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weekend sum up:
friday: work, tv, sleeps

saturday: amaaaaaazing brunch w/the girls and then outfest! a q&a with jane lynch (as charming and hilarious as you would imagine) and then the movie 'leading ladies' which co-starred one benji schwimmer of sytycd fame. :D it's essentially about two sisters and their wacky family. one sister is an aspiring ballroom dancer (and benji is her dance partner - also, gay) and the other sister is a soon-to-come-out lesbian who prefers to lead. like most small, low-budget films, it had its good parts (every scene w/benji) and its not so great parts. but this film also had one FANTASTIC part. a boy/boy dance between benji and his boyfriend? friend? boytoy? i don't recall what their official status was in the film, but does it really matter? i think not. the dance was stunning. beautiful, graceful, slinky and hot. and performed with such ease and intimacy. it was a wonder to behold. more of that please. (also, nigel lythgoe, take note: MORE OF THAT, PLEASE.) you can watch the trailer which has snippets of benji's dance on the film's website here.

sunday: brunch again! twice in one weekend, huzzahhhh. ran a few errands, one of which was picking up my mail at the new house. MY FIRST MAIL AT MY NEW ADDRESS. ♥__♥ naturally, they're bills.

now i'm watching hp: order of the phoenix. mmmm, occlumency scenes. i've also started re-reading deathly hallows, because aside from the death count, i don't actually remember all that much about it. :\

lastly, here, have an old icon meme that i forgot to post. you know the drill if you want to play. yadda yadda )
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why am i not still in my marshmallow fluff bed? i do not approve of this nonsense. :(

there are crumbs on my iconses )
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+ a fucking mosquito apparently FEASTED on me two nights ago while i slept, and now i am so fucking ITCHY. asjflAKJSF;LAKDASD. most of the bites are around my arms, shoulders, and neck line right where my shirt keeps rubbing. >:\\\\

+ also two nights ago, i had a dream that it was my birthday (it's not actually for another two months) and i was trying to convince my friends to go to see MSI with me, even though it was a monday night (loll, we are old even in my ~dreams). cut for dreamspam )

+ ICON MEME! you know the drill, drop a comment if you want me to pick some of yours. yadda yadda icons )

+ YAY FRIDAY YAY. no real plans yet for the weekend aside from massive cleaning and shopping! two weddings + various bachelorette outings + vegas = NEEDS NEW DRESSES. and probably shoes. i don't suppose i could get away with a princess dress and converse? phooey. hey, flist, hey. what are YOU up to?
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ICON MEME, ICON MEME. i mean, who doesn't love talking about their icons?? :D

you know how it works. drop a comment and i'll pick some of yours.

six chosen by [livejournal.com profile] wovenindelibly: yadda yadda )
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meme tiems, yay.

[livejournal.com profile] strawberryelfsp asked me about the following ladies. ... )

and now i ask you about yours! or you ask me about more of mine. or we just go for coffee and call it a day. or maybe i've had too much already. *bzzzzzzzzt*
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yesterday was drizzly and foggy, but today there are blue skies and sunshine. i should probably get out of the house and enjoy it for at least a few minutes. i think i'll head over to the library after lunch. i haven't been there since... i don't even know when. do they still use the card catalog? :p it's silly to have anxiety over this, i know.

in the meantime, icon meme:

1. reply to this post, and i will pick 7 of your icons.
2. then make a post (include the meme info), and talk about the icons i chose.
3. other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. this will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. whoo!

icons picked by overloved )


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