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someone recently posted an au where mike had secretly been in the military (as a sniper, etc) prior to working at pearson hardman. no idea if it's any good - i bailed out early on because it wasn't what i wanted. i thought it was going to continue being a secret, him living this double life, but no, he told everyone right away once he was called back up (or something, idk).

and i would normally say, OH WELL, moving on, but instead i am now DESPERATELY craving a 'point of no return' au. as in, I NEED IT LIKE BURNING. lanky mike ross as lanky bridget fonda. maybe grammy already died and mike fell harder into a life of crime (and drugs) after getting booted from college (with trevor's help, obvs). yadda yadda, he gets this 'opportunity'/alternative-to-death and we see him train to become a bad-ass killing machine... and lawyer (?) - maybe that's his high class cover??? WHATEVER, DETAILS. BASICALLY I JUST WANT MIKE SECRETLY ASSASSINATING SOMEONE FROM A HOTEL BATHROOM WHILE HE AND HARVEY ARE ON A BUSINESS TRIP (DURING MARDI GRAS /o/).

which, okay, dilemma. is harvey instead the gabriel byrne character, the handler who is secretly/not-so-secretly in love with mike? it would totally work, with jessica running the whole operation, and then especially to have rachel be the dermot mulroney schlub from whom mike keeps HIS BIG SECRET (hey, canon, hey), but...

i don't want UST-y mike/harvey, damn it! WE HAVE THAT ALREADY. i want ALL THE SEX mike/harvey with a hefty helping of ALL THE SECRETS AND LIES between them and the dramalama that thus ensues! but especially: MIKE TAKING SOMEONE OUT FROM THE HOTEL BATHROOM WHILE HARVEY'S ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR UNAWARES ("is everything okay in there?" "fine, be out in a sec..." ajsdklfj;sda).

and, you know, super skilled secret sniper baby-faced ninja assassin mike ross. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE.

somebody make this happen! (she says into the wind...) *clap clap*
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hrm. current fandom climate is strange.

i have SUITS things i want to say, but where to say them? only a few people here on LJ are likely interested. other options are twitter - if i could fit it in 140 characters, which i cannot - or tumblr, where it would be read by a bunch of strangers. idk how comfortable i am with that yet, especially as most of it is pure nonsense. hrm, i say, hrmm.

...LJ IT IS. the best place for my nonsense since 2004. /o/ scroll on by as needed!

so, the creator of suits, aaron korsh, often has q&a's on his twitter. i've perused his @replies, and he actually answers most of the questions he gets (he's usually answered the ones i've asked, which has been nice). he even answers the really dumb and/or repetitive ones. he has explicitly said in the past that he won't answer questions that involve spoilers, however.

so a few weeks ago i asked: any thoughts on introducing a gay character and/or storyline at some point? Read more... )

this next bit is likely interesting to even fewer of you, lollll, as it involves SHOES (i am me), but not actually the kind you would think! alas, it's true. last october patrick j adams betrayed me when he posted this photo to his instagram. )
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we had good times together, you and me, for over two years. that's probably bananas by most people's standards, but i get attached to things and don't easily let go. besides, LOOK AT YOUR LOVELY EVERYTHING: desktop, oct 2010 - dec 2012 )

today, though... today felt like a day to move on.

times, they are a'changing. jan 2013 + )

i know, who didn't see that coming, right? all i can say in my defense is that i can't help it! and it is what it is. and i'm (finally) okay with that.

here's to a new year. this one kind of sucked.
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hello, flisters, hi! it's been 100 degrees (if not higher) for over a week now and i'm losing my mind. our a/c at work is on its last legs, and my a/c at home is total crap. or maybe my house has poor insulation. likely both. all i know is i get home from work and it's 90 degrees INSIDE and after the a/c has been on for hours and hours it still only gets down to the mid-80s. that shit ain't right. i really should do something about it, but it's too hot to function. there's also no end in sight. 100+ all this week. :|

so i haven't slept well in over a week, and i'm one of those people that loves and needs their sleep. last night i got less than 5 hours and so i've have a LOT of coffee this morning, and thus HEY LJ HEYYYYYYYYY, even though i don't have much to say. or maybe too many things but they're all scattered and shouting.

the loudest is probably SUITS SUITS SUITS. idk, this season i fell headfirst and there's only two episodes left which is freaking me out, so i bought the season 1 dvds last night. there's commentary and deleted scenes and a gag real. i'm pretty jazzed. also there's fic. not on the dvd, on the internet, and HOLY BALLS some of it is great. nom nom nom.

there's also sebastian stan who is currently on political animals which i think is kind of a crap show and repetitive and often boring but sebastian is engaging and hot as hell and damaged and makes out with boys regularly and good god i'm only human. you might also know him as cap's best friend bucky in captain america, and he'll be reprising this role in the sequel, the winter solider, in 2014. cut for spoilers if you haven't seen captain america yet, and vague-ish ones for the comics )

ANYHOW there are feels, SO MANY FEELS, with bucky and cap, and obvs cap and tony, and then somebody made THIS on tumblr and it was the worst thing ever. ;_____; i don't even know how to handle it. to borrow a phrase or two, I NEED HELP REACTING TO SOMETHING, bc all i can think of is lying down in traffic. D:

and then gerard was interviewed by kevin smith on his show spoilers and he was just the cutest thing (surprise). i think my favorite part was when he said he looked up past eisner award winners (the night he won his) and realized that he was now a part of this group of influential creators. also when he said that he's totally 'george lucas-ed some lyrics' bc he came up with something better after the fact, and kevin said well just don't jar-jar them. :p and lolllll at them having costumes for the new album, UNLIKE LAST TIME. oh hah ah ahhahha. OKAY, GERARD. sure.

and so that's about where i am, fandom-wise, i guess. i read the perks of being a wallflower last weekend, and wow. intense book. i really wasn't expecting that. but i'm quite excited for the film, now, i must say. and i've heard good things.


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