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from a recent article about the album: Gerard Way peers through cigarette smoke and the late-afternoon Pasadena haze as he searches his memory... damn it, gerard. you're supposed to tell me when you're in my hood so we can do lunch! whatever, i see how it is.

ion, i know i am years late to this party, but omg how great is PSYCH. my friend jen totally got me hooked on this show the last time i was in san diego. it's hilarious! every episode is a pop culture extravaganza! there are currently 5 psychs on my dvr waiting for me, I AM EXCITE. the last episode i watched had ralph freaking macchio in it, HOLLAHHHH. :D (not to mention that our two protags are totes married.) favorite new (to me) show. <3

ioon, i started this post over two weeks ago, and i meant to come back to add/edit whatever, but that just hasn't happened and clearly is not going to, so i'm going to dump this here in order to move on. (i get very stuck sometimes where i think i can't post new stuff until i finish up with the old - and then i don't post for a month.) it's very tl;dr.

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flisters, i've been trying to catch up on LJ all weekend, and i'm only about half-way through omg. /o\ i know i comment-bombed a good handful or two of you. um, sorry? :D i hope to finish reading everyone else by the end of this week. (i hate knowing that there are posts out there that i never saw. i am ridiculous, I KNOW.)

there is so much i meant to post about this weekend. maybe i should just bullet point some of it.

+ vacation was awesome and RELAXING and totes what the doctor ordered. i haven't slept that much since... i don't even know when.

+ i saw equus! i really enjoyed it! daniel radp33n was great, and even though i was expecting "that", I REALLY WASN'T EXPECTING THAT. he is a brave, brave boy and i applaud him. i couldn't help but think how beneficial it must have been to have mister dursley in the role opposite him. to have that level of trust with someone who's known him since he was, what, 10? someone to really mentor him, etcetc. anyhow, if you get the chance, go see it! it was really quite interesting, bits and bobs aside. ;)

+ ate at all the usual spots, enjoyed quality time with now far-away friends, and spent a good amount of time just wandering the city, soaking up the streets and the people, the stoops and the shops, and loving every damn minute of it. ugh, east village esp, ilu.

+ i got my hair cut! guise, remember when i had really long hair? YEAH, ME NEITHER. \:D/

+ my flight home last sunday night included not only a scary-ass descent where people actually SCREAMED, but also kyan from queer eye! and two people from gossip girl. :D blake lively and one of the guys from the show sat in the row next to me. (here, i will imdb him to find out his name - i don't watch the show... penn badgley!) anyhow, they were kind of snuggly and totally holding hands as they walked away toward their car. it appears they might be an item. i don't know if that's ~news or not, but there you go.
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not long ago [livejournal.com profile] phineasjones posted/picspamed her top otps through all her fandoms, and encouraged everyone to do the same. and lo, i have.

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Feb. 25th, 2007 09:44 am
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know what else is worth celebrating? [livejournal.com profile] tarteaucitron's birthday!! happy belated, luv, i'm so sorry i missed it. i hope it was all things indulgent and divine, just as you deserve. ♥! i went digging through my files for some proper birthday spam, but came up rather empty handed, save one piece of snarry fanart and a handful of equus photos that likely came from you anyhow. :( side note: what's the etiquette on posting other people's fanart? just give credit, or you just don't do it period? hrmm.

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