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i've been trying to type up a comic-con report, but i've only gotten so far as, "so, um... comic-con YAYE!" i did manage to upload my photos last night, though, so that's half the battle right there. but now i'm leaving tomorrow morning for a quick vegas/glambert trip and work has been batshit crazy this week, so much so that it's a wonder i'm here right now posting this. but there are things! things that need to be said.

first and foremost: ORLANDO GOT MARRIED, Y'ALL. i'm still a little stunned i had to find this out on my own scrolling through flist skip=250. i guess there are rumors that miranda is pregnant, but whatever, even if she is, they seem pretty darn happy together, so yay. yay love. ♥

i had the opportunity to go see scott pilgrim vs. the world last weekend, but passed on it twice because of other sdcc adventuring. i can't recall right now what i was doing friday instead of enjoying this film, but saturday i was sitting a line to nowhere. the plan was to see kevin smith, but unbeknownst to us, some dude inside was busy getting stabbed in the eye (the perils of saving a seat a comic-con), so no ksmith for us. and no scott pilgrim either. i made the sadface! woe was my life! :( oh, right, bummer for that dude who wound up in the emergency room, too.

anyhow, this review of the scott pilgrim film made me lolllll. talk about missing the DOINT. "What's disappointing is that this is all so juvenile. Nothing makes any real sense. The "duels" change their rules on a whim, and no one takes the games very seriously, including the exes, who, when defeated, explode into coins the winner may collect." srsly, are we being punked? o_O

and in other scott pilgrim news, i appreciated this fashion-forward piece from GQ featuring michael cera, jason schwartzman, and chris evans:

Come summer, even your easy-fit workweek chinos can seem heavy, stiff, and constricting. Maybe that's why New York's most discerning dressers have moved on from casual Fridays. Here, the stars of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World show us how to beat the heat while letting it all hang out. )

okay, enough nonsense. back to work for me. three more hours, i can dooooo this. ugh ugh splat.
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nine hours until i head to san diego for sdcc. i am SO READY. well... mentally and spiritually. as for literally, well... i still have to pick up grub from the grocery store, pack the ice chest, pack my clothes (note to self: figure out what you're going to wear, plis), pack books to be signed, pack... okay everything. i haven't packed shit yet. in fact, i had a nightmare last night that i'd arrived at sdcc and had forgotten my confirmation printouts for the hotel and the convention. O_O must not do that.

last night i painted my nails, but the clear base coat i like to use was sealed shut and no amount of twisting and grip action was prying that thing open. grrr. so i used a crappy clear i had lying around, and this morning the polish is already chipping and pealing off. :\\\\ my life, so hard, right?

i think i'm not going to take my laptop this weekend. i'd have to pay to use it at the hotel, and i'll probably be too tired at night to update anyhow, so... yeah. reports to come next week when i get back. i'm sure full youtubes will be up before i chime in, anyway, but i'll try to twitter some highlights (esp in regards to helicopter rides and mystery ferrets), if you want to follow along.

happy humpday, flisters! *hump hump hump* ...wot?
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sdcc schedules have been perused and excel spreadsheets have been printed and set aside with my con & hotel confirmations. now i just need to pack and write up a grocery list (the food at sdcc is soooooooo surprisingly awful - esp if you're a veggie). wednesday cannot get here fast enough omg.

my sdcc10 schedule )

the top highlights for me are scott pilgrim, joss whedon, gerard way, and GLEE. no surprises there. everything else is just a bonus. and i can't even tell you how excited i am to finally (KNOCK ON WOOD, ALL APPENDAGES CROSSED) see joss whedon live and in person. every other time he's conflicted with someone else that i MUST see (read: GERARD). but this year it looks like i'll able to sit in on not one, but TWO of his panels and maybe even get something signed! it's a ticketed signing (as is gerard's) so, we'll see... sigh sigh eeeek. there's a list of people that i'd really like to say "thank you" to before i (or they) die - some of whom i've been fortunate enough to cross off already, like rufus and gerard - and joss is most definitely on that list. ugh ugh ♥buffyverse♥

friday is a bit of a fickle bitch at this point. too many appealing and conflicting options. i was surprised to find saturday quite the opposite. aside from gerard, i feel very meh about most of those panels. ah well, a break will no doubt do us some good by then. it would be nice if i don't take the FLU OF DOOM home with me like i did last time. :\

and obviously everything listed up there isn't getting done. there's just no way, even with a perfectly laid out plan. there are always lines to deal with, needed breaks from the chaos, perhaps a trip or two up to artist's alley, shopping and wandering through the main floor. i think i accomplished about 25% of what i set out to see last year - and my days still seemed FULL with that.

looking at my list, i kind of wish there were more COMICS related panels and fewer movie/tv ones. i may have to tinker. there are some really interesting sounding panels about how to break into the industry, story-building, art (there's one on DRAWING MONSTERS, how awesome is that?), etc. but i'm not pursuing comics as a career, so... you know.

also, i still feel like such a n00b in the comics world. which is great in that there is still SO MUCH new stuff (to me) to read out there. i'm working my way through fables and loving it, but i'm only on book 5 out of 43686 and i'm terrified to hear some major spoiler at their panel. like bill winningham will be all, "yeah, i didn't know what we'd do once we killed bigby off..." and i'd be in the audience all, "whuuuut nooooooo. ;______________________;" and then he'd say, "oops, spoiler alert," and everyone would LAUGH AND LAUGH because that happened like FIVE YEARS AGO and i'd still be all *CRYING FOREVER* ;______;

but my point is also that, being rather new to comics, i haven't actually read many 'superhero' books, and a lot of the panels seem to focus on those. i've read a little x-men here and there, and... um... yeah. the idea of reading superman or spiderman has never really appealed to me. batman, sure, but where does one even start?? besides, there's so much other stuff i'd rather read instead: demo, local, sandman, daytripper, fables, y:the last man, doom patrol, and buffy (of course). i just started reading american virgin and I LOVE IT. so different from what i expected - not that i really knew what to expect, but... wow. color me intrigued.

i'm also hoping to maybe pick up some artwork while there. maybe. depending on how much $$ i can spend. i'd really, really like something from artist ryan kelly, but i'm not sure how much he charges for commissions. we'll see, fingers crossed. and i absolutely have to find [livejournal.com profile] _ming to a) say hello! and b) pick up a copy of the loneliest astronauts. \o/

speaking of art - and now that i have WALLS OF MY VERY OWN - here is my wish list of comics-related artwork i'd eventually like to have on those walls (so far):
ryan kelly
ming doyle
hope larson
roman dirge
jo chen
bryan lee o'malley

now, if i could just win the lottery. sighhhh, all in good time. but it's nice to ~dream~ in the meanwhile.

okay, i've babbled enough. this laundry isn't going to do itself. later taters!
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11:15-12:15 Spotlight on Gerard Way — Comic-Con special guest Gerard Way, writer/creator of The Umbrella Academy, is joined by guests in a 60-minute deconstruction of the comic book industry, featuring helicopter rides and Jonesy the Human Ferret.

um... what? :DDD


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