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so remember how last december i went to pete & travie's art show? no, you don't remember? oh. that's probably because i never posted about it. i fail pretty hardcore like that if you haven't noticed. anyhow! THE POINT IS, i took some photos while i was there and one of them is now the background image that pete wentz is using for his twitter. WHUT. o_O

i took a screenshot of it for posterity (like you do) because he'll no doubt change it next time the wind shifts. i don't know how long he's had it up, i don't actually frequent his page, but i was back-tracking a mikeyway comment (like you do) and holy shit i was not expecting that! lollll. )

i always meant to post my pictures from that night. well, the few decent ones (it's no secret i'm a crap photographer), but i just couldn't get the write-up done. i had a great time, but there was a certain funk i couldn't quite shake off. anyhow, back then i emailed my pictures to a friend who used a few of them for article about the art show and we all agreed that that particular shot was the gem of the bunch (i really wanted a good photo of his hoodie, and then all of a sudden his teeny tiny ASS was just hanging out in all its stupid striped glory right in front of me and i had to go for the shot). i'm guessing that's how he got the photo, from the article. i don't really care, i'm just... finding this pretty hysterical and BIZARRE. i mean, WHAT. /:D\
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i don't know why i'm having such a hard time writing this post, but i can tell if i just don't force myself and do it, it will wind up yet another post not posted like far too many others. so here goes...

i went to the 'without you i'm just me' art opening last tuesday night, featuring artwork by pete wentz & travie mccoy. it was fun! when [livejournal.com profile] wovenindelibly and i walked in, pete and travie were sitting at a table signing programs, so we walked around and checked out the artwork. and then john mayer walked in. HI JOHN MAYER UR PRETTY. then the three of them disappeared into the back room for a while.

there were surprisingly few people there when we first arrived, but it definitely picked up as the night went on.

we never saw john mayer again, but the other two came back out for signing, pictures, chatting, whatever. travie especially was very social and available and making the best faces. <3 travie. and holy shit is that boy TALL.

we lingered politiely for a long time, not wanting to interupt anyone else's 'moment', but ugh, it just doesn't really work that way. there's always someone waiting in the wings to take their attention next, right? but i continued to wait patiently. and then finally travie looks right at me and smiles and fucking WAVES at me. so... I WAVE BACK. /o\ and this is clearly my moment, take it or leave it, krit. so i quickly walk up to him, say hi, and ask if he'd mind signing my program. it's all very quick, his attention is in high demand.


aaaaauuugh, and i've just deleted another paragraph. i keep starting over and starting over but it's just not coming out right. apparently there's a reason this was never written. LET'S JUST GET TO THE PICTURES AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS OKAY? OKAY! )
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bronx mowgli wentz. :D as i told [livejournal.com profile] hearthisvoice, if only you could use proper names in scrabble! that shit's the motherload. o_O

so yes, welcome, baby wentzlet, yet another valentine's child. we are a growing bunch. ♥

ion, can today be over already? i have important ~things to do tonight, not to mention a fully packed weekend that i'm eager to start. please? no? hmph.

now is the time for more coffee. happy friday, flist!


Jul. 3rd, 2008 02:34 pm
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linkage from [livejournal.com profile] hearthisvoice.

(from here)

Gabe: Why are you sick, girl?
Shana: Because my girlfriend and I keep making out and swapping germs?
Gabe: Yeah, I've been sick from sucking too much dick.

ALSO: And for the record, Gabe would like the world to know that he's totally made out with Pete Wentz since Pete was 22, and that it was good.


and then there's his OUT interview. \o/

jeebus, it's like christmas. who's next? ryro?! let's hear about how panic's "more gay in a totally other way".
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an interesting read and lots of harts, but there's something in pete's OUT interview that's left me feeling... bothered.

He thinks the first time he kissed a guy was when he was 16 or 17, probably on a dare at a party: "Like, 'You make out with this dude and we'll make out.'" And of later experiments, at 18 or 19, he says it was more like, "I'm going to try this thing." And most recently? He actually apologizes before responding. "A long time ago," he says with a slight wince. "Probably when I was 22?" [emphasis mine]

summer of like was only three years ago. pete wentz, your honesty (or 'honesty', idk) is disappointing me. sigh.
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BABY WENTZ. omg. srsly, you guys. pete wentz is going to be a DAD.

ion... flist, tell me about MGMT and/or tokio hotel. i am... intrigued.
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+ so Spring Concert Fun Tiems is not off to the best of starts. it was scheduled to kick off this evening with a rufus show in san diego. alas, my sd partner in crime is bed-ridden with the plague, and i am a lame-o who really doesn't want to go alone. it's a 2+ hour drive down there, and i don't know my way around the area etc etc, so. yeah. hmph. i'm bummed. big time. but it's not like you can schedule getting the flu. and if i had bigger balls i'd just go by myself, but i don't, so i'm getting over it. and Spring Concert Fun Tiems will instead begin ten days from now (!!) when i see rufus in portland with three other gorgeous ladies. SO THERE'S THAT. \o/

+ i recently finished reading the scene is dead, by synchronik. [mcr, frank/gerard and some pete/mikey, but neither of those is really the point.] wow. it is not happy fun tiems, and now i've got this funk all over me, but damn. damn. (which is to say that i really enjoyed it. once i started reading, i couldn't stop, i had to find out what was going to happen next, and how were they going to get out of this, and wtf vampires, like for real?)

+ this weekend i watched pete wentz' 'release the bats', which is essentially his version of jackass that he made with his friends. you know, i didn't think it was possible to out-gross the jackass guys, but hooboy was i wrong. my gag reflex got a definite workout. and i can't even count how many times i yelled PETE, NOOOOOO at the tv. random bits: i no longer wonder why they call one of pete's friends Dirty. but i would think Fucking Foul would be slightly more accurate. i loved how andy hurley is just there, standing about in so many scenes, not really participating, but wanting to get a good view of the mayhem all the same. at one point, before assaulting one of their friends with a slew of fireworks, someone yelled out THERE WAS A FIREFIGHT. :D boondock saints ftw. to sum up, boys are dumb. we know this. and i laughed my ass off. good times.

+ american idol tonight! aaaaaand that's all i got.
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+ i am supposed to be in san diego right now. instead, my body decide to barf itself silly this morning. that was fun. if by fun i mean completely wretched, which i do.

+ frank iero dream #3. very minor, but worth a mention since i seem to be keeping track of these things. )

+ most illuminating bit from the pwentz cosmo girl article: it's so gross, but i've been trying to perfect a heart-shaped hickey for, like, the last 15 years of my life, and i still can't do it. is it wrong that my first thought was oh, poor patrick?

also his favorite song on his ipod right now? "the luckiest" by ben folds. oh pete, stop. <3

+ i went to see the stage production of 'the color purple' last night. i really enjoyed it, but i gotta say it mostly just made me want to go watch the movie again. cut for length )

+ is today a day for picspam? i'm thinking it might be. or icon making. *faces*

+ today is definitely the day for more tea. ye gods.

+ lastly, i'm really quite ready for the new panic album. or how about just the video? srsly. now would be good. )
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i ran in just to grab some marinara sauce and mushrooms.

damn checkout racks. a new low. )


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