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* holy crap! In order to show our appreciation for your loyalty and support during our recent DDoS attacks, we've added two weeks of Paid time to your account. LJ, i am stunned. thank you for that gesture. it actually helps.

* i feel like the only person who doesn't have hbo lately. *thrones-less* :(

* i have been hard-core craving high school mikey/pete this week. or high school mikey/anyone-who's-a-boy. i think gerard is generally the go-to Gay Way (i mean, it just makes sense), but i really want to read something where he's the straight older brother and mikey is the gay one. and maybe mikey feels uncomfortable about telling him? not that he would react horribly - OBVS GERARD WOULD BE COOL WITH IT - but still. mikey's sort of hesitant and unsure. or maybe gerard already knows, because he's gerard. or more likely, mikey just hasn't told him yet because gerard's kind of wrapped up in his own self-involved shit. WHATEVER, point is mikey just really likes that pete/frank/ray kid, and he's kind of on his own navigating that. and then there are hand & blowjobs and eventual ass-fucking (bc there should always be eventual ass-fucking). so, yeah. i want that. or pretty much any hs mikey/boy. if you have any favorites (that aren't everyday mysteries in the summertime or holly golightly - ugh <3 ugh), feel free to drop recs in comments!

* last week i saw patrick stump at the hotel cafe! WHAT A LITTLE FIRECRACKER. i'm not sure i've seen someone with as much energy on such a tiny stage. he's... quite simply: captivating. his music isn't exactly my bag (i lean more pop/rock and less soul/jazz), but that hardly mattered! that kid has got mad talent and his enthusiasm is MOAST infectious. if you ever get a chance? go see him. i highly doubt you'd regret it.

it's also a well established fact that i am le old and often in bed by 9, however! we stayed for the second show and i was still WIDE AWAKE AND ENTHUSED at the end. it also didn't hurt that when we walked back to the stage for the second show, there was this odd little pocket of space where inexplicably no one was standing. so i took that space, like you do, and being maybe 10 feet from patrick fucking stump? pretty nice, i gotta say. a few peechurs )

* lastly, i'm having a hard time closing the tabs with these pictures in them. gurgle )
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hey, remember when it didn't take an entire week to get LJ comments? remember when LJ used to reimburse you with extra paid time for the inconvenience? i mean, i created my LJ in january, but now my yearly renewal date is in march. that's how much free time they used to give out. i miss those days. apparently, they're saying it's some snafu with yahoo mail flagging the comments as spam. reluctantly, i've switched over to my gmail account for LJ, and sure enough, it seems to be a-okay. but bah. email worlds colliding. dnw. :\

it's been an entire month since i posted last. woops.

house stuff )

surely there's some bandom content i should mention... um. i saw panic! at the disco at the roxy earlier this month. it was so great to see them on stage again. especially brendon in all his brendonness. i kind of adore that kid. and at the end, my mouth literally hung open in shock when he launched himself into the crowd. i was really, really not expecting that. A++, boys.

glee! i went to the paley festival's glee panel which was a delight. it started off with a screening of the most recent episode (the one where kurt and blaine FINALLY kiss) which was followed by a q&a with almost the entire cast in attendance. i feel like i have ~things~ i want to say about this show, but my thoughts are pretty jumbled. basically, i feel like while everyone's been distracted with the will they or won't they (or rather, WHEN will they) storyline regarding kurt and blaine, the writers were able to slip in this other gay storyline without anyone realizing. from early on with the flippant comments about brit and santana having sex yet not being in a relationship to the scissoring bit with sweet lady kisses, and then surprise confessions and declarations of love. i cried so much during that episode. i watched it three times and i can't bear to delete it from my dvr. i love kurt (and blaine), but i find myself more emotionally invested in this relationship. and i find it sort of strange that so much attention is still on the kurt/blaine dynamic and their *gasp* kiss! and yet here, these two girls have been having sex since season one (and presumably before) and have said i love you to each other, and yet... idk, no one cares? i mean, not no one, but... *shrug* i guess maybe that's a good thing, in the end. that it's kind of... inconsequential?

what else. the boys of mcr (and their wives) continue to be my favorites. no real 'news' to report there. eta: gerard will apparently be singing at tonight's DURAN DURAN concert! it seems there will be a livestream of it here. TALK ABOUT WORLDS COLLIDING. you guys, when i was 15, duran duran posters covered my walls. nick and simon were over my bed. ♥__♥ this is really weird for me. and a leeeeetle embarrassing when i stop to think about how little has changed. /o\ ah well, once a fangirl, always a fangirl, i suppose.
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until LJ fixes its latest fuck up...

my LJ is a strictly RL-FREE zone (with one exception, K2). no family, no former classmates, no co-workers. RL-FREE. and i intend to keep it that way. it's true, several of you have crossed over from fandom and into RL, and that's great! YAY FRIENDS! but the point is that you all started here (with fandom and all the porn). i am a-okay with things flowing in that direction. and that direction only.

LJ ---> RL = okay!

so, flisters, please do not under any circumstances link/comment to my LJ from facebook or twitter. those are RL zones and while some of you have access to them as well, it is NOT OKAY for anything in those parts to link back here (see above flow chart!).

i really enjoy having this space where i can act like a spazzing twelve year old and not feel like a crazy person. if that privacy is breached, well... the party is over, and it's sad panda city for us all. :(
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ugh, just when i'm supposed to renew my account, it appears that LJ was up to some fuckery again. only it was an 'accident'? sort of, but not really? hrm... i haven't seen anyone on the flist mention this, so i thought i'd link to it for any interested parties.

ion, i am sooo glad i only have 3 more hours until the weekend starts. yahooooooo. not that i have anything exciting planned, but that's kind of the point. time to knit and watch a few of the 16 movies i have waiting for me on my dvr (we have free showtime right now!). so far i've seen twilight (hilarious! they really do sparkle!), death at a funeral (it was okay), and lars and the real girl (different! patricia clarkson!). next up i have the magdalene sisters, there will be blood, the reader, and a handful of others that are not exactly Fun Ones either, but oh well. movies!

aaaaaand, that's all i got right now.
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ugh, nobody likes these posts. if i explain people will think it's lame, and if i don't people will think it's lame. whatever, i'm pretty used to being lame.

it boils down to this: my time here is limited. and if i have you on my flist it means i read you. at least, ideally this is what i'd like it to mean, but it hasn't for a while now, and ridiculously that causes me stress. and i really can't be having stress in my life over farking LJ, you know? also, i'm pretty certain it's mutual. there's no bad blood, just diverging interests and no tighter bond keeping us together anymore. things change and that's okay.

and with that in mind, if anyone out there has been itching to drop me, please feel free, no hard feelings, etc etc!
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+ this time tomorrow i will be on a plane headed for portland, oregon, where i will get to throw my arms around a [livejournal.com profile] slightlytricky and a [livejournal.com profile] calvin_would. \o/ and tomorrow night there will also be a ruuuuuuuufus and a [livejournal.com profile] bunniewabbit (though i don't think i'll get to throw anything around rufus 'cept my undying love). <3

+ yesterday was kind of a crap day, but it ended with pizza and top chef, so it wasn't all bad.

+ my friend jen finally confirmed that she is a go for vegas/mcr shenanigans at the end of this month! dude, i was stressssssssing. i had tickets and a hotel room, but no partner in crime. huzzah, huzzah. (i only kind of wish the timing was different so that i could see mcr for the first time with biz. alas, our weekend will be amazers no matter.)

+ i renewed my paid account with LJ yesterday. =\ i didn't feel particularly good about it. they suck, but i don't want to leave and i want all the icons i can get, damn it.

+ is there stuff that i don't post about? sure. mostly for the benefit of you, the reader. ;) is there anything you want to ask me? if so, go for it. coffee refill tiems.


Jan. 23rd, 2008 09:32 pm
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today is my four year LJ anniversary! four years. i'm so grateful for all the amazing people i've met here. i absolutely adore having this network of friends out there in so many different parts of the world. you guys are awesome and the reason i'm still here.

in short: ilu, guys. srsly.

and in other happy news... bamboozle left! (hopefully with a biz.) \o/


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