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hey, remember when it didn't take an entire week to get LJ comments? remember when LJ used to reimburse you with extra paid time for the inconvenience? i mean, i created my LJ in january, but now my yearly renewal date is in march. that's how much free time they used to give out. i miss those days. apparently, they're saying it's some snafu with yahoo mail flagging the comments as spam. reluctantly, i've switched over to my gmail account for LJ, and sure enough, it seems to be a-okay. but bah. email worlds colliding. dnw. :\

it's been an entire month since i posted last. woops.

house stuff )

surely there's some bandom content i should mention... um. i saw panic! at the disco at the roxy earlier this month. it was so great to see them on stage again. especially brendon in all his brendonness. i kind of adore that kid. and at the end, my mouth literally hung open in shock when he launched himself into the crowd. i was really, really not expecting that. A++, boys.

glee! i went to the paley festival's glee panel which was a delight. it started off with a screening of the most recent episode (the one where kurt and blaine FINALLY kiss) which was followed by a q&a with almost the entire cast in attendance. i feel like i have ~things~ i want to say about this show, but my thoughts are pretty jumbled. basically, i feel like while everyone's been distracted with the will they or won't they (or rather, WHEN will they) storyline regarding kurt and blaine, the writers were able to slip in this other gay storyline without anyone realizing. from early on with the flippant comments about brit and santana having sex yet not being in a relationship to the scissoring bit with sweet lady kisses, and then surprise confessions and declarations of love. i cried so much during that episode. i watched it three times and i can't bear to delete it from my dvr. i love kurt (and blaine), but i find myself more emotionally invested in this relationship. and i find it sort of strange that so much attention is still on the kurt/blaine dynamic and their *gasp* kiss! and yet here, these two girls have been having sex since season one (and presumably before) and have said i love you to each other, and yet... idk, no one cares? i mean, not no one, but... *shrug* i guess maybe that's a good thing, in the end. that it's kind of... inconsequential?

what else. the boys of mcr (and their wives) continue to be my favorites. no real 'news' to report there. eta: gerard will apparently be singing at tonight's DURAN DURAN concert! it seems there will be a livestream of it here. TALK ABOUT WORLDS COLLIDING. you guys, when i was 15, duran duran posters covered my walls. nick and simon were over my bed. ♥__♥ this is really weird for me. and a leeeeetle embarrassing when i stop to think about how little has changed. /o\ ah well, once a fangirl, always a fangirl, i suppose.
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since bunnie recently joined team panic (yayyyyy), i offered to gather some links for her. i knew didn't have a lot, it's spotty at best (as i'm a bit more focused on mcr, if you couldn't tell), but i had more than i realized and this got a little long. thought i'd post it for everyone, just in case some of you are a wee bit interested or curious as well.

panic stufff )

and that's all i have right now. GO FORTH AND ENJOYYYY. there is so much good stuff out there, it's ridiculous. ♥!

(also, if anyone has anything they'd like to add in comments, please feel free!)
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flist, i need your help! i seem to have misplaced two very important things.

1) that picture of zach carrying brendon. you know, where brendon's sweet ass is half hanging out of his jeans? yes, that one! i've checked and checked, but i don't seem to have it on my computer. how is that even possible? o_O

2) i can't find the link to the fic where gerard comes out. you know, with the rainbow flags and girls up front holding hands and crying tears of joy and frank and gerard being stupid with each other? yes, that one! i can't even remember who wrote it. fail, krit, fail.
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i made some icons this weekend. mostly panic at the disco, and some fall out boy.

the rest are here for the taking.

also, bandom people: if there are any so-called sekrit/private photos that one should not be making icons out of, please to be letting me know! i haven't been around long enough to know these things yet, so i've just been icon-ing whatever i have, all willynilly-like.
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+ i am supposed to be in san diego right now. instead, my body decide to barf itself silly this morning. that was fun. if by fun i mean completely wretched, which i do.

+ frank iero dream #3. very minor, but worth a mention since i seem to be keeping track of these things. )

+ most illuminating bit from the pwentz cosmo girl article: it's so gross, but i've been trying to perfect a heart-shaped hickey for, like, the last 15 years of my life, and i still can't do it. is it wrong that my first thought was oh, poor patrick?

also his favorite song on his ipod right now? "the luckiest" by ben folds. oh pete, stop. <3

+ i went to see the stage production of 'the color purple' last night. i really enjoyed it, but i gotta say it mostly just made me want to go watch the movie again. cut for length )

+ is today a day for picspam? i'm thinking it might be. or icon making. *faces*

+ today is definitely the day for more tea. ye gods.

+ lastly, i'm really quite ready for the new panic album. or how about just the video? srsly. now would be good. )


Jan. 24th, 2008 01:29 pm
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panic at the disco tour dates )

san diego should be a go, assuming i can convince my friend jen to come with. roseland ballroom in nyc keeps staring at me, but i really don't think it's feasible. the date in atlanta is calling my name (biiiiiiz), but family obligations won't allow for it (ultimate sadness). vegas would be fun. and it is on a friday. but... as is my usual dilemma out here in the west, i'd need to find someone interested in joining me. anaheim? probably not.

three months ago i wouldn't have been considering any of this. crazy.

eta: jen said yes to san diego! :D i'm sending her music and pictures to bring her up to speed. eeeeee.
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yesterday was drizzly and foggy, but today there are blue skies and sunshine. i should probably get out of the house and enjoy it for at least a few minutes. i think i'll head over to the library after lunch. i haven't been there since... i don't even know when. do they still use the card catalog? :p it's silly to have anxiety over this, i know.

in the meantime, icon meme:

1. reply to this post, and i will pick 7 of your icons.
2. then make a post (include the meme info), and talk about the icons i chose.
3. other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. this will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. whoo!

icons picked by overloved )


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