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not only is mikeyway scorchingly hott, but you guys.

you guys. HIS BASS IS ORANGE. )

that is all for now. carry on. i'm going to try to find some errands to run so i can drive around listening to na na na na na na na na na na on repeat.
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today is mikeyway's birthday. this time last year i was reading the most tragic of all mikeyway fics. i can honestly say i've never cried so much from a fic as i did from that one. even the snarry fic of doom can't compare (which is sayin' something). anyhow, happy 29th, dude!

something random that occurred to me just the other day. both way brothers ended their gayest summers ever by getting married. gerard and lindsey tied the knot at the end of projekt gaymolution, and the summer of like is when (i believe) mikey and alicia met, and not too long after got hitched. i don't really have a point with that, i just thought it was interesting.

you know what i find ridiculously annoying? when people post a fic using an icon that has nothing to do with the pairing in that fic. it's ridiculous of me, I KNOW, but don't show me adorable frank/gerard and get my hopes up only to have them stomped on when i see singer/cash. don't give me brendon's FACE and then throw pete/patrick at me. it's such a tease and a fucking let down. and you might say, well maybe that person doesn't have any icons of the fic pairing, but that's just ludicrous! how can you care enough about two people to spend a significant amount of your time writing about them, and yet not have at least one icon of them. that's crazy talk. oh well, it's never going to change, i know this. i will continue to eye the comms suspiciously with my unimpressed mikeyway face. :| :| :| HEY LOOK AT THAT. FULL CIRCLE.
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~ i have so much work to do today, i don't even know where to start. (so naturally i start with an LJ post. =\)

~ people are having shitty times, and it sucks. i hope this stormy weather carries my heart-filled mojo in your direction. ♥

~ it's been a very :|||| week for me. the highlight was probably getting pwned by mikeyway on monday, via twitter.

michaeljamesway: The pumpkin spice latte from Coffee Bean is superior to the Starbucks one. There, I said it.
me: @michaeljamesway perhaps. but the gingerbread latte is superior to the pumpkin spice. just sayin'.
mjw: The Gingerbread latte at Starbucks is now called the Ginger-SNAP latte. They have something against bread.
me: lolll i got schooled :D

the thing i love best about mikeyway twitters? his unexpected use of proper capitalization. (!) i thought for certain he would be an all lowercase typer like so many of us. it is truly earth-tilting.

~ i started a post about the 'without you i'm just me' art show. in it i wrote that i had a feeling if i didn't write it now, it would end up yet another Post Not Posted. it's already got one foot in the dustbin, bc that was a week ago. perhaps tonight i'll find the energy to just post my blurry photos if nothing else? meh. meh.

~ it's only wednesday. does anyone have a blanket i can hide under? i can't really handle the rest of this week.

~ okay, good stuff, good stuff... i bought folie a deux yesterday? also the first season of la ink, because you know, frank. and then there's hopefully fall out boy shows at the end of this week... if i make it.

sigh, best get to it. *coffees*


Sep. 10th, 2008 01:30 pm
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happy 28th, mikeyway.

i know you're all grown up and sexy now, but to me you'll always be this guy. everybody's kid brother. ♥

now go have sex with your hot wife. (i need to beleive in your happily ever after right now.)
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my favorite picture right now. )

this one's not bad either. )

in news not frank: i've been entirely un-productive today. it's been kind of nice, i gotta say. i haven't left my bed, except for food or to pee, since i woke up this morning. sometimes you just need a recharge, you know?
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wow, the last few days have been intense. long work hours, crazy stress, no internet (for sanity-clinging, you know?), but?

yesterday, i got my the black parade is dead cd/dvd/scary-ass mask in the mail!! :DDD

i didn't really care which mask i got, bc they all kind of scare the bejeesus out of me.

but you guys, i got MIKEYWAY's! \o/ it's hideous, but i love it because it's his. <3

oh, mikeyway.

the others )

tonight i have the house to myself, so it's mcr concert-tiems on the BIG SCREEN. good times, good times.
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We are pleased to announce a show at NYC's one and only, Madison Square Garden. I know that its not a special small club show like the others on the tour coming up through the US. MSG holds a special place in our hearts. About 12 years back, my big brother took me to see The Smashing Pumpkins at that very venue. I turned to him and said "this is what I want to be...this is what we have to do...one day we are going to be on that stage." He felt and thought the exact same thing. Lo and behold..here we are announcing the show of all of our dreams. We wanted to share this special night with all of our hometown area fans. This is a great goodbye to "the Black Parade" tour and the beginning of the next chapter in MCR. Not only that, but we get to share it with our best friends in the world, Taking Back Sunday and Drive By. We can only hope that one or a few of you will feel the same thing at the show and a decade later, be on that stage.

Love to all of you, see you there.

Mikey Way

i'm trying so damn hard to be adult about this, but i am failing miserably. my heart is aching to be there. SCREAMING at me to go. it's not wise. it's not financially responsible. i could only go for the weekend. i really, really shouldn't.

and yet... i don't know what to do. i have until tomorrow to decide. maybe banging my head on this wall will help. =\


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