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+ i ran 10 miles and survived! granted, there were plenty of walking breaks and a good majority of it was technically downhill. BUT STILL. i'm going to count it as a win. i was expecting to fail in a most brutal and undignified way, but it was surprisingly okay! and my body didn't ache too badly afterward - of course, that could have been due to the many cups of rum punch surprise i consumed at a friend's afternoon garden party. \o/ but srsly, i felt pretty okay.

...until i woke up this morning and realized i completely wrecked my right ankle. it is so unhappy with me right now. HOBBLE HOBBLE HOBBLE. :( but hey, it's just ONE ankle. i mean, i still have another, right? so the plan is to hike 8ish miles this coming weekend and the half-marathon the weekend after. at this point, i think it will be painful? but i'm pretty sure i will be able to manage it. fingers crossed, anyhow.

+ taxes update: federal is done! next up, state.

+ this afternoon i put a new 2-inch thick pad on my bed and while yes, it is coooooomfy and squishy, with the addition of my down comforter and five pillows, i feel a bit like i'm sitting in whipped cream! cream puff )

+ why didn't giles sing more on buffy? ugh ugh, i melt every time. ♥___♥

+ showtime movies: just two this time.
there will be blood - i liked it! it was sort of wacky. and then at the end i realized pt anderson directed it, and it all made sense.
the mist - lolll, i was in the mood for a cheesy, dumb, horror movie. it sufficed. kind of dug the unconventional ending.

+ I FINALLY SAW SHERLOCK HOLMES AND HOOBOY THEY ARE GAY. like, IT'S CANON GAY. i had no idea! the first review i ever saw said that they enjoyed the flick, but didn't really see the slash potential between the two. i don't remember who said that, but clearly they were ON CRACK, because these two are so very clearly MARRIED TO EACH OTHER. ♥____♥ excuse me while i dive into people's deliciouses. deliciousi. deliciousness. om nom.

+ how was your weekend, flisters?
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i started this post on monday, but never finished. hrm. last weekend:

saturday: ran/hiked/walked 8 miles. it was kind of awful and pathetic. i honestly don't know about this half-marathon in less than three weeks. :\ my brother and i were totally on schedule, training-wise, until we got derailed at the end of january, and now... idk. we're going to try 10 miles this weekend and see how it goes. if it seems at least marginally manageable, i guess i'll still give the race a go.

saturday night we went to kroq's annual kevin & bean's april foolishness to see some stand-up comedy (an early birthday gift from me to my bro). it was, in short, HYSTERICAL. omg, i think i was crying and wheezing at one point, and my cheeks literally ached by the end of the evening from smiling for three hours straight. the line up: jimmy kimmel, adam corolla (both of whom are kroq alums), jay mohr, bill burr, azis ansari, sarah silverman, jeffrey ross, and joe rogan. jay mohr was by far my favorite with dead-on impersonations of eddie veder, christopher walken, and tracy morgan, and HI-LARIOUS bits about the two times he was the most high in his entire life - one of them being when he 'accidentally' smoked pcp with tracy morgan, lolll. good times, good times. certainly not an evening for those easily offended - but omg, we had such a blast.

sunday: met my parents in seal beach for brunch. it was gorgeous out, but i felt like ass for much of the day (likely due to the prior day's run and then not getting to bed until 1 AM the night before). in the afternoon i did a few loads of laundry, painted my nails (RED), watched some telly (rotk <3). it wasn't as restful as i would have liked, bc i kept thinking about all the things i really should have be doing (like my TAXES).

and here we are, friday. still haven't done my taxes (HATE HATE - the forms always make me feel so dumb), and the 10 mile run is tomorrow. :||| we shall see. :||| but after that there will be a gathering of friends, cocktails and yummy foodstuffs, and hopefully a movie at some point this weekend (i must see the runaways!). it would also be grand if LJ WOULD FIX ITSELF. grr argh. >:[

in conclusion, like almost all other friday conclusions: WEEKEND YAYE.

woop woop

Jan. 7th, 2010 11:01 am
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thank you, interwebs, for one way or another bringing me the following:

+ jo chen's AMAZING art book! it is gorgeous! absolutely stunning. i'm in love. i couldn't stop beaming at it last night as i flipped through page after page. first of all, the cover is all shiny and metallic (hard to tell from that phone-pic), and then the inside is filled with the myriad covers she's done for various comics. i'm most familiar with her work on the buffy: season 8 comics, but her others are equally as beautiful. the only bummer is that the book is written in chinese (mandarin, presumably), and i don't understand a word. :( but it's really okay, because it's so damn pretty pretty pretty! (you can check out more of her artwork on her site here.)

+ the mail also brought me comics, casanova & ursula, by gabriel ba and fabio moon! yay! )
ugh, where is a lazy afternoon when you need one?! until then, they will join the alarming large stack of books by my bed all marked "To Read."

+ DANCE PARTY, USA - the bloominator strikes back! \o/

i love that after all these years, the orlish one can still make me grin from ear to fucking ear. HE'S SUCH A GOOF. my laughing heart eyes, let me show you them. :D apparently, he and the chick hosting the event (i think?) were havng a DANCE OFF. lollll. two more )

+ also of the good, i'm seeing rufus wainwright saturday night! second row seats! \o/ if memory serves, it's been about two years since i last saw him - TOO LONG.

+ and in running news, it's official, i signed up for a half-marathon at the end of april. four months to get my ass in gear. i ran 5 miles after work last night, and it went pretty well, so that's encouraging.
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+ oh hey, LJ, thank for that handful of comment notifications. now could i maybe get the other dozen or so that you're still hiding? one way conversations are fun for no one. thx.

+ in much more heartfelt thanks, THANK YOU, GUYS, FOR THE SNOWFLAKE COOKIES!! \♥/ that was such a treat! and so unexpected! :D big, big love right back atcha.

+ in running news, we tried something new last night to change things up: we ran home from work. it's 2.5 miles, slightly uphill. i think the most challenging part was actually the cold (45-50 degrees). i still had to walk a little here and there, but in the second half of the run, i was determined to keep jogging for this one particular long stretch without stopping, and i did. i high-fived myself, it's true. took us about 35 minutes, start to finish, and then we got a ride back to work to pick up our cars (YAY). i think we'll be doing this one again, it was actually kind of fun. and maybe next time we'll try running back to work as well. that would bring it up to 5 miles (and the second half would all be slightly downhill, so definitely not as hard). i can dooooo this, yes i can.

+ first sentence of the first post from each month - 2009 edition )

+ it's almost the weekend, flist! i'm so excited, i have BIG plans, whereby BIG i mean: knitting! christmas shopping! laundry! massive cleaning! and then maybe some cocktailing, like you do. also, it's supposed to rain, rain, and RAIN SOME MORE. perfect for curling up with a good book and a hot mug. \o/ and what of you, flisters? exciting to-dos?
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+ i took a break from the internet this weekend, which wasn't necessarily intentional, i was just surprisingly busy, but it was kind of nice to just... unplug, and not fret over what i might be missing. and in the little bit of free time i did have, i caught up on buffy: season 8 which is always good times.

+ this morning i woke up 10 minutes before i was supposed to leave for work. oops. O_O

+ i ran three miles in the canyon last week and it wasn't horrible! i haven't been able to say that in a long time. and then i ran 7 miles yesterday (with quite a few walking breaks), and i felt pretty good. there might just be some hope yet. blah running blah )

+ here's wishing a most glitterific birthday to [livejournal.com profile] downmiles! i am so very grateful to have you in my life, bb. hart hart hart! ♥

+ zombieland = an A++ GOOD TIME. \o/ i feel better knowing that i'm already working on rule #1. :D

+ oh! also yesterday we briefly paused half-way on our run at the rose bowl where they were having a Race for the Rescues! everyone was walking/running with their doggies! big dogs and little dogs, all tail-wagging and on a mission. you guys, it was the cutest ever, and made it doubly hard to get back on the trail and finish the second half of our run. and i admit i scanned the crowd briefly for a bob, or a FRANK, or a piglet! :DDD i mean, shelters and pups, it's right up their alley! alas, nada.
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so i decided i'm going to run another half-marathon. the first and only one i ran was in may 2007, and since then i've steadily become less and less active. there are many reasons for this, but even i have to admit that the primary one is because i am a lazy lazy-person who lazes.

a few weeks ago i tried to run 4 miles and i failed miserably. it was pathetic, and i said this is bullshit! this used to be easy peasy pumpkin peasy pumpkin pie motherfucker! and i've been trying to motivate and get my ass to the gym more often, but it's just not happening. clearly the only way to get my ass in gear is to have a concrete deadline, something to train for, and people depending on me. so my brother and i agreed to run the half-marathon in san diego next april, and possibly the LA one this december, if we are ready in time.

yesterday we ran (and walked, there were many walking breaks) 8 miles. =\\\ my hip flexors are KILLING ME. for those of you who don't know, those are the muscles you don't realize you have that help you PICK UP YOUR LEG and move it forward when you walk. ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow. that was me walking to the bathroom yesterday. ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow. and that was me walking back to the couch. srsly, every step hurts. but it's that good pain! right? :(

it will get easier, i know this from experience. just gotta take it one step at a time (ow ow ow).

in other weekending news, i watched eternal sunshine again, and fuck i love that movie. every little thing about it. it's just... perfect. ♥ i also went dress shopping today and found one more option for yaybestdayever (wedding #1). i'm flip-flopping between two fairly different dresses for this wedding (and sadly neither would really work for wedding #2). one is cute and comfy and the other is cute and FUN! but needs a few adjustments and i can't gain a POUND in the next two weeks. i am torn! but i have two weeks to figure it out, and to find a dress for wedding #2 - it's less a ~party, and more a formal, intimate event. but i did find a dress for vegas that, dare i say (and i kind of hate this word), feels like a cougar dress? /o\ idk, it makes me feel ~slinky~! and it looks like vegas to me - but not in a tacky way, i promise. ah, whatever, it was on sale.

i really wish it wasn't monday tomorrow. i could use another day to sit around and do nothing. i wasn't kidding up there. the laziest.
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dr. horrible spoiler, sort of )

i was up at 6:30 am this morning and on the trails running within the hour. my body: ...what?

now i am freshly showered and sparkling. and i'm not leaving this house for nothing. no how. *flops*

tomorrow there will be more house hunting (house hunting!). i am still several months away from being ready to hand over my bag of gold coins, but open houses are helping me figure out what i want, and likewise, don't want. and surprisingly, there are some affordable options in desirable neighborhoods!

still haven't seen the dark knight. perhaps tomorrow. i did however see journey to the center of the earth, in 3D. o_O would not see again. and i saw most of gray matters. ugh. how so awful. in better netflixing news, i saw into the wild last week. fabulous, fabulous. two thumbs up.

and then i read more porn...
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fack, i missed zoni's and kiltie's birthdays, too (and countless others no doubt). belated cake and punch and gayboys to you both! ♥ isn't there an LJ page that shows you everybody's birthday on your flist? i know there used to be, but i can't seem to locate it. halp?

updatey things:

i'm training for a half marathon next month. this time last year i got winded climbing a flight of stairs. last weekend, i ran eight fricken miles. :O thanks, mom. (it kind of kills me to say that, but it's true. it's all her fault doing.)

turns out i have an iron deficiency. likely the result of being a vegetarian for the past five years. fellow veggies out there, what do you do to ensure you're getting enough iron? i kind of am tired most of the time and it's not uncommon for me to fall fast asleep by 9pm. i'm considering eating a wee bit of meat now and again. maybe. i dunno.

i'm going to see rufus in two weeks! \o/

i'm going to nyc in five weeks! FRIENDS. PIRATES. GOOD EATS. HAIRCUT. in that order.

karen means next to nothing to me, i'm ALL jim and pam forever, but! i am completely smitten with one rashida jones. i've downloaded like 74899032 pictures of her lately. there may be picspam.

my taxes are done. nuff said. x_o


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