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hey, remember when it didn't take an entire week to get LJ comments? remember when LJ used to reimburse you with extra paid time for the inconvenience? i mean, i created my LJ in january, but now my yearly renewal date is in march. that's how much free time they used to give out. i miss those days. apparently, they're saying it's some snafu with yahoo mail flagging the comments as spam. reluctantly, i've switched over to my gmail account for LJ, and sure enough, it seems to be a-okay. but bah. email worlds colliding. dnw. :\

it's been an entire month since i posted last. woops.

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surely there's some bandom content i should mention... um. i saw panic! at the disco at the roxy earlier this month. it was so great to see them on stage again. especially brendon in all his brendonness. i kind of adore that kid. and at the end, my mouth literally hung open in shock when he launched himself into the crowd. i was really, really not expecting that. A++, boys.

glee! i went to the paley festival's glee panel which was a delight. it started off with a screening of the most recent episode (the one where kurt and blaine FINALLY kiss) which was followed by a q&a with almost the entire cast in attendance. i feel like i have ~things~ i want to say about this show, but my thoughts are pretty jumbled. basically, i feel like while everyone's been distracted with the will they or won't they (or rather, WHEN will they) storyline regarding kurt and blaine, the writers were able to slip in this other gay storyline without anyone realizing. from early on with the flippant comments about brit and santana having sex yet not being in a relationship to the scissoring bit with sweet lady kisses, and then surprise confessions and declarations of love. i cried so much during that episode. i watched it three times and i can't bear to delete it from my dvr. i love kurt (and blaine), but i find myself more emotionally invested in this relationship. and i find it sort of strange that so much attention is still on the kurt/blaine dynamic and their *gasp* kiss! and yet here, these two girls have been having sex since season one (and presumably before) and have said i love you to each other, and yet... idk, no one cares? i mean, not no one, but... *shrug* i guess maybe that's a good thing, in the end. that it's kind of... inconsequential?

what else. the boys of mcr (and their wives) continue to be my favorites. no real 'news' to report there. eta: gerard will apparently be singing at tonight's DURAN DURAN concert! it seems there will be a livestream of it here. TALK ABOUT WORLDS COLLIDING. you guys, when i was 15, duran duran posters covered my walls. nick and simon were over my bed. ♥__♥ this is really weird for me. and a leeeeetle embarrassing when i stop to think about how little has changed. /o\ ah well, once a fangirl, always a fangirl, i suppose.
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from a recent article about the album: Gerard Way peers through cigarette smoke and the late-afternoon Pasadena haze as he searches his memory... damn it, gerard. you're supposed to tell me when you're in my hood so we can do lunch! whatever, i see how it is.

ion, i know i am years late to this party, but omg how great is PSYCH. my friend jen totally got me hooked on this show the last time i was in san diego. it's hilarious! every episode is a pop culture extravaganza! there are currently 5 psychs on my dvr waiting for me, I AM EXCITE. the last episode i watched had ralph freaking macchio in it, HOLLAHHHH. :D (not to mention that our two protags are totes married.) favorite new (to me) show. <3

ioon, i started this post over two weeks ago, and i meant to come back to add/edit whatever, but that just hasn't happened and clearly is not going to, so i'm going to dump this here in order to move on. (i get very stuck sometimes where i think i can't post new stuff until i finish up with the old - and then i don't post for a month.) it's very tl;dr.

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1. i finally get my house two weeks from today! the sellers will be OUT and i can run around and cartwheel through it and shake my booty in every room because it is mine mine MINE. can. not. wait. omg. understatement. :DDDDDD though it is a bit nerve-racking to think that i need to start the Big Remodel in ~~2 WEEKS~~ wah decisions gaLORE. but the sooner i get a move on, the sooner i get innnnnnn (which almost more importantly means ouuuuuuuuuut of the parents' house).

2. i saw RENT at the hollywood bowl twice last weekend. it was directed by neil patrick harris, which, you know, YAY. except... well... okay, look. i loved it. i will never not love rent. i sat there in UTTER GLEEEEEE friday night when mark started singing. i was almost quite literally bursting with song in my seat the entire night, bc RENT. ♥ the guys who played roger and angel were fantastic, and wayne brady as tom collins was surprisingly awesome. the A+++ performance of the show goes to nicole scherzinger of pussycat dolls fame. she was AMAZING as maureen. hilarious and refreshing! she made me hoot and holler during 'over the moon' and her 'love me or leave me' duet with joanne (the fabulous tracie thoms) was the showstopper of the night.

i should probably stop there (but i won't). :\ the stage production was too small for a venue like the bowl. i thought it would be much grander in scale so as to resonate with the thousands far, far away (like us, and we were only about half-way back!). it was a bit muddled and hard to follow at times (even for us veterans). mark, my favorite character, was just mediocre. and they left out one of my favorite bits (excuse me, oh i'm not, i'm just here, i don't have, i'm here with, mark. mark. i'm MARK.), but now i think it doesn't really matter, because this mark, eurgh. :\ they also left out the sex. no wet hot heat sweat etc. and no, vanessa hudgens does not make a good mimi. bless her heart for trying, but she has the voice and presence of a disney princess, or maybe stripper barbie, and lacks the grit and raw-ness needed for this role. ah, well. it took guts to get out there and try, so i commend the effort!

3. so this rumor that mcr might tour this fall? has me both ecstatic and frustrated. i pretty much haven't taken a vacation in almost two years anticipating and waiting for the tour that never came. and now when i'll be deep in house renovations and broker than broke, they might be all ~HEYYYY *JAZZ HANDS* ...harrumph.

4. sytycd finale tonight! but i find i'm just not as interested without billy in the mix anymore. and i LOVE kent (i have since day one!), but it's more fun to root for the underdog, you know? but i love kent, so... go, kent! i guess. even though it's obvious you'll win. but i do want you to. so... kent. yeah. rah. (i don't think this number made any sense.)

5. the weekend before last, i was in vegas seeing adam lambert. we stood outside in a wading pool, sandals tucked in our bags, enjoying the warm cool breeze, and he strutted around the stage above us in leather and glitter. not sure i could think of a better way to see adam in concert (oh, wait, there was a severe lack of boy kissing, NEEDS MOAR BOYKISSING). and i was pleasantly reminded of what an incredible voice adam has. sometimes i forget. i think it takes a backseat in my brain to all the glitz and glam and FEATHERS and cock-pants and your general gay, that i forget. that boy can SING. dayum.

in conclusion, i'm eating a salad with pistachio crusted goat cheese balls in it. ajdflajds heaven.
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first, happy birthday, muskrit! i hope your day is FANTASTICO. *orange glitter toss!*

i finally made it to angel season 4. and so far, so good! i had forgotten how hot brooding wesley is. long gone is the fumbling rogue demon hunter from years past. and i got to watch angel give the verbal smack down to connor. "i love you. now get the fuck out of my house." \o/ and then angel, after being saved by wesley, tries to make nice with, "just so you know, we're cool now." and wesley gives him the non-verbal equivalent of "we are so not cool, you douche. fuck you and your crew." ugh ugh, it was awesome. only complaint so far: too much lila. barf.

speaking of crews... i am likely the last person in bandom to realize this, but apparently 'skeleton crew' - the name of frank's label/company - is the title of a stephen king book. WHO KNEW. i mean, aside from everyone not me. my friend victor and i were drunkenly discussing our love of dean koontz in the used book store, when he stopped and said: no, but you know who's great? stephen king. *hands me book* krit: WHAAAAAAAA!??!? victor: ??? krit: *POINTS TO S//C PIN ON BAG* *MAKES NOISES*

what else, what else. i went shopping last weekend for bridal and birthday gifts, which i got. 'course i also walked away with a stack of comic book trades, a hoodie that i'm far too old to be wearing (it's bright green with teeny pink stars all over it, i love it!), and yummy, smelly stuff from bath & body. there is a reason i try to stay away from malls and such. whups, broke.

other than that, i've just been thinking a lot about frank and gerard lately and how much i love them and need them in my pants. you know, the usual.
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flist, i am so behind. today i am attempting LJ catch up. i think there are only four days to get through, that shouldn't be too bad? =\

my life this week was sucked away by work, television (see below), and general life exhaustion (flopping into bed and falling fast asleep by 10 most nights).

american idol: for the girls, i am on TEAM CARLY. an irish girl from san diego who runs a tattoo parlor. what's not to love? for the boys, i want to be on TEAM DANNY, really i do. but the cutest little gaymo just hasn't done as well as i'd hoped. yet. i remain hopeful. currently, i'm split between TEAM LITTLE DAVID ARCHULETA and TEAM JASON CASTRO.

project runway: TEAM CHRISTIAN! or team jillian. i'd be happy if either won, but christian just makes me smile and smile, even when he's being a little bitch. <3

america's next top model: TEAM CLAIRE. she's the only one i really like so far. the tomboy is really cute, but she can't walk for shit.

lost: um... what? i'm still hanging in. i'm intrigued. but... what?

survivor: team favorites. i can't muster enough enthusiasm on this one for capslock, but the fans are just dumb. and ozzy's awesome.

other things:

* happiest of belated birthdays to [livejournal.com profile] tarteaucitron, [livejournal.com profile] bunniewabbit, and [livejournal.com profile] salwood! i hope you all had fantastic days and nights. *belated glitter*

* i, um, went ahead and bought tickets to see mcr at madison square garden. actual seats went on sale the day after i passed on the floor tickets, and it just felt like... like a second chance? something i couldn't pass up? i dunno. what i do know is that i caved, and i'm rather excited (even though i'm still not certain i can go). a sort of calm washed over me once i hit purchase, so. yeah. i still think it's ridiculous to fly out there for a weekend, but i can't imagine not being there. well, i can, but it sucks.

* i am might be seeing rufus on tuesday night. (wah. just got an email from my friend jen, my date for the evening - the plague got to her, too. shit.)

* there was probably more i wanted to say, but i can't remember. besides, it's time for more tea and the flist. I'M GOING IN.


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