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today was the slowest slow day at work. nobody came by, the phones hardly rang. tumbleweeds blew past our lot. but i didn't mind so much this afternoon because mcr was playing the reading festival today and there was going to be a 'livestream' of it. \o/

it was GLORIOUS! i mean, it was a crappy stream - jerky, jumpy, kept getting stuck - but it was a stream, so it was GLORIOUS! they wore their killjoys costumes! dewees was dressed as the mousekat! there was pyro! balloons! and a catwalk! and it was GLORIOUS.

until about 15 minutes into it when a customer showed up. AND STAYED. in the office with me. :| and wanted to chat. :| for over 30 minutes. :| i had to put on my happy face and listen to all his stories with interest and delight :D TELL ME MORE, SIR :D (but on the inside ;_; omg get the fuck ouuuuuuut). by the time he left it was over. OVAH. ;_______;

brian may from queen came out and played with them - we will rock you and then welcome to the black parade. *_* it was pretty epic, you guys. but i missed it. :( AH WELL. i shall wait for linkage. there MUST be video eventually. there is simply no other alternative. )

and with this entry i've managed to post every day since monday! mission almost complete. :D

it's hot as balls here (90 degrees INSIDE my house when i got home today D:), so i plan to spend some quality time with my a/c this weekend, and maybe see planet of the apes (free passes ftw). happy weekend-ing, kids. i really hope irene's bark is worse than her bite. ♥
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okay. i don't really do picspams. i'm lazy and i generally figure i'll leave it to the clever people with the witty captions and the rare finds. but this one time? it had to be done. i couldn't not. (and loll, i was such a bb, less than a year into bandom, and terribly flummoxed by timelines and hairstyles.)

i ended that post with "oh, Cub Day Camp Camp Tamarack Gay Shirt, i love you and look forward to seeing you again. because i know that i will. "

and LO, just when i was starting to lose hope, over two years later, november 30th, 2010, it surfaced at a private taping in nyc. i got the news via twitter from [livejournal.com profile] fuschia, and i nearly lost my shit. :DDDDDD )

and then three days later... )
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except for how he doesn't, bc FRANK and those pesky ways. but dude. dude looks good.

so yeah, i thought i would be okay not posting this. but it turns out no, i need it here. like i need it IN MY PANTS. unffff )
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this presumed shitty birthday is turning out to be a-okay. :D

eta: oh, what the hell, no work is getting done today. here are the others. thank you, mcr.com!

fraaaaaaaaank )


Mar. 22nd, 2009 10:10 pm
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oh man, this weekend. saturday was a total crap day. every negative and depressing thought set up camp in my brain and wouldn't leave until i had a big ol' cry and went to bed - because sometimes? that's just what you need to do. and it apparently worked, bc today i woke up like my usual pretty darn happy self, ready to drink a pot of coffee and catch up on tv and read and putter and do other lazy weekending things (that are not staring into the ABYSS D:). i didn't really do anything too exciting, but it was a GOOD DAY and i'm still smiling so, YAY ME.

random thing making me smile today: listening to JINGLE CATS. all of my christmas music is still on my ipod, and instead of listening to a playlist, i just put the thing on shuffle, and LOL CHRISTMAS MUSIC IN MARCH. oddly? i think i'm enjoying it more now than i did in the month of december.

other things making me smile today: i made a few icons, but that quickly devolved into me trying to organize my picture files and thus simultaneously stumbling over some chuckle inducing items. most of my pictures have really boring names: geeface, or frank thumbs up, or torosaurus3. i usually just name it whatever comes to mind first off and move on. but a few of them today made me laugh. )
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so, i have this thing where i really love it when celebrities wear the same things over and over. because then you know it's actually something in their wardrobe. not something their stylist picked out for them, or something some designer gave them to wear/promote, it's just... it was in their closet. and they like it. and decided to wear it that day. like... a normal person. well, multiply that by buckets when they wear something over and over and over again.

so this story starts when i first got interested in bandom last year and came across a picture of frank wearing this red shirt on which he (presumably) wrote HOMOPHOBIA IS GAY. oof, not dial-up friendly )

eta: i just discovered this is my 1000th LJ entry! heeeeeeee. :D
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in the category of Things Making Me Smile Right Now...

sometimes even geeway cuts his bangs too short. :D )
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okay, so i'm going to do for myself what i've done in the past for friends to cheer them up: grab six pictures at random and spam them. my picture folders are out of control and i rarely have the time or energy to formulate some sort of coherent and well thought out spam, so instead... six random mcr shots )
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a story about a quest involving tattoos, shorts, and one frank iero.

two things we know: frank iero loves tattoos, and he has no problem taking his shirt off. )
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so, over the past few months i have fallen head over heals in love with bandom (mostly mcr). i haven't posted about it too much (aside from the ridiculous dream spam) because... i just haven't felt comfortable doing so. the majority of my bandom enthusiasm has been taking place in comments in other people's journals and over email. multiple daily emails (biz in mouth omg).

but the thing is... i want to start posting more here, in my lj. and i know that's going to... well, it's just not going to be of much interest to many of you. i know that some of you will say, so what, it's your fucking journal, post whatever you want. and i also know that some of you are sighing and thinking great, more shit to scroll by, because i've been there, too. but then i think that some of you could possibly be interested, maybe, but you don't really know who the hell i'm talking about, so... yeah.

bottom line, i'm sorry if this journal turns into a place that you can't stand, but... *hands*

and so i think i've been feeling stuck, like i can't post stuff about these boys without first explaining who they are. but then when i sit down to try to make an introductory post about mcr and why i love them so, i just can't. i get lost in my picture folders and can't see straight enough to focus. so i'm going to barrel through this and just make it quick. this is not thorough, this is no primer (though i could point you in that direction should you desire), i think it's simply what i need to move forward (for whatever ridiculous reasons).

mcr in brief, by krit )


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