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we had good times together, you and me, for over two years. that's probably bananas by most people's standards, but i get attached to things and don't easily let go. besides, LOOK AT YOUR LOVELY EVERYTHING: desktop, oct 2010 - dec 2012 )

today, though... today felt like a day to move on.

times, they are a'changing. jan 2013 + )

i know, who didn't see that coming, right? all i can say in my defense is that i can't help it! and it is what it is. and i'm (finally) okay with that.

here's to a new year. this one kind of sucked.
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first line from the first post from each month - 2010 edition )

man, 2010 went FAST. i don't even know. so much is a blur.

as for resolutions, here's what i said this time last year. let's see how i did, shall we?

things i'd like to do in 2010:
and i did, i did! if nothing else, i did the number one thing on my list. i feel good about that.
kiss someone! um... i bought a house!
start the local tourist project ...did i mention the house?
mcr tour - at least six shows maybe? okay, this one's not my fault! they didn't get their shit together until october, so. yeah. but i still managed 2 shows this year (house of blues & san diego), and have three/four scheduled for next year.
knit a sweater not exactly... but i did start a pair of socks.
run a half-marathon i did! last april. it was pretty brutal, but i did it, damn it.
keep tinkering at 'frank's so-called life' i tinkered last week, in fact! but i just haven't had the focus and time to give it that it deserves. i have high hopes for next year, after i move in. i love it too much to abandon.
read actual BOOKS if comic books count, then YES. success.

i feel pretty okay about that list. that first one kind of cancels out anything i might have missed.

and for 2011, how about...
try not to have a nervous breakdown re: debt/decisions/life
focus more on work
get back to a regular work-out schedule
knit a sweater! and finish those socks, damn it
house blog
attempt nanowrimo, for reals this time (with amended rules :p)

idk, that's about it. i'm not feeling very resolutiony this year. i'm pretty aware that getting my house in order is going to take up large chunks of my time and bank account, so really anything outside of that is just a bonus.
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a year end fandom meme. i stole it. like you do. )

in RL news, i'm currently working on a house post, because you are dying to know about my new windows and bathroom tile. it's very exciting stuff, i know.
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so, ayup. i'm 39. i am WAY YOUNG FOR TREES. /o/ i mean, i'm not super dazzled about getting older, but it's a bazillion times better than the alternative, so i will take it! thank you, universe! \o\ also, mcr is throwing me a birthday party monday night, so, you know. that's pretty cool.

oh, man, i haven't posted in over a month. :( i have a few half-posts with random link dumps i meant to come back to and make something coherent out of, but yeah. that never happened. um... to recap? i still have a house (along with twenty new decisions to make daily), and this band i like has a new album out (it's pretty fucking sweet).

this month has been and continues to be pretty jam packed:

1 - scott pilgrim screening + q&a
5 - sympathy for delicious + q&a
8 - stamps @ hotel cafe, 9:30 didn't go, laziest
11 - haircut
12 - m&c bday @lolas
13 - lindsey's art show
18 - k2 arrives! (mcr on kimmel)
19 - dinner at craft! happy bday to meeeee.
20 - harry potter matinee
21 - big family dinner
22 - mcr @ hob, album release
25 - thanksgiving
26-27 - san diego
30 - k2 leaves :(

house: construction finally started! and is proceeding surprisingly swiftly! there currently is a giant hole in the back of my house. this picture was taken only 4 days ago, and already it looks so different. the new framing is almost completed and the windows were supposed to have gone in yesterday. i'm going up later today to check it out and take photos. so. exciting. (for me.)

band: (we've now seen the whole video, but before that) so i saw this screencap from sing? )

lindsey's art show: i went. her art is pretty amazing. i can't even imagine have the patience (and vision!) to create those dioramas. thousands and thousands of little itty bitty pieces of paper glued together to create these magical boxes of wonder that tell a story. i wish i had a picture as an example, but i don't think i do... as for the boys, when i walked in, gerard was tucked around the corner right at the entrance. it was dark and i could only vaguely see his shape in my peripheral vision, but i heard him talking and YEP. WE'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE, i told my friend as we kept walking. i didn't turn around or anything, and i never saw him again the rest of the night. i did unknowingly walk in front of ray toro while looking at lindsey's art. i heard his voice RIGHT BEHIND ME O_O and almost came in my pants. we oddly crossed paths several times that night, and DAMN BOY IS FIIIIIIIIIIINE. UNF UNF RAY TORO. i never saw mikey, alicia, or mike pedicone. i did see lindsey from a distance a few times, but she was always surrounded by people or being interviewed. and jimmy and chantal were there, adorable as always. aside from our mcr-related crew, who were among the ordinary looking people, it was QUITE. A. SCENE. LOL. very LA art crowd. everyone was in black adorned with some combination of feathers, glitter, platform boots, and buckets of ~~dramatic flair~~. in conclusion, lindsey's got talent, and UNF UNF RAY TORO.

today there will be boot shopping and then harry potter and the second to last! AND I HAS A K2! my other half arrived thursday night, and since then we have gorged on our favorite foods and watched our favorite shows together and laughed and laughed and oh, how i have missed this. our big plans for her stay here include watching more tv, going to the movies, shopping, seeing our friend jen in san diego, and watching more tv. <-- that sounds lame, i know, but it's not! it's ~glorious~! :DDD and i'm really glad she's here for mcr's record release party. she's not really that into them, but as corny as it sounds, i'm glad i get to share something that's so important to me with her.

and that's all i got right now. i am woefully behind on all things LJ. :( every weekend i think THIS will be the weekend i catch up, but then... well, like last weekend, i spent TEN HOURS between sat & sun staining my fence. basically when i wasn't staining, i was flopped in bed moaning in pain. good times! anyhow, point is, i miss y'all, and really hope i can keep up better in the coming months. <3
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oh man, it's been over two weeks since i've posted anything. it's weird, because i'm pretty excited for the new year, for new projects and adventures, and i keep meaning to come here and write about it - and more recently to post pictures from last week (disneyland and mammoth mountain!) - but then i get home from work and just stare at my computer screen blankly... until i decide to play spider solitaire instead. no muss, no fuss. limited brain function needed. ACE. but i'm feeling determined at the moment, so let's see what i can make of it.

2009 was the Year of the Suck for so many people i know. it wasn't particularly bad for me personally, but it certainly could have been better. aside from a few, relatively minor embarrassments, there really isn't much i regret doing, but there are some things i regret not doing. i feel like i sleepwalked through much of this year, just going from one hum drum day to the next. it's a fine line, i suppose, because i love (LOVE) my lazy weekends where i stay in my pajamas all day and catch up on tv and read comics - you know, just general faffing about with no responsibilities in sight - and yet, i know i miss out on DOING a lot of stuff because of that. i think i will try to find a better balance this year and see how that goes.

i'd like this to be the year of just Going For It, taking more risks, embracing the motto 'if not now, when.' in short (and in line with my own new year's resolution), i think i'd like 2010 to be better. and i'm pretty pumped about the possibilities.

things i'd like to do in 2010:
kiss someone!
start the local tourist project
mcr tour - at least six shows maybe?
knit a sweater
run a half-marathon
keep tinkering at 'frank's so-called life'
read actual BOOKS

...and i think that's it, the highlights anyway. there are a whole slew of ways i'd like to be better - rebuild and maintain some wayward friendships, not suck so hard at work (please ignore the fact that i'm currently writing this at work) - but that's more about how i'd like to be, as a person.

eta: in re-reading my list of to-dos, i realized that a fair share of those are Indoor Activities and might not seemingly reflect my new carpe diem Get Out There attitude. but knitting a sweater has LONG been on my list of things to do, and if i actually succeed this year, it will feel like quite the accomplishment to me. also, the local tourist project - though technically only one item on the list - is essentially comprised of various outings and Getting Out There. [i'm sure i'll talk more about this later - i think i've mentioned it briefly in the past - but basically it goes like this: we (or maybe it's just me) rarely take the time to explore the city in which we live. we're too busy working and muddling through our daily lives that we often see more of other cities when we go on vacation. when i lived in nyc, i only went to the empire state building because somebody came to visit me. so i've had this idea to be a local tourist and explore more of pasadena and the general LA area, even if it's something that seems epically dorky and touristy - i'm gonna do it, damn it, because if not now, when.]

highlights from 2009:
weekend getaway to monterey w/jen
lolfatty whorekiller and his cancer-fighting vegan-shoenanigans
vegas/fob weekend - patrick's arm around my shoulder!
bandit lee way!
comic-con (way bros, brazilian twins, bds2, jrivera, taxidermied)
yaybestdayever! followed by jen's wedding!
house-guest good times: camilla, caro, & K2 \o/

i'm sure there are things/people i'm forgetting. i have a crap memory and this is where tagging my entries would come in handy. also, you know, actually posting when shit happens. oh well.

i'm not sure if i'll be back to post again today, tonight we're having a big family dinner and then later there will be woo hoo party times, so i wish you all a very safe and very sparkly new year's eve!! AND HERE'S TO A FANCY NEW DECADE. \:D/
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+ oh hey, LJ, thank for that handful of comment notifications. now could i maybe get the other dozen or so that you're still hiding? one way conversations are fun for no one. thx.

+ in much more heartfelt thanks, THANK YOU, GUYS, FOR THE SNOWFLAKE COOKIES!! \♥/ that was such a treat! and so unexpected! :D big, big love right back atcha.

+ in running news, we tried something new last night to change things up: we ran home from work. it's 2.5 miles, slightly uphill. i think the most challenging part was actually the cold (45-50 degrees). i still had to walk a little here and there, but in the second half of the run, i was determined to keep jogging for this one particular long stretch without stopping, and i did. i high-fived myself, it's true. took us about 35 minutes, start to finish, and then we got a ride back to work to pick up our cars (YAY). i think we'll be doing this one again, it was actually kind of fun. and maybe next time we'll try running back to work as well. that would bring it up to 5 miles (and the second half would all be slightly downhill, so definitely not as hard). i can dooooo this, yes i can.

+ first sentence of the first post from each month - 2009 edition )

+ it's almost the weekend, flist! i'm so excited, i have BIG plans, whereby BIG i mean: knitting! christmas shopping! laundry! massive cleaning! and then maybe some cocktailing, like you do. also, it's supposed to rain, rain, and RAIN SOME MORE. perfect for curling up with a good book and a hot mug. \o/ and what of you, flisters? exciting to-dos?


Jan. 2nd, 2009 10:49 am
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if new year's day is supposed to be representative of the coming year, then i shall spend much of 2009 being lazy and braless, a little dirty and nauseous, surrounded by amazing people (who can cook!). it could be a lot worse. ;)
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squirtguns omg

happy 31st birthday, baby.

i know things have been a little weird between us lately.
but please know that you are always in my heart, no matter who is on my desktop.

your girl forever,
krit ♥
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my new year's resolution is to never feel like this again.



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