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so, ayup. i'm 39. i am WAY YOUNG FOR TREES. /o/ i mean, i'm not super dazzled about getting older, but it's a bazillion times better than the alternative, so i will take it! thank you, universe! \o\ also, mcr is throwing me a birthday party monday night, so, you know. that's pretty cool.

oh, man, i haven't posted in over a month. :( i have a few half-posts with random link dumps i meant to come back to and make something coherent out of, but yeah. that never happened. um... to recap? i still have a house (along with twenty new decisions to make daily), and this band i like has a new album out (it's pretty fucking sweet).

this month has been and continues to be pretty jam packed:

1 - scott pilgrim screening + q&a
5 - sympathy for delicious + q&a
8 - stamps @ hotel cafe, 9:30 didn't go, laziest
11 - haircut
12 - m&c bday @lolas
13 - lindsey's art show
18 - k2 arrives! (mcr on kimmel)
19 - dinner at craft! happy bday to meeeee.
20 - harry potter matinee
21 - big family dinner
22 - mcr @ hob, album release
25 - thanksgiving
26-27 - san diego
30 - k2 leaves :(

house: construction finally started! and is proceeding surprisingly swiftly! there currently is a giant hole in the back of my house. this picture was taken only 4 days ago, and already it looks so different. the new framing is almost completed and the windows were supposed to have gone in yesterday. i'm going up later today to check it out and take photos. so. exciting. (for me.)

band: (we've now seen the whole video, but before that) so i saw this screencap from sing? )

lindsey's art show: i went. her art is pretty amazing. i can't even imagine have the patience (and vision!) to create those dioramas. thousands and thousands of little itty bitty pieces of paper glued together to create these magical boxes of wonder that tell a story. i wish i had a picture as an example, but i don't think i do... as for the boys, when i walked in, gerard was tucked around the corner right at the entrance. it was dark and i could only vaguely see his shape in my peripheral vision, but i heard him talking and YEP. WE'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE, i told my friend as we kept walking. i didn't turn around or anything, and i never saw him again the rest of the night. i did unknowingly walk in front of ray toro while looking at lindsey's art. i heard his voice RIGHT BEHIND ME O_O and almost came in my pants. we oddly crossed paths several times that night, and DAMN BOY IS FIIIIIIIIIIINE. UNF UNF RAY TORO. i never saw mikey, alicia, or mike pedicone. i did see lindsey from a distance a few times, but she was always surrounded by people or being interviewed. and jimmy and chantal were there, adorable as always. aside from our mcr-related crew, who were among the ordinary looking people, it was QUITE. A. SCENE. LOL. very LA art crowd. everyone was in black adorned with some combination of feathers, glitter, platform boots, and buckets of ~~dramatic flair~~. in conclusion, lindsey's got talent, and UNF UNF RAY TORO.

today there will be boot shopping and then harry potter and the second to last! AND I HAS A K2! my other half arrived thursday night, and since then we have gorged on our favorite foods and watched our favorite shows together and laughed and laughed and oh, how i have missed this. our big plans for her stay here include watching more tv, going to the movies, shopping, seeing our friend jen in san diego, and watching more tv. <-- that sounds lame, i know, but it's not! it's ~glorious~! :DDD and i'm really glad she's here for mcr's record release party. she's not really that into them, but as corny as it sounds, i'm glad i get to share something that's so important to me with her.

and that's all i got right now. i am woefully behind on all things LJ. :( every weekend i think THIS will be the weekend i catch up, but then... well, like last weekend, i spent TEN HOURS between sat & sun staining my fence. basically when i wasn't staining, i was flopped in bed moaning in pain. good times! anyhow, point is, i miss y'all, and really hope i can keep up better in the coming months. <3
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things i've been meaning to post about, a list:

+ half marathon
+ ben folds
+ 30stm
+ scott pilgram & my future wife, kim pine
+ potc w/orlish
+ products - un-smelly sunscreen, halp! yay odie-dodie!
+ shows - boo, la ink. yay, flashforward (eta: ;_;)
+ random half-written posts - finish? ignore?

THIS LIST IS SORELY LACKING IN MCR NEWS. >:[ i guess i could post about how scorchingly hot lindsey is, but... that's not really news. )

anyhoo, RL is keeping me surprisingly busy these days, between work and this curious social life ~thing, but i hope to be less absent in the near future. i miss you guys.


Oct. 2nd, 2008 01:27 am
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... )


go see them if you can. AJ;LSDFKJl!@

<3 <3 <#
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so at some point i sort of fell for the band mindless self indulgence. i downloaded their album months ago but only listened to one song. my first thought was no, not for me. but then each time it came up on my ipod i liked it a little bit more. and then one day it just hit me, OMG I LOVE THIS AND NEED MORE IN MY LIFE NOWWWWW. so yeah, i've been gorging on msi.

being in a very msi place this weekend, i put my loungy efforts to work and made a bunch of icons. well, lynz icons (sorry other msi members!). she is one hot fucking bass player, om nom. well done, gerard. (non-bandom people, if you're still reading, lynz and mcr's gerard way got married a year ago. he is completely smitten with her, mentions her just about every chance he gets. but not in a bragging way, more in a holy shit how did i get so lucky way. it's pretty cute. AS IS SHE.)

the rest are here for the taking.

aaaand i recently discovered that they're playing in anaheim this wednesday night. any socal flisters interested in joining me?? kick-ass awesome times, party of two? anyone?


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