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hrm. current fandom climate is strange.

i have SUITS things i want to say, but where to say them? only a few people here on LJ are likely interested. other options are twitter - if i could fit it in 140 characters, which i cannot - or tumblr, where it would be read by a bunch of strangers. idk how comfortable i am with that yet, especially as most of it is pure nonsense. hrm, i say, hrmm.

...LJ IT IS. the best place for my nonsense since 2004. /o/ scroll on by as needed!

so, the creator of suits, aaron korsh, often has q&a's on his twitter. i've perused his @replies, and he actually answers most of the questions he gets (he's usually answered the ones i've asked, which has been nice). he even answers the really dumb and/or repetitive ones. he has explicitly said in the past that he won't answer questions that involve spoilers, however.

so a few weeks ago i asked: any thoughts on introducing a gay character and/or storyline at some point? Read more... )

this next bit is likely interesting to even fewer of you, lollll, as it involves SHOES (i am me), but not actually the kind you would think! alas, it's true. last october patrick j adams betrayed me when he posted this photo to his instagram. )
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except for how he doesn't, bc FRANK and those pesky ways. but dude. dude looks good.

so yeah, i thought i would be okay not posting this. but it turns out no, i need it here. like i need it IN MY PANTS. unffff )


May. 28th, 2009 08:28 am
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i left my converse in san diego last weekend. i'm not heading back there until july.




Jan. 27th, 2009 10:14 am
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sometimes when i'm not feeling chatty or inspired, i'll play This Time Last Year and dive into my LJ archives. one year ago today i took stock of a certain theme that's been running through my icons since the very beginning. i had eight of them at the time. curious, i did a quick survey today and oddly enough i still have eight, though two of them have since been swapped out for new ones.

all stars )

wow. that was fascinating, wasn't it? =\

let's try This Time Two Years Ago! ...oh. looks like i wasn't feeling chatty or inspired two years ago either. This Time Three Years Ago? heee, jan 27, 2006:

i am all packed and ready to head to florida at ass crack tomorrow morning where i will no doubt flail (inside if not outside) and squish many a fangirl. \o/

have a great weekend, i will be back monday. <3

this was the fx con with alan tudyk! and the first time i met tricky in person! and girl!piles and movies and boys and ♥! three years ago. man, how did that happen.

lolll, jan 27, 2004: So, how do you know when blue cheese has gone bad?

meme time

Aug. 14th, 2008 10:03 pm
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well my posting mojo came to an end yesterday. just didn't have it in me. but tonight i bring you more memage. woo. (if anyone still wants to join in, just drop a comment and i'll pick seven of your interets.)

7 interests picked by [livejournal.com profile] yourealwaysmine: ... )
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1) GIP! this would be the third icon i have of frank's feet. i really am hopeless, aren't i. but you guise, look at his little ankles! and his too short pants and his leeeeeeetle white socks. couldn't you just die?!

2) i used to drive a stick shift, but i haven't since the move to nyc when i sold my car. that was oh, roughly six years ago? my dad's truck is a manual, but i've been apprehensive about giving it a go, horrific memories flooding back about stalling and rolling backwards on hills from when i first learned. but last night i had to get his truck home from work, so it was do it or... do it. SO I DID IT AND LO IT WAS AWESOME. srsly, just like riding a bike. and damn, do i miss driving a stick; it was so much fun. it's like there's driving a car, and then there's driving a car.

3) i have long thought vicky-t from cobra starship was all kinds of hot, but this adorable photo of her just cemented her place in my pants heart. krit approved )

4) i have one of those huge underneath zits that huuuurt on my forehead making me feel a little like the elephant man. but i'm eating a burrito right now, so there's that.

5) i'm leaving for nyc in 14 days! holy crap how did that happen. i think i'm as excited about all the great food i'm going to eat (7A here i come!) as i am about seeing mcr at the garden.

6) happy hump day, flist. *HUMPS*
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bro: look. *whips out cell phone* i figured out how to make this picture of my kids my wallpaper.
me: nice. yeah, i finally changed mine, too. it's just a picture of my feet though.
bro: yeah, i noticed in your vacation photos... you have a foot fetish or something.
me: ...

UM. *transparent, apparently* okay yes, my vacation photos are scattered with the occasional photo of my feet, but there's a reason! i was unofficially The Vacation Photographer, and thus was not actually IN most of the pictures. so on occasion i'd take a photo of myself, either turning the camera around for a scary close-up (cheeeeese) or snapping a shot of my feet as evidence that HEY I WAS HERE TOO. i also just like photos of people's feet as a representation of who was there without actually showing their faces. i don't know why. i just find it interesting. so yes, if you come visit me, i'll probably take a picture of our feet together.

and for the record, it's not so much a foot fetish as it is a shoe fetish. and the only reason i have MY feet on my cellphone is bc it was the first photo i took with my phone and... and i just needed something to replace the generic picture that came with the phone okay? so, yeah.

hrm, now i'm curious. let's consult the userpics. ha. this surprises no one, i'm sure. )
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but i kind of don't mind this time. you guys, today i rightclicksaved my first bandom photo. but it was the shoes, i swears it! and i am weak. and perhaps i have a small thing for tattooed skinny boys wearing chucks?



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