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i'm not sure if i'll actually come back here on a regular basis. i'd like to, but i've been saying that for a while now and haven't, so... we'll see! but i've been thinking about what might help facilitate me coming back, or what might be holding me back from posting more often. there are certainly a few reasons, but one of them, and likely the easiest to fix, is that my flist is 80% communities i no longer have an interest in.

i think it's time for an overhaul. regroup. clean house. start anew. etc etc.

i'm sort of craving a smaller circle now, and i'll likely flock most posts. i'm going to clean out old comms and abandoned journals. i don't imagine this being an issue, but if i drop anyone that wants back in, just give a shout out. and, of course, if anyone wants to bow out of my yammering, feel free, no hard feelings. <3
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completely missed posting yesterday. it was a running day, and was almost eight by the time i finally sat down. i ate dinner, watched about 30 minutes of tv and passed the fuck out. dragged myself off the couch and to bed by 9:15. krit go splat. ah well.

tonight is the glee episode where they say goodbye to cory monteith. i kind of really, really dislike the show now (have for a while), but ngl, it's going to get ugly over here. it's just such a sad, sad fucking thing. i desperately hope ryan murphy doesn't ruin it. i don't want to be angry tonight. :|

in happier thoughts, i turned my heater on tonight. <3 fall might actually be here. three days ago it was still in the 90s, but now it's 61 degrees outside (that's FREEZING for us, okay??), and it rained yesterday for the first time in MONTHS AND MONTHS and it was glorious. bring on the sweaters and boots!
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watched four more episodes of breaking bad tonight (only four more to go!), and was just about to head to bed saying 'fuck it' because i didn't do shit, task-wise, tonight. but instead i sacked up and quickly unloaded the dishwasher. nothing too impressive, but it's something. i'll take it.

meanwhile, allllll of the walt and jesse feelings. *fist in mouth*


Oct. 7th, 2013 10:31 pm
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completely missed posting yesterday. i was out pretty much the entire day, all while tolerating a low-level migraine, and when i got home last night i just zonked and posting never even occurred to me. almost missed today as well, but lo, here i am. with very little say. but i'm here. so there's that.

i saw gravity yesterday. it was GREAT. very intense. would recommend. i also saw jeff davis (creator of teen wolf, the tv show) at the theater with a Pretty Young Thing in tow. nicely done, jdavis. nicely done.

just finished episode 8 from season 5 of breaking bad. :D :D :D ALMOST THERE. 8 EPISODES TO GO and i'm miraculously still SPOILER FREE. /o/ i think my most favorite thing thus far this season has been the dinner scene. i won't say any more (no spoilers!), but omg. I LEGIT LOL'D A FRICKING LOT.

and that's it for me. later taters. <3
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almost 8:30 and i'm just sitting down now. i've been UP AND AT 'EM all day, save for an hour break to tumbl and eat lunch. and now i am officially pooped... but i'm not done yet. one more load of laundry to go. but i can at least eat dinner and start on some breaking bad while it's washing. huzzah.

i'm up early again tomorrow to run around the rose bowl a few times with some friends (and some doggies), and then i'm out all day with the family (seeing gravity!).

hope your weekends are going well. <3 krit go splat now.

mmm, soup

Oct. 4th, 2013 08:03 pm
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huh. so i discovered that the last private LJ post i made is gone. i mean, the post is still there, but it's empty. no words whatsoever. which is hilarious considering the post had started with the words, "the thing i don't want to forget is..." :| it was rambling nonsense about a teen wolf idea that i couldn't shake, so no great loss, but. still. what the hell, LJ. give me my post back. :|

today's task is there is no task! fuck it, it's friday, i'm beat. this weekend is going to be a busy one, and i'm confident i'll do enough to make up for it. and lest you think i crapped out yesterday too, i didn't. totally cleaned the toilet and unloaded the dishwasher like a bosssss. :p

so tomorrow:
running! (no sleeping in for me)
going into work for a few hours! (yes, really)
random errands!
clean the fuck out of my kitchen - NO, REALLY.

running! race for the rescues! (doggies)
brunch maybe!
afternoon movie with the fam! (gravity)
dinner with fam! (om nom loteria)

and then with any spare hour or five i'll catch up on as much breaking bad as possible. in season 5 now. almost there. chugga chugga. impossibly still spoiler free, HUZZAH.
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i can has toothpaste! \o/

that's it! that's my post!


Oct. 2nd, 2013 09:10 pm
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today was a running day, so i didn't get home until 7:30. showered, reheated dinner, loaded the dishwasher and turned it on, and washed almost all the pots and pans left over by hand. i could have finished them all, but it's after 9pm, and i... no. i need to sit and zone out for at least an hour before bed.

but task done. LJ post in process. and now time for a bit of tumblring before i pass out. oh teen wolf, you are the worst. i don't know how i got here. i'm sorry, friends, but. i fear there's no going back.

eta: OH CRAP. just realized i forgot to buy toothpaste today. gross gross. :\

oh hello

Oct. 1st, 2013 09:39 pm
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long time no see, flisters. i've decided to do that post every day for a month thing (we'll see if it actually takes). it seemed quite daunting at first, because what the hell would i post about every day? went to work. ate a burrito. watched tv. copy pasta ad infinitum.

but i also had another thought about how i had to get my life back in order. i've tried a few times to kick myself in the ass, and i'm usually successful for a day or two, but then it's right back to being a lump on the couch and not doing dishes and generally ignoring the world. and if i try to make a list of everything that needs to get done, it feels entirely insurmountable. but i'm at the point right now where even the smallest of tasks can feel like a grand achievement. so maybe if i string enough of them together, they'll eventually add up to something substantial, something resembling progress.

so my plan is to do something every day. at least one thing. it could be unloading the dishwasher or cleaning the toilet, sweeping the floors or pulling weeds. just something! i have to do something damn it.

and assuming i stick with this plan, i will at least have that to post about every day. should make for some ~exciting~ entries, AMIRITE? let's get this party started.

today's task: I COOKED DINNER. like, actually cooked, from a recipe and everything. it was essentially a beef stroganoff, but with mushrooms instead of beef, and it was pretty decent. YAY ME. and then i cleaned up most of the dishes. some of the dishes. not quite all. but hey, gotta leave something for tomorrow, right? /o\
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yesterday was not a good day. TODAY IS.


May. 3rd, 2013 05:31 pm
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i don't really have anything vital to say, but i've got the free time at work this afternoon, so i feel like i should post something... hrm, let's see.

busiest weekend plans:
tonight: baking muffins for tomorrow morning, then IRON MAN 3. /o/
saturday: running, coffee (and muffins) with the parents, free comic book day!, home depot, gardening at the shop, then MSI (mindless self indulgence) (featuring the gorgeous lindsey way)! /o/
sunday: yard work at home, read said comics, and faff? idk, i feel like there was something, but my mind is blank right now. i would not argue with no plans.

suits content (sort of):
so last weekend i watched 'whiteout' starring kate beckinsale, tom skerritt, alex o'loughlin, and gabriel macht. as entirely expected, it was total crap. one day i will do a write up of my machtapalooza experience and award certain films with titles like Hey My Mortgage Isn't Going to Pay Itself, and Second Homes in Australia are Expensive, Yo, because seriously. seriously.

one delightful thing came out of 'whiteout', however. while i was watching the behind-the-scenes extras, there were a few interview bits with gabriel (he is usually, and frustratingly, ABSENT in dvd extras, even for movies in which he is the Main Character, like swat 2). nothing too notable was said, everyone was great to work with yadda yadda, but, you know, he looked great! kind of painfully great in some parts.

and the next thing i know, HE'S FLASHING BARE THIGH AT ME and saying "GABRIEL WEARS SHORT SHORTS" and omg whuuuuuuuuuuuuuut )
i haven't scrambled that fast for the remote control in a long time. :p i have the poorest computer skills, but for this i was determined to figure something out; I HAD TO SHARE. i tried searching tumblr, but to no avail. i put the disc in my laptop thinking i would figure out how make my own caps, but my computer doesn't recognize blurays, apparently. so i did the only thing i could think of: i took photos of my tv screen with my camera. /o\ WHATEVER, IT WORKED. i am delight.

so that was fun. and OH, HEY, it's time to leave. weekending begins now. /o/
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someone recently posted an au where mike had secretly been in the military (as a sniper, etc) prior to working at pearson hardman. no idea if it's any good - i bailed out early on because it wasn't what i wanted. i thought it was going to continue being a secret, him living this double life, but no, he told everyone right away once he was called back up (or something, idk).

and i would normally say, OH WELL, moving on, but instead i am now DESPERATELY craving a 'point of no return' au. as in, I NEED IT LIKE BURNING. lanky mike ross as lanky bridget fonda. maybe grammy already died and mike fell harder into a life of crime (and drugs) after getting booted from college (with trevor's help, obvs). yadda yadda, he gets this 'opportunity'/alternative-to-death and we see him train to become a bad-ass killing machine... and lawyer (?) - maybe that's his high class cover??? WHATEVER, DETAILS. BASICALLY I JUST WANT MIKE SECRETLY ASSASSINATING SOMEONE FROM A HOTEL BATHROOM WHILE HE AND HARVEY ARE ON A BUSINESS TRIP (DURING MARDI GRAS /o/).

which, okay, dilemma. is harvey instead the gabriel byrne character, the handler who is secretly/not-so-secretly in love with mike? it would totally work, with jessica running the whole operation, and then especially to have rachel be the dermot mulroney schlub from whom mike keeps HIS BIG SECRET (hey, canon, hey), but...

i don't want UST-y mike/harvey, damn it! WE HAVE THAT ALREADY. i want ALL THE SEX mike/harvey with a hefty helping of ALL THE SECRETS AND LIES between them and the dramalama that thus ensues! but especially: MIKE TAKING SOMEONE OUT FROM THE HOTEL BATHROOM WHILE HARVEY'S ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR UNAWARES ("is everything okay in there?" "fine, be out in a sec..." ajsdklfj;sda).

and, you know, super skilled secret sniper baby-faced ninja assassin mike ross. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE.

somebody make this happen! (she says into the wind...) *clap clap*

thank you

Mar. 22nd, 2013 10:11 pm
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"Being in this band for the past 12 years has been a true blessing. We've gotten to go places we never knew we would. We've been able to see and experience things we never imagined possible. We've shared the stage with people we admire, people we look up to, and best of all, our friends. And now, like all great things, it has come time for it to end. Thanks for all of your support, and for being part of the adventure."
My Chemical Romance

i most certainly don't have the words right now, but felt obligated to mark the occasion nonetheless. this band didn't save my life, but they made it better. i fucking loved them from the moment i got to know them back in october, 2007. 5+ years of my life made infinitely more JOYOUS because of this band of nerds and the people that i've met because of them.

i'm bummed that we won't be getting any new music from them anymore, but most of all, i'm going to miss jumping up and down, throwing my arms in the air, and screaming my lungs out at their shows. every time i listen to mcr, i imagine it live and being there and having that connection with them and i miss it. terribly. that's what i always long for. new album, whatever. get me to a show. that's where they really come alive. that's where we all come alive. fuck, i'm going to miss that.

dear band,
thank you. thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou x A FUCKING LOT.
ps. thank you. <3
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hrm. current fandom climate is strange.

i have SUITS things i want to say, but where to say them? only a few people here on LJ are likely interested. other options are twitter - if i could fit it in 140 characters, which i cannot - or tumblr, where it would be read by a bunch of strangers. idk how comfortable i am with that yet, especially as most of it is pure nonsense. hrm, i say, hrmm.

...LJ IT IS. the best place for my nonsense since 2004. /o/ scroll on by as needed!

so, the creator of suits, aaron korsh, often has q&a's on his twitter. i've perused his @replies, and he actually answers most of the questions he gets (he's usually answered the ones i've asked, which has been nice). he even answers the really dumb and/or repetitive ones. he has explicitly said in the past that he won't answer questions that involve spoilers, however.

so a few weeks ago i asked: any thoughts on introducing a gay character and/or storyline at some point? Read more... )

this next bit is likely interesting to even fewer of you, lollll, as it involves SHOES (i am me), but not actually the kind you would think! alas, it's true. last october patrick j adams betrayed me when he posted this photo to his instagram. )
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no, really. i don't let go of things easily.

three years ago i right-click-saved this photo, and (considering all the archery, swash-buckling, and feathered hats of yore) there was a fair amount of hand flapping over this newly straightened short hair, not to mention the button down and trousers. hello, sir )

and while i'm here, some other orlando related things. i saw this photo on tumblr a few times - at first assuming it wasn't real, but i'm starting to think otherwise, in which case... WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN, WHAT DOES IT SAY, AND WHY DIDN'T I KNOW ABOUT IT. i feel foolishly sad for not knowing about it. what what )

and secondly, i know we all hate paparazzi photos, but omg. i'm sorry, i can't help this. baby bloom )
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we had good times together, you and me, for over two years. that's probably bananas by most people's standards, but i get attached to things and don't easily let go. besides, LOOK AT YOUR LOVELY EVERYTHING: desktop, oct 2010 - dec 2012 )

today, though... today felt like a day to move on.

times, they are a'changing. jan 2013 + )

i know, who didn't see that coming, right? all i can say in my defense is that i can't help it! and it is what it is. and i'm (finally) okay with that.

here's to a new year. this one kind of sucked.
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hello, flisters, hi! it's been 100 degrees (if not higher) for over a week now and i'm losing my mind. our a/c at work is on its last legs, and my a/c at home is total crap. or maybe my house has poor insulation. likely both. all i know is i get home from work and it's 90 degrees INSIDE and after the a/c has been on for hours and hours it still only gets down to the mid-80s. that shit ain't right. i really should do something about it, but it's too hot to function. there's also no end in sight. 100+ all this week. :|

so i haven't slept well in over a week, and i'm one of those people that loves and needs their sleep. last night i got less than 5 hours and so i've have a LOT of coffee this morning, and thus HEY LJ HEYYYYYYYYY, even though i don't have much to say. or maybe too many things but they're all scattered and shouting.

the loudest is probably SUITS SUITS SUITS. idk, this season i fell headfirst and there's only two episodes left which is freaking me out, so i bought the season 1 dvds last night. there's commentary and deleted scenes and a gag real. i'm pretty jazzed. also there's fic. not on the dvd, on the internet, and HOLY BALLS some of it is great. nom nom nom.

there's also sebastian stan who is currently on political animals which i think is kind of a crap show and repetitive and often boring but sebastian is engaging and hot as hell and damaged and makes out with boys regularly and good god i'm only human. you might also know him as cap's best friend bucky in captain america, and he'll be reprising this role in the sequel, the winter solider, in 2014. cut for spoilers if you haven't seen captain america yet, and vague-ish ones for the comics )

ANYHOW there are feels, SO MANY FEELS, with bucky and cap, and obvs cap and tony, and then somebody made THIS on tumblr and it was the worst thing ever. ;_____; i don't even know how to handle it. to borrow a phrase or two, I NEED HELP REACTING TO SOMETHING, bc all i can think of is lying down in traffic. D:

and then gerard was interviewed by kevin smith on his show spoilers and he was just the cutest thing (surprise). i think my favorite part was when he said he looked up past eisner award winners (the night he won his) and realized that he was now a part of this group of influential creators. also when he said that he's totally 'george lucas-ed some lyrics' bc he came up with something better after the fact, and kevin said well just don't jar-jar them. :p and lolllll at them having costumes for the new album, UNLIKE LAST TIME. oh hah ah ahhahha. OKAY, GERARD. sure.

and so that's about where i am, fandom-wise, i guess. i read the perks of being a wallflower last weekend, and wow. intense book. i really wasn't expecting that. but i'm quite excited for the film, now, i must say. and i've heard good things.


Jul. 20th, 2012 09:38 am
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hallo, friends. i am back from sdcc, but still very absent as i have come down with the plague. i've been pushing through it at work (because we are busier than we have been in over a year; i really can't complain about that) and then crashing immediately into bed when i get home. eight more hours to get through before the weekend. i expect to spend much of it sleeping, but when i'm not i hope to come back and catch up, post recaps/photos, and re-join the world. it's been too long. <3
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chris evans' ass OR chris evans's ass

i feel like a dolt for not knowing this, and the internet isn't providing a clear answer. one site even suggests always saying the ass of chris evans instead. really? REALLY? the mom of chris evans. the dog of chris evans. THE EVERYTHING OF CHRIS EVANS? there has to be a better way. halp me, flisters, you're my only hope.

in other news, happy 4th of july! )

and now i'm off to see the amazing spider-man. :D not bad for a wednesday.
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posting so i can say i did.

hiked this morning, worked until 5, now i'm home with what i'm pretty sure will be a migraine. so that part blows.

but it's the weekend, and that part is GREAT. i'm going to read some porn for as long as my head will allow, then switch over to dvds and close my eyes.

later, taters <3


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