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+ i ran 10 miles and survived! granted, there were plenty of walking breaks and a good majority of it was technically downhill. BUT STILL. i'm going to count it as a win. i was expecting to fail in a most brutal and undignified way, but it was surprisingly okay! and my body didn't ache too badly afterward - of course, that could have been due to the many cups of rum punch surprise i consumed at a friend's afternoon garden party. \o/ but srsly, i felt pretty okay.

...until i woke up this morning and realized i completely wrecked my right ankle. it is so unhappy with me right now. HOBBLE HOBBLE HOBBLE. :( but hey, it's just ONE ankle. i mean, i still have another, right? so the plan is to hike 8ish miles this coming weekend and the half-marathon the weekend after. at this point, i think it will be painful? but i'm pretty sure i will be able to manage it. fingers crossed, anyhow.

+ taxes update: federal is done! next up, state.

+ this afternoon i put a new 2-inch thick pad on my bed and while yes, it is coooooomfy and squishy, with the addition of my down comforter and five pillows, i feel a bit like i'm sitting in whipped cream! cream puff )

+ why didn't giles sing more on buffy? ugh ugh, i melt every time. ♥___♥

+ showtime movies: just two this time.
there will be blood - i liked it! it was sort of wacky. and then at the end i realized pt anderson directed it, and it all made sense.
the mist - lolll, i was in the mood for a cheesy, dumb, horror movie. it sufficed. kind of dug the unconventional ending.

+ I FINALLY SAW SHERLOCK HOLMES AND HOOBOY THEY ARE GAY. like, IT'S CANON GAY. i had no idea! the first review i ever saw said that they enjoyed the flick, but didn't really see the slash potential between the two. i don't remember who said that, but clearly they were ON CRACK, because these two are so very clearly MARRIED TO EACH OTHER. ♥____♥ excuse me while i dive into people's deliciouses. deliciousi. deliciousness. om nom.

+ how was your weekend, flisters?
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i wish there was a way to filter posts from icecreamhdaches. it's great (in theory) that they're so thorough, but i end up scrolling past 95% of it. i really only want the patrick news. :\

also, that new mcr album? i'm totally ready for that now. now would be good.

the other day one of our customers told me that i was in "the right line of work." we actually hear this often from people, because, you know, people will always crash their cars. but oh no, he went on to clarify that "people will always need good secretaries!" ...oh. sure. he's a sweet, old man, and i know he didn't mean any harm, but i had to lolll (on the inside) at his dated assumption. i mean, sure, i provide the secretarial duties around here. i'm also the janitor, gardener, receptionist, customer service representative, delivery driver, estimator, accounts receivable, accounts payable... it's a pretty wide umbrella, which is only natural when you're one of the co-owners of a small business. (but of course, he doesn't know any of that. we had just met, talked for all of three minutes, most of which was about the weather.) i guess it surprised me in the same way it does when people walk in and call me sweetheart. ...really? we're still doing that in 2010?

the magdalene sisters - wow. quite thankful times have changed. interesting film.
love songs [les chansons d'amour] - a french musical about a menage a trois! what's not to love? :D except it's less about threesomes, and more about relationships, feeling lost, grieving, and the persistent need to connect. also, there's boy/boy! so, you know. ;) it stars the french dude from the dreamers (he's quite pretty, that one) and the girl from swimming pool (though we don't get to see her gorgeous breasts in this one, sad). it's not a perfect film, but i'm a sucker for movies where sexuality is fluid and relationships are YAY UNCONVENTIONAL.
the curious case of benjamin button - saw this a while back, but forgot to mention it earlier. pretty much what i expected. kind of slow, but still enjoyable enough (though i doubt i would ever sit through it again). one interesting thing (to me) was the casting of tilda swinton as his lover. i say this because i first saw tilda back in school in the film orlando. she was very striking - pale pale with long red hair. and five years later, i saw the film elizabeth and (still not knowing either actress by name yet) thought that it was the same woman again - pale pale with long red hair. of course, i eventually realized that they are indeed two different pale pale british women with red hair. and so when benjamin couldn't be with his love (cate), and instead took a lover (tilda), i had to smile, and wondered if their somewhat similar looks played a part in casting tilda's role - sort of a poor man's cate, if you will (no disrespect to tilda! she was actually my favorite part of the film).

the nightingales have moved on! HALLELUJAH. these birds have been parked RIGHT OUTSIDE MY BEDROOM WINDOW for the past two weeks. and like clockwork, 10:30ish PM rolls around and they start with the cheeriest fucking chirping you've ever heard. chirpy chirpy chirp! life is awesome! listen to how happy we are! we are birds and life is grand! chiiiiiirppp chirp! and this continues ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT. i'm not kidding. this is why i got a cold, because i've had the shittiest sleep the last few weeks because of these BIRDS. people kept telling me that they were migratory and that they'd eventually move on, and thank bob THEY FINALLY HAVE. ADIOS! VAYA CON DIOS. \o/ and commence zzzzzzzzz.
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typically when i open a new entry box, i stare at the blinking cursor and think, "but nothing happened. i went to work. i watched tv," and then close out. today i thought i'd consult twitter and see what i felt was noteworthy last week. )

latest batch of showtime movies:
hard candy - fun! wait, maybe 'fun' is the wrong word. intriguing, disturbing, a little horrifying at times. it held my attention.
foxes - lollll, yes, the one with jodie foster from 1980. um. hmm. i kept getting distracted by the type of movie i wanted it to be. idk. the words rough and gritty come to mind. also, choppy and forced. but it somehow felt illuminating to see a young jodie foster, and to wonder what she thought of it at 18. did she notice or long for the missing storyline like i did? also, fun fact: jodie's co-star in the flick was cherie currie <-- formerly of the runaways and portrayed by dakota fanning in the upcoming movie.
the sweet hereafter - i saw it in the theater way back when, but didn't remember much (i think i fell asleep). eh. i noticed things i know didn't register back then (mostly what a sleazy lawyer ian holm was). and it felt much sadder than i remembered. the weight of such a tragedy on a small town. it'd be hard to imagine moving on without first moving out.

and here we are, monday tuesday. i'm mostly trying to stay optimistic about finding an affordable house around here. the one i really, really wanted is already gone (i knew it would go fast). i haven't seen anything that even compared since i started looking two years ago, and everything in the paper last weekend was wayyy out of my price range. i'm trying to convince myself that there was some hidden problem with it, though, because why else would it have been so cheap? if it looks too good to be true, then it is - and this house looked way too good to be true. i will find something else, i will find something else. ;_____;

oof. long update was long. now is the time on sprockets when we dance drink more coffee.
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ugh, just when i'm supposed to renew my account, it appears that LJ was up to some fuckery again. only it was an 'accident'? sort of, but not really? hrm... i haven't seen anyone on the flist mention this, so i thought i'd link to it for any interested parties.

ion, i am sooo glad i only have 3 more hours until the weekend starts. yahooooooo. not that i have anything exciting planned, but that's kind of the point. time to knit and watch a few of the 16 movies i have waiting for me on my dvr (we have free showtime right now!). so far i've seen twilight (hilarious! they really do sparkle!), death at a funeral (it was okay), and lars and the real girl (different! patricia clarkson!). next up i have the magdalene sisters, there will be blood, the reader, and a handful of others that are not exactly Fun Ones either, but oh well. movies!

aaaaaand, that's all i got right now.
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+ i took a break from the internet this weekend, which wasn't necessarily intentional, i was just surprisingly busy, but it was kind of nice to just... unplug, and not fret over what i might be missing. and in the little bit of free time i did have, i caught up on buffy: season 8 which is always good times.

+ this morning i woke up 10 minutes before i was supposed to leave for work. oops. O_O

+ i ran three miles in the canyon last week and it wasn't horrible! i haven't been able to say that in a long time. and then i ran 7 miles yesterday (with quite a few walking breaks), and i felt pretty good. there might just be some hope yet. blah running blah )

+ here's wishing a most glitterific birthday to [livejournal.com profile] downmiles! i am so very grateful to have you in my life, bb. hart hart hart! ♥

+ zombieland = an A++ GOOD TIME. \o/ i feel better knowing that i'm already working on rule #1. :D

+ oh! also yesterday we briefly paused half-way on our run at the rose bowl where they were having a Race for the Rescues! everyone was walking/running with their doggies! big dogs and little dogs, all tail-wagging and on a mission. you guys, it was the cutest ever, and made it doubly hard to get back on the trail and finish the second half of our run. and i admit i scanned the crowd briefly for a bob, or a FRANK, or a piglet! :DDD i mean, shelters and pups, it's right up their alley! alas, nada.
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WATCHMEN!!!!! \o/


uuuuuuuuugh, so many perfect details from the book. so many.

well done.
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woke up early this morning with the new fall out boy album playing in my head. paaaaaatrick. <3

it was too early to actually get out of bed, so i did some memes instead. and now i go in search of coffee.

movie & fandom memes )
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yesterday was surprise warped. i had no plans of going, but then... suddenly had plans to go. YAY.

fangs up )

we missed academy (woe), but made it inside the venue just in time to catch most of cobra's set. then we had about six hours to kill until gym class heroes. hooray for shady spots, ludo, against me, and the Beer Garden of Absurdity. :D

i got to bed at a decent-ish hour, but my brain and body were so farking beyond exhausted that they were restless, and i actually couldn't sleep. what the helllll? now it's dreary outside, and there is seriously not enough coffee in the world. x_@

i also saw tropic thunder this weekend with my brother and laughed my ass off. good times. and i got to witness a teenboy declaring in the concessions line: robert downey, jr. was so good in iron man, how has he not been discovered until now?! O_O you guys. he really wasn't kidding. oh, clueless youth. you are HILARIOUS.
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+ first and foremost, happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] calvin_would! i hope you are having a most stellar day filled with all things relaxing and yummy. like a mai tai! or PIE. :D

+ i saw pineapple express this weekend. good times! and actually, surprisingly kind of touching in some scenes? if it were a fannish type movie, there would no doubt be fic. alas, i don't know if there's much of a call for seth rogan/james franco. our loss.

+ amusing bandom conversations with non-bandom people:

me: look, one of my bands is in entertainment weekly!
bro: is that a girl?
me: no, they're all boys.
bro: really? i mean, come on, you have to admit...
me: yes, william beckett looks like a girl.

at comic con...
me: look, that's gerard!
jen: oh! he's... kind of pretty, actually.
me: YES. YES HE IS. <3

+ i made icons. mostly pete, cobras, and panic. steal away if you're so inclined. sampler:

+ i'm ready for the weekend. how 'bout YOU?
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dr. horrible spoiler, sort of )

i was up at 6:30 am this morning and on the trails running within the hour. my body: ...what?

now i am freshly showered and sparkling. and i'm not leaving this house for nothing. no how. *flops*

tomorrow there will be more house hunting (house hunting!). i am still several months away from being ready to hand over my bag of gold coins, but open houses are helping me figure out what i want, and likewise, don't want. and surprisingly, there are some affordable options in desirable neighborhoods!

still haven't seen the dark knight. perhaps tomorrow. i did however see journey to the center of the earth, in 3D. o_O would not see again. and i saw most of gray matters. ugh. how so awful. in better netflixing news, i saw into the wild last week. fabulous, fabulous. two thumbs up.

and then i read more porn...


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