when mark started singing. i was almost quite literally bursting with song in my seat the entire night, bc RENT. ♥ the guys who played roger and angel were fantastic, and wayne brady as tom collins was surprisingly awesome. the A+++ performance of the show goes to nicole scherzinger of pussycat dolls fame. she was AMAZING as maureen. hilarious and refreshing! she made me hoot and holler during 'over the moon' and her 'love me or leave me' duet with joanne (the fabulous tracie thoms) was the showstopper of the night.

i should probably stop there (but i won't). :\ the stage production was too small for a venue like the bowl. i thought it would be much grander in scale so as to resonate with the thousands far, far away (like us, and we were only about half-way back!). it was a bit muddled and hard to follow at times (even for us veterans). mark, my favorite character, was just mediocre. and they left out one of my favorite bits (excuse me, oh i'm not, i'm just here, i don't have, i'm here with, mark. mark. i'm MARK.), but now i think it doesn't really matter, because this mark, eurgh. :\ they also left out the sex. no wet hot heat sweat etc. and no, vanessa hudgens does not make a good mimi. bless her heart for trying, but she has the voice and presence of a disney princess, or maybe stripper barbie, and lacks the grit and raw-ness needed for this role. ah, well. it took guts to get out there and try, so i commend the effort!

3. so this rumor that mcr might tour this fall? has me both ecstatic and frustrated. i pretty much haven't taken a vacation in almost two years anticipating and waiting for the tour that never came. and now when i'll be deep in house renovations and broker than broke, they might be all ~HEYYYY *JAZZ HANDS* ...harrumph.

4. sytycd finale tonight! but i find i'm just not as interested without billy in the mix anymore. and i LOVE kent (i have since day one!), but it's more fun to root for the underdog, you know? but i love kent, so... go, kent! i guess. even though it's obvious you'll win. but i do want you to. so... kent. yeah. rah. (i don't think this number made any sense.)

5. the weekend before last, i was in vegas seeing adam lambert. we stood outside in a wading pool, sandals tucked in our bags, enjoying the warm cool breeze, and he strutted around the stage above us in leather and glitter. not sure i could think of a better way to see adam in concert (oh, wait, there was a severe lack of boy kissing, NEEDS MOAR BOYKISSING). and i was pleasantly reminded of what an incredible voice adam has. sometimes i forget. i think it takes a backseat in my brain to all the glitz and glam and FEATHERS and cock-pants and your general gay, that i forget. that boy can SING. dayum.

in conclusion, i'm eating a salad with pistachio crusted goat cheese balls in it. ajdflajds heaven.
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i've hardly mentioned it for fear of JINXING OMG, but you guys, you guys, you guys...

escrow closed this afternoon. I AM OFFICIALLY A HOME OWNER!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


details and pictures to come. also, celebratory drinks!

in conclusion: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHOUSE. \o\ /o/ \o/ \o\ /o/ \\\\\\o//////!!
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typically when i open a new entry box, i stare at the blinking cursor and think, "but nothing happened. i went to work. i watched tv," and then close out. today i thought i'd consult twitter and see what i felt was noteworthy last week. )

latest batch of showtime movies:
hard candy - fun! wait, maybe 'fun' is the wrong word. intriguing, disturbing, a little horrifying at times. it held my attention.
foxes - lollll, yes, the one with jodie foster from 1980. um. hmm. i kept getting distracted by the type of movie i wanted it to be. idk. the words rough and gritty come to mind. also, choppy and forced. but it somehow felt illuminating to see a young jodie foster, and to wonder what she thought of it at 18. did she notice or long for the missing storyline like i did? also, fun fact: jodie's co-star in the flick was cherie currie <-- formerly of the runaways and portrayed by dakota fanning in the upcoming movie.
the sweet hereafter - i saw it in the theater way back when, but didn't remember much (i think i fell asleep). eh. i noticed things i know didn't register back then (mostly what a sleazy lawyer ian holm was). and it felt much sadder than i remembered. the weight of such a tragedy on a small town. it'd be hard to imagine moving on without first moving out.

and here we are, monday tuesday. i'm mostly trying to stay optimistic about finding an affordable house around here. the one i really, really wanted is already gone (i knew it would go fast). i haven't seen anything that even compared since i started looking two years ago, and everything in the paper last weekend was wayyy out of my price range. i'm trying to convince myself that there was some hidden problem with it, though, because why else would it have been so cheap? if it looks too good to be true, then it is - and this house looked way too good to be true. i will find something else, i will find something else. ;_____;

oof. long update was long. now is the time on sprockets when we dance drink more coffee.
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how about some long overdue meme-ing. here's that five words, word-association thing that was going around. from [livejournal.com profile] wearemany:

1. house
i've been waiting so long for one of my own, it's hard to believe that it will actually become a reality one day. i don't think it's too much to want, just a small two bedroom, one or two baths, a back yard with a tree or two to read and breathe under and a spot to grow basil and tomatoes. i want to have dinner parties again and house guests and sit around all weekend in my pajamas if i want to, guilt-free. i will purchase furniture that for once is not disposable and i won't have to worry about carrying it up four flights of stairs or making sure it is tiny enough for a studio. of course, now that i've said that, i will likely end up buying a closet-sized condo, and a fourth or sixth floor walk-up at that. well, regardless, mostly i look forward to living somewhere that isn't temporary, and creating a home. my home. with a cat! :D

2. 15
oh god. me at 15. sophomore year of high school. i had glasses and braces and was in love with nick rhodes. i failed two classes for the first time that year, english and history (i hated reading, okay?). and when i say failed, i don't just mean i did poorly, i mean there were two F's on my report card. =\ and yet i got A's in algebra II and spanish. that's just how i roll. i mean, there are RULES and FORMULAS and things make SENSE! oh well, i went to summer school and we all moved on from that disappointment. oh, and i liked this boy, but he kissed my friends. they cried over who he liked more, while he told me he liked me just as a friend. super. i had no idea what i wanted to be when i grew up. my heart wanted to be a dancer, but my brain knew that wasn't practical. looking back i can tell you i wanted to be a rayanne. daydreamed about my life as a rayanne. but i was and will always be an angela. no amount of hair dye (or tattoos or piercings) can change that. *shrug* could be worse. ;)

3. stripes
STRIPES. i'm actually a big fan of stripes, and may have, possibly, idk, made some embarrassing remarks about underage wizards and their sexy stripey cardi's once upon a time? erm. OH HOW THE WINE TALKS. /o\

but mostly when i think about stripes now, this is what i picture. i don't know whyyyyy. )
so, yes. stripes. they're swell.

(also, it was a lolarious movie once upon an 80's. harold ramis. <3)

...makes me happy. his stupid face. his everything, really. i will never lose frank sex-chicken. never ever. i love him skinny, i love him fatty. his stupid giggle makes me laugh and laugh, as do his srs bzns lol edgy ~opinions and lyrics. i love that he makes no apologies. i love that he's been with jamia since he was 19 or 20, since the dawn of mcr. and i love that he's been in love with gerard for nearly just as long. he is patient and kind and passionate. he will never be done. his body is his scrapbook, and i want to nibble on his middle. i didn't see him coming, i never would have expected it (he's short!), but i absofuckinglutely adore that doof. in short: HUMP HUMP HUMP. ♥

5. party
1. = me throwing up?
2. vegas, baby, vegas!
3. house-warming, this summer, you're invited!
5. good times, good times.

drop a comment if you'd like to play, and i'll give you five words.
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dr. horrible spoiler, sort of )

i was up at 6:30 am this morning and on the trails running within the hour. my body: ...what?

now i am freshly showered and sparkling. and i'm not leaving this house for nothing. no how. *flops*

tomorrow there will be more house hunting (house hunting!). i am still several months away from being ready to hand over my bag of gold coins, but open houses are helping me figure out what i want, and likewise, don't want. and surprisingly, there are some affordable options in desirable neighborhoods!

still haven't seen the dark knight. perhaps tomorrow. i did however see journey to the center of the earth, in 3D. o_O would not see again. and i saw most of gray matters. ugh. how so awful. in better netflixing news, i saw into the wild last week. fabulous, fabulous. two thumbs up.

and then i read more porn...


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