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this weekend was not my best - i felt run down and just... off for most of it. saturday morning started far too early with a 7 mile hike/run and at one point i had to stop and breathe or i was going to vom and/or pass out. clearly my heart-rate got too high, but it was a trail i've done countless times before without issue, so... idk. the afternoon was spent couch shopping. after a sea of nothing, we hit the sofa company and hooboy we had options coming out our ears. almost too many options. it was overwhelming and i had to leave, but i think i'll definitely go back when i have a better idea of what i want.

i slept in sunday and spent a good portion of the day in bed. it was much needed and an excellent life decision. i pretty much only got up late in the day to mow my lawn and rake up leaves for an hour, and even that little effort left me feeling shaky and weak. idk, i still feel a little off this morning. shrug shrug. more coffee is surely the answer, no? coffee coffee.

so while in bed yesterday, i decided to make a few icons. and then i couldn't stop and made more. and because i am holy indecisive batman, i made more still. they're all from mcr's na na na lyric video and they're all over here for the taking if you're interested. a sampling:

and in much, much better news, we get even MORE new music from those mcrs tomorrow - or late late tonight as it might be. \o/ guys, guys, idk if i've mentioned this lately - it's a bit of a secret - but i love them. kind of a lot. don't tell anyone. ♥____♥
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hilarious that i thought tonight i would catch up on sleep. oh well, i guess that's what weekends are for? instead i've stayed up watching mcr's desolation row video about 8239084 times and making a few quick and dirty icons from it.

the rest are here for the taking if that's your bag.

and now i really do need to flop into bed. see you in too few hours. <3
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i has santafied icons! made for me by [livejournal.com profile] _lolapalooza:

i totally love them. and santa!troh makes me lollll, bc you know. santa hat on a jew. *facepalm* his face kinda says it all.

i severely lack the skillz and equipment to make such treasures myself, but i can make FAIL HOLIDAY ICONS like nobody's business. \o/ all sharable! ahahahahahawhat. you know you want one. :p

ps, i love weekends. we should have more of them. *nodnod*
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so at some point i sort of fell for the band mindless self indulgence. i downloaded their album months ago but only listened to one song. my first thought was no, not for me. but then each time it came up on my ipod i liked it a little bit more. and then one day it just hit me, OMG I LOVE THIS AND NEED MORE IN MY LIFE NOWWWWW. so yeah, i've been gorging on msi.

being in a very msi place this weekend, i put my loungy efforts to work and made a bunch of icons. well, lynz icons (sorry other msi members!). she is one hot fucking bass player, om nom. well done, gerard. (non-bandom people, if you're still reading, lynz and mcr's gerard way got married a year ago. he is completely smitten with her, mentions her just about every chance he gets. but not in a bragging way, more in a holy shit how did i get so lucky way. it's pretty cute. AS IS SHE.)

the rest are here for the taking.

aaaand i recently discovered that they're playing in anaheim this wednesday night. any socal flisters interested in joining me?? kick-ass awesome times, party of two? anyone?
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+ first and foremost, happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] calvin_would! i hope you are having a most stellar day filled with all things relaxing and yummy. like a mai tai! or PIE. :D

+ i saw pineapple express this weekend. good times! and actually, surprisingly kind of touching in some scenes? if it were a fannish type movie, there would no doubt be fic. alas, i don't know if there's much of a call for seth rogan/james franco. our loss.

+ amusing bandom conversations with non-bandom people:

me: look, one of my bands is in entertainment weekly!
bro: is that a girl?
me: no, they're all boys.
bro: really? i mean, come on, you have to admit...
me: yes, william beckett looks like a girl.

at comic con...
me: look, that's gerard!
jen: oh! he's... kind of pretty, actually.
me: YES. YES HE IS. <3

+ i made icons. mostly pete, cobras, and panic. steal away if you're so inclined. sampler:

+ i'm ready for the weekend. how 'bout YOU?
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i made some icons this weekend. mostly panic at the disco, and some fall out boy.

the rest are here for the taking.

also, bandom people: if there are any so-called sekrit/private photos that one should not be making icons out of, please to be letting me know! i haven't been around long enough to know these things yet, so i've just been icon-ing whatever i have, all willynilly-like.


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