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i can't stop laughing.


our cupcake king. ahahahahahahahahahahawheeze.

that is all. carry on.
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i realized today that i didn't take one picture of myself or my friends at the roxy show. not even the obligatory myspace photo. how did that happen?

good thing the roxy got a picture of me! loll )
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guess who just got a bill from the IRS for $22,000.


they are under some deluded impression that i didn't pay any taxes last year. :|
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so remember how last december i went to pete & travie's art show? no, you don't remember? oh. that's probably because i never posted about it. i fail pretty hardcore like that if you haven't noticed. anyhow! THE POINT IS, i took some photos while i was there and one of them is now the background image that pete wentz is using for his twitter. WHUT. o_O

i took a screenshot of it for posterity (like you do) because he'll no doubt change it next time the wind shifts. i don't know how long he's had it up, i don't actually frequent his page, but i was back-tracking a mikeyway comment (like you do) and holy shit i was not expecting that! lollll. )

i always meant to post my pictures from that night. well, the few decent ones (it's no secret i'm a crap photographer), but i just couldn't get the write-up done. i had a great time, but there was a certain funk i couldn't quite shake off. anyhow, back then i emailed my pictures to a friend who used a few of them for article about the art show and we all agreed that that particular shot was the gem of the bunch (i really wanted a good photo of his hoodie, and then all of a sudden his teeny tiny ASS was just hanging out in all its stupid striped glory right in front of me and i had to go for the shot). i'm guessing that's how he got the photo, from the article. i don't really care, i'm just... finding this pretty hysterical and BIZARRE. i mean, WHAT. /:D\


Mar. 22nd, 2009 10:10 pm
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oh man, this weekend. saturday was a total crap day. every negative and depressing thought set up camp in my brain and wouldn't leave until i had a big ol' cry and went to bed - because sometimes? that's just what you need to do. and it apparently worked, bc today i woke up like my usual pretty darn happy self, ready to drink a pot of coffee and catch up on tv and read and putter and do other lazy weekending things (that are not staring into the ABYSS D:). i didn't really do anything too exciting, but it was a GOOD DAY and i'm still smiling so, YAY ME.

random thing making me smile today: listening to JINGLE CATS. all of my christmas music is still on my ipod, and instead of listening to a playlist, i just put the thing on shuffle, and LOL CHRISTMAS MUSIC IN MARCH. oddly? i think i'm enjoying it more now than i did in the month of december.

other things making me smile today: i made a few icons, but that quickly devolved into me trying to organize my picture files and thus simultaneously stumbling over some chuckle inducing items. most of my pictures have really boring names: geeface, or frank thumbs up, or torosaurus3. i usually just name it whatever comes to mind first off and move on. but a few of them today made me laugh. )


Jan. 18th, 2009 04:57 pm
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i just went looking for my pictures from sequoia, but was momentarily waylaid by some other pictures in my july 2008 folder.

so you all know how if you move AT ALL, even dare to breathe while using my camera, the pictures will come out blurry? well imagine what the first few seconds of SEEING GERARD WAY AT COMIC-CON will do to them. ahahaahhaha /o\ )
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last night was metro lolstation with the girls. ridiculous times, i gotta say.

:DDD )


thank bob for this short week. i am more than ready to sleep in tomorrow. *flop*

my only real goal this weekend is to shop for lingerie for a bachelorette present (surprise $400 spa weekend o_O), and to finish my knitting. woo! what's on your agenda, flisters?
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good morning! how's about a much needed dose of laughter. :D )

if this is a sign, and surely it is, this weekend is going to rock. my goal? to stay in my pjs until monday morning. it'll be hard, flist, but with a little determination, some buffy season seven, and this laptop, i think... i think i can make it happen.

and now, coffee.
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+ giiiiiiip!! look what [livejournal.com profile] strawberryelfsp made for me! o.m.g. for reals. guuuuuuhhhhhh.

+ my two new favorite shows as of late are gordon ramsay's the f word and robin hood, the series. hooray for bbca & tivo.

+ last week at work i was frequently working with a customer's file. the last name on that file? constanzo. which is close enough to costanza that *every* time i saw the name i'd hum to myself: cuhhhSTANza. my brother, who loves seinfeld, had no idea what i was talking about. this was in an episode, was in not? it's burned into my brain, i tell ya. cuuuuhSTANza. as in, byyyy MENnon.

+ things my mother says that will never not be funny:
"who wants to toss my salad?"
"your dad puts his nuts in there."
"honey, can you come here? i need to adjust your meat."
"would you like to toss my salad?"
no, mom. i'd really rather not. ;)

+ will attempt mad LJ catch-up this week. apologies for forthcoming comment bombing.


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