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they pretty much killed it tonight. they sounded AMAZING, and they wore their KILLJOYS COSTUMES which i was not expecting. /o/

i saw them last weekend in anaheim, after which i promptly got sick sick sick and had to sit out the san diego show this past thursday. it was a dark day. and while i'm still not 100%, there was no way in hell i was missing my chem at the fucking HOLLYWOOD BOWL. it's an odd venue. a GREAT venue, but an odd one (imo) for a rock show. it's all seats, no pit, and so no matter where your tickets are, you're not close. not by our fangirl standards, at least. more + 20 pictures )

i pretty much love this band. i can't wait to see them again. and again. and again. but in the meantime they've got some well-deserved time off coming their way, which i hope they actually take. (though i sure wouldn't say no to some new comics. :D? :D?)
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um, better late than never? travel back with me, won't you, to this past may, exactly three months ago to the day, and one fantastic weekend spent with those chemical romantics.

30+ blurry photos )

and thus concludes mcrfest 2011, part the first. looking forward to three more shows in part the second this october! \o/
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today was the slowest slow day at work. nobody came by, the phones hardly rang. tumbleweeds blew past our lot. but i didn't mind so much this afternoon because mcr was playing the reading festival today and there was going to be a 'livestream' of it. \o/

it was GLORIOUS! i mean, it was a crappy stream - jerky, jumpy, kept getting stuck - but it was a stream, so it was GLORIOUS! they wore their killjoys costumes! dewees was dressed as the mousekat! there was pyro! balloons! and a catwalk! and it was GLORIOUS.

until about 15 minutes into it when a customer showed up. AND STAYED. in the office with me. :| and wanted to chat. :| for over 30 minutes. :| i had to put on my happy face and listen to all his stories with interest and delight :D TELL ME MORE, SIR :D (but on the inside ;_; omg get the fuck ouuuuuuut). by the time he left it was over. OVAH. ;_______;

brian may from queen came out and played with them - we will rock you and then welcome to the black parade. *_* it was pretty epic, you guys. but i missed it. :( AH WELL. i shall wait for linkage. there MUST be video eventually. there is simply no other alternative. )

and with this entry i've managed to post every day since monday! mission almost complete. :D

it's hot as balls here (90 degrees INSIDE my house when i got home today D:), so i plan to spend some quality time with my a/c this weekend, and maybe see planet of the apes (free passes ftw). happy weekend-ing, kids. i really hope irene's bark is worse than her bite. ♥
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* holy crap! In order to show our appreciation for your loyalty and support during our recent DDoS attacks, we've added two weeks of Paid time to your account. LJ, i am stunned. thank you for that gesture. it actually helps.

* i feel like the only person who doesn't have hbo lately. *thrones-less* :(

* i have been hard-core craving high school mikey/pete this week. or high school mikey/anyone-who's-a-boy. i think gerard is generally the go-to Gay Way (i mean, it just makes sense), but i really want to read something where he's the straight older brother and mikey is the gay one. and maybe mikey feels uncomfortable about telling him? not that he would react horribly - OBVS GERARD WOULD BE COOL WITH IT - but still. mikey's sort of hesitant and unsure. or maybe gerard already knows, because he's gerard. or more likely, mikey just hasn't told him yet because gerard's kind of wrapped up in his own self-involved shit. WHATEVER, point is mikey just really likes that pete/frank/ray kid, and he's kind of on his own navigating that. and then there are hand & blowjobs and eventual ass-fucking (bc there should always be eventual ass-fucking). so, yeah. i want that. or pretty much any hs mikey/boy. if you have any favorites (that aren't everyday mysteries in the summertime or holly golightly - ugh <3 ugh), feel free to drop recs in comments!

* last week i saw patrick stump at the hotel cafe! WHAT A LITTLE FIRECRACKER. i'm not sure i've seen someone with as much energy on such a tiny stage. he's... quite simply: captivating. his music isn't exactly my bag (i lean more pop/rock and less soul/jazz), but that hardly mattered! that kid has got mad talent and his enthusiasm is MOAST infectious. if you ever get a chance? go see him. i highly doubt you'd regret it.

it's also a well established fact that i am le old and often in bed by 9, however! we stayed for the second show and i was still WIDE AWAKE AND ENTHUSED at the end. it also didn't hurt that when we walked back to the stage for the second show, there was this odd little pocket of space where inexplicably no one was standing. so i took that space, like you do, and being maybe 10 feet from patrick fucking stump? pretty nice, i gotta say. a few peechurs )

* lastly, i'm having a hard time closing the tabs with these pictures in them. gurgle )
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blah blah about the line-up )

but whatever, MCR!! \:D/ they were GRATE. it was clear from the start that the majority of people were there for them that night. everyone (the fans and the band) seemed pretty happy and pumped. jen and i started the night off behind a WALL OF DUDES. srsly, in every direction we were pretty screwed - and we're not short (we're both about 5'7''ish)! thankfully, by the time we sauntered back up for the main event, we found the Sea of Frankie Fangirls who top out at about 5'5''. THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. :D

favorite things:
+ RAY! we weren't on his side, but still had a great view of him, and his SMILE, man, it beams so brightly it's impossible to not smile right back. :D!
+ at one point ray came over to frank's side of the stage, to check in or whatever. when frank looked up and saw him standing there he immediately lit up and smiled SO BIG and then ray smiled back and gave him a thumbs up and frank nodded in return. S'ALL GOOD. ♥
+ GERARD. he wasn't as gloriously campy as he is sometimes, but he still fucking worked it. he's just a really great front-man. he's constantly on the move, going from one side of the stage to the other, and (i've mentioned this before, but) he has this WAY (lol way) of making you feel like he's looking right at you. i know he's not, but he really makes an effort to ~connect~ with the audience in that way. idk, but even jen felt that, and i've never talked to her about it before.
+ what i'm not fond of is them ending with cancer, bc 1) cancer, and 2) everyone, except for james and gerard, slip away without any sort of ceremony. i want to give them a proper send off with applause and heartfelt woo-hoos, but we're denied that. it bums me out. :(
+ but before cancer, gerard was taking a moment over by the drum set during the intro and trying to get his jacket back on. i couldn't make out what the issue was, but clearly he was having TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES, because eventually he was out of time and tossed it back to the ground with a shrug and this little embarrassed smirk as he walked toward the mic. it was kind of hilarious. but ever the professional, the smirk quickly disappeared and he put on his SRS BZNS face for the song.
+ OMG I ALMOST FORGET, GERARD WORE A NEW FUCKING SHIRT. i mean, not a new shirt (his iron maiden one, inside out), just not the skanky sleeveless one he hasn't taken off since september (or maybe earlier). i have an old school lolzy flip phone and it takes me like 5 MINUTES to type out the simplest of texts (which is why i don't concert twitter), but when i saw those sleeves, i was like HOLY SHIT, i need to tell the internet immediately. O_O

my favorite exchange came from the end of the night, talking with jen, when i found out that she bailed out of Frank Iero Sex Chicken almost immediately. "i'm sorry, but there is NOTHING SEXY about spitting up in the air and then catching it with YOUR HAIR when it comes back down. DDDDD:" ahahahahahahaha, okay. that's valid (but i'm still in /o\). "and then a second time he tried to swat it away with his hand when it came back down. better, but NO." yeahhhhhh (still in). her faces of horror were priceless. ♥

my pictures always come out blurry - THEY MOVE AROUND TOO MUCH! especially FRANK. the second i have it all lined up and in focus, zoom, he's spinning around and out of frame. :\ ah well. here's the least blurry of the bunch. )

...so, wait. what do you MEAN i won't be seeing them again until MAY 2011?!? ;_________;
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from a recent article about the album: Gerard Way peers through cigarette smoke and the late-afternoon Pasadena haze as he searches his memory... damn it, gerard. you're supposed to tell me when you're in my hood so we can do lunch! whatever, i see how it is.

ion, i know i am years late to this party, but omg how great is PSYCH. my friend jen totally got me hooked on this show the last time i was in san diego. it's hilarious! every episode is a pop culture extravaganza! there are currently 5 psychs on my dvr waiting for me, I AM EXCITE. the last episode i watched had ralph freaking macchio in it, HOLLAHHHH. :D (not to mention that our two protags are totes married.) favorite new (to me) show. <3

ioon, i started this post over two weeks ago, and i meant to come back to add/edit whatever, but that just hasn't happened and clearly is not going to, so i'm going to dump this here in order to move on. (i get very stuck sometimes where i think i can't post new stuff until i finish up with the old - and then i don't post for a month.) it's very tl;dr.

harry potter and the second to last )

mcr, danger days record release @ the house of blues )
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...was a pretty great day. mikeyway was kind of scorching and gerard had those hilariously stupid Woops I Cut My Own Bangs bangs. i was with dear friends and little did i know, there was another soon-to-be amazing friend down in the pit (though we wouldn't actually meet for another month). my heart nearly burst out of my chest, and i wanted to cry when helena started, bc i knew it really was the last song (and quite possibly the last last song. ;_;). i was and will always be so thankful that i was able to be there that night. it felt special.

in short: we had a time. ♥

this post has been brought to you by the letters m, c, and r as well as m, s, and g.
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after an incredibly stressful start to this year, i enjoyed a much needed and perfectly timed weekend getaway to palm springs. it was only two days, but it was a grand adventure from start to finish: torrential rain! crazy winds! landslides! roundabouts and DETOURS! peacock explosions! broken cars! gas station shenanigans! and that was all in the first day. and while some of that could have been traumatic, it somehow wasn't because YAY VACATION and ADVENTURING! it also helps when you're with by people you really, really like.

sunday was spent drinking mimosas in the pool, or lounging next to the pool, or in the jacuzzi, or napping in the sunny shade. 80 degrees and the bluest blue skies. it was rough, let me tell you. definitely not as great as it was being back at work today. :(((

lazy days are my favorite days (shocking, i know), and sunday was so blissful and relaxing that when i pulled into my driveway that night, it felt as though i had been gone for dayyyys, instead of only 34 hours. it was nice. i really needed that trip. thank you, friends! <3

oh! i also saw adam lambert shake his booty wearing nothing but glitter and peacock feathers. okay, not really. he also had on a feathered pimp hat and some check-out-my-cock pants. you know, LIKE YOU DO.

he was, in the simplest terms, FANTASTICO. absolutely brilliant and dazzling and i could have easily watched him perform for another hour or two. my only complaint was that he wasn't as chatty between songs as i hoped he'd be, but other than that it was superrrrrrb. (also, tommy was hottttt.)
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i realized today that i didn't take one picture of myself or my friends at the roxy show. not even the obligatory myspace photo. how did that happen?

good thing the roxy got a picture of me! loll )


Aug. 1st, 2009 12:49 pm
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i still can't believe this actually fucking happened.

it was all too unreal and i wouldn't let myself get too excited or really talk about it until i was inside the venue, because up until that point anything and everything could have gone wrong. my flu, for instance, could have taken a major turn for the worse and what if i had to cancel and not go? ugh ugh possible devastation. but no! i've been steadily getting better with every passing hour, and lo the tickets that my GORGEOUS friends won from kroq were there and we got in and HOLY SHIT MCR AT THE ROXY!! \o/

not too many and not too great photos )

gah, i love this stupid band. ♥ ♥ ♥

eta3: epic post of media and quotes HERE!
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one year and two days ago today, i saw mcr perform live for the very first time. it was, in short, AMAZING. one of my best concert experiences to date.

unfortunately, as i do far too often, i started my recap post, but then never posted it. i always intended to go back and add stuff or edit, but then i didn't, and then months went by, and then it felt stupid.

well, it's the one year anniversary (plus two days - late, late, i'm always late), and so what the hell. i haven't really added or edited anything (in fact i had already forgotten a chunk of what i had written a year ago), but i'm finally posting/un-privatizing it (if anyone wants to read about me FLAILING :p).

mcr @ the hard rock, las vegas - 3/30/08

and i never added my friend's iphone pictures to that post (they were a bit better than my crappy phone pix), so i'm going to add them here for my own amusement and pleasure. good times, good times. ♥ om nom nom mcr )


Oct. 2nd, 2008 01:27 am
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... )


go see them if you can. AJ;LSDFKJl!@

<3 <3 <#
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right, so we all know by now that my camera sucks. if anyone nearby is BREATHING, the photos will come out blurry. but whatever, that doesn't stop me! :D here are the least blurry from last tuesday night - leATHERMOUTH (and other people) at the avalon )
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three hours of sleep. walking zombie. ughhhhhhhh.

but so fucking worth it.

more later. after six buckets of coffee.
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yesterday was surprise warped. i had no plans of going, but then... suddenly had plans to go. YAY.

fangs up )

we missed academy (woe), but made it inside the venue just in time to catch most of cobra's set. then we had about six hours to kill until gym class heroes. hooray for shady spots, ludo, against me, and the Beer Garden of Absurdity. :D

i got to bed at a decent-ish hour, but my brain and body were so farking beyond exhausted that they were restless, and i actually couldn't sleep. what the helllll? now it's dreary outside, and there is seriously not enough coffee in the world. x_@

i also saw tropic thunder this weekend with my brother and laughed my ass off. good times. and i got to witness a teenboy declaring in the concessions line: robert downey, jr. was so good in iron man, how has he not been discovered until now?! O_O you guys. he really wasn't kidding. oh, clueless youth. you are HILARIOUS.
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so i went to the warped tour on sunday in ventura. and hooboy am i glad i chose ventura over pomona. it was the hottest weekend of the year, so instead of experiencing 100+ temps, we got a break and enjoyed the blissfully mild mid-70s on the coast.

yay bands )

so that was it. that was warped. i'm off to vegas tomorrow night to finally see cobra and gym class, and then tai once more. YAYS.


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