Dec. 18th, 2008 10:52 am
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"Ok really not to belabor this topic but why even have California if it's not going to have good weather? I mean really we need to reconsider"
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frank finally twittered. O_O

and he's here! and yes, it's fucking cold. there was ice on my windshield this morning. =\

and there are at least four FIVE members of mcr in the same room together maybe most probably making muuuuusic. eee eee eeeeeep.

omg i need twitters of frank fail!touring la. bonus points for faily twitpics.
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~ i have so much work to do today, i don't even know where to start. (so naturally i start with an LJ post. =\)

~ people are having shitty times, and it sucks. i hope this stormy weather carries my heart-filled mojo in your direction. ♥

~ it's been a very :|||| week for me. the highlight was probably getting pwned by mikeyway on monday, via twitter.

michaeljamesway: The pumpkin spice latte from Coffee Bean is superior to the Starbucks one. There, I said it.
me: @michaeljamesway perhaps. but the gingerbread latte is superior to the pumpkin spice. just sayin'.
mjw: The Gingerbread latte at Starbucks is now called the Ginger-SNAP latte. They have something against bread.
me: lolll i got schooled :D

the thing i love best about mikeyway twitters? his unexpected use of proper capitalization. (!) i thought for certain he would be an all lowercase typer like so many of us. it is truly earth-tilting.

~ i started a post about the 'without you i'm just me' art show. in it i wrote that i had a feeling if i didn't write it now, it would end up yet another Post Not Posted. it's already got one foot in the dustbin, bc that was a week ago. perhaps tonight i'll find the energy to just post my blurry photos if nothing else? meh. meh.

~ it's only wednesday. does anyone have a blanket i can hide under? i can't really handle the rest of this week.

~ okay, good stuff, good stuff... i bought folie a deux yesterday? also the first season of la ink, because you know, frank. and then there's hopefully fall out boy shows at the end of this week... if i make it.

sigh, best get to it. *coffees*


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