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in reverse order so we end on a better note.

the ugly
i have been sick for what feels like the entire month of november. mid-october i got sick (during mcr tour v2), and then i think i had a few good weeks until i got hit with this nasty chest cold, thing. i haven't really felt the aches and pains of being sick, no fever or nausea to complain of, just endless coughing and congestion. i went to a doctor last week, and he assured me that my lungs are clear and it's in all likelihood just a nasty virus. lots of fluids and rest. a four-day weekend could not have come at a better time, let me tell you. (he also gave me a prescription if things got worse over the long weekend, but i'd rather not take antibiotics needlessly, so i'm giving it another week.)

i'm still not back to normal, but there have definitely been improvements. so. baby steps. sickly baby steps. :((((

once this shit is over i am going to the gym ALL THE DAYS and eating ALL THE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES, believe you me. >:| EPIC DNW ever again. >:|

the bad
nano was a total bust and i feel like a dick for my 'hey i'm totally going to do this!' post last month. :\ i wanted to, i really did. and i did get about 2000 words that i didn't have before, so there's that. but there's only that. i just got really stuck. i couldn't make anything happen. it frustrated me, i got bummed, and i watched a lot of tv instead. i also got sick (see above). nobody really talks about how depressing being sick can be. it's kind of been a shitty month. not exactly the send off to my 30s and welcome into my 40s that i was looking for. ah well. onward, nonetheless.

the good
yesterday i made THE MOST DELICIOUS creamy tomato soup. my parents gave me a creuset dutch oven for my birthday and i've been making ALL THE SOUPS since. this one was definitely my favorite. naturally i also made a grilled cheese (with dijon mustard nomm) to go with it. sometimes it's the little things in life, you know? :)

and then after lunch i did some yard work (woo). i'm always a bit hesitant when i'm in the garden because i'm pretty wimpy when it comes to creepy crawlies. so there i am, pulling weeds and picking up 700 fallen maple leaves, when i get to this plant and promptly jumped back about a foot. cut for creepy crawly )

the rest of my long weekend mostly involved watching a lot of tv/movies and re-reading my walking dead comics. and oh, man. last night's walking dead episode was pretty great. i appreciate, in theory, that the creators of the tv show are trying to change things up from the books in part to keep it more interesting for the viewers who have read them. most of these changes are frustrating the shit out of me. but last night was the first time i thought oh, wow. that was good. the other obvious exception to the 'everything different sucks' rule is norman reedus. bc norman reedus. *_* but srsly, somewhere book!dale is punching a wall and he doesn't know why.

so hey, flisters, hi! this is what i've been doing. how 'bout you?
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crap, i almost forgot to post today. but here i am, completing day 7 of my self-imposed 'post every day for a week' thing! it's a little thing, but i feel quite victorious given my track record as of late.

except i didn't plan anything to post. :|

i finished the eighth trade paperback of the walking dead today, to which i say a hearty motherfuck. these books, man. they don't stop.

i started reading grant morrison's supergods this morning, and found this little nugget particularly amusing.

Superman might have faced a few psychic attacks, but, even if it was against his will every time, Batman was hip to serious mind-bending drugs. Batman knew what it was like to trip balls without seriously losing his shit, and that savoir faire added another layer to his outlaw sexiness and alluring aura of decadence and wealth.

and then i ran some errands and did some actual cleaning and now here i sit, watching batman forever - the one with val kilmer. i don't think i've seen it since it was in the theater (1995). it's pretty much as hokey as i remember. i do remember laughing a lot when chris o'donnell (i think it was him? in this one?) said, "holy rocks, batman!" eta: "holy rusted metal, batman!"

aaaaand, that's all i got.
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posting! every day this week. right. almost blew it on day 2. :|

work kept me off the internet most of today (busy busy busy), but despite wanting nothing more than to flop at home, i actually sacked up and went to the gym with my brother. i keep thinking i'll learn to love it, but no. 20+ years later and it's still a fucking chore that i have to force. i am made of lazybones. :(

on my way home, i stopped by my parents' place to pick up a plate of food to go (bbq'd veggies and bulger salad). i get the feeling my mom thinks i don't know how to fend for myself. i mean, yes, i had a bowl of honey nut cheerios for dinner last night, but it wasn't because i don't know HOW to cook for myself, i just didn't have the energy. lazybones, remember?

and now i sit on this couch and think of all i should be doing. but instead i think i will read a book. yis.

speaking of reading, has anyone read the walking dead comics? bc o.m.g. they're soooo good. i bought books 6&7 on sunday and i already finished both of them. i can't afford to go back to the comic shop so soon, but i need the next one in my hands! now! they're so intense. om nom zombie comics.

okay THAT WAS A FASCINATING POST. i'm glad i didn't skip a day.

eta: oh. and i belatedly realized today that i'm three degrees away from gerard way. that's... odd to realize. not that it matters, i'd never attempt to pursue that. i was two degrees from orlando once, and... no. no good could come from that. this i know.
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sdcc schedules have been perused and excel spreadsheets have been printed and set aside with my con & hotel confirmations. now i just need to pack and write up a grocery list (the food at sdcc is soooooooo surprisingly awful - esp if you're a veggie). wednesday cannot get here fast enough omg.

my sdcc10 schedule )

the top highlights for me are scott pilgrim, joss whedon, gerard way, and GLEE. no surprises there. everything else is just a bonus. and i can't even tell you how excited i am to finally (KNOCK ON WOOD, ALL APPENDAGES CROSSED) see joss whedon live and in person. every other time he's conflicted with someone else that i MUST see (read: GERARD). but this year it looks like i'll able to sit in on not one, but TWO of his panels and maybe even get something signed! it's a ticketed signing (as is gerard's) so, we'll see... sigh sigh eeeek. there's a list of people that i'd really like to say "thank you" to before i (or they) die - some of whom i've been fortunate enough to cross off already, like rufus and gerard - and joss is most definitely on that list. ugh ugh ♥buffyverse♥

friday is a bit of a fickle bitch at this point. too many appealing and conflicting options. i was surprised to find saturday quite the opposite. aside from gerard, i feel very meh about most of those panels. ah well, a break will no doubt do us some good by then. it would be nice if i don't take the FLU OF DOOM home with me like i did last time. :\

and obviously everything listed up there isn't getting done. there's just no way, even with a perfectly laid out plan. there are always lines to deal with, needed breaks from the chaos, perhaps a trip or two up to artist's alley, shopping and wandering through the main floor. i think i accomplished about 25% of what i set out to see last year - and my days still seemed FULL with that.

looking at my list, i kind of wish there were more COMICS related panels and fewer movie/tv ones. i may have to tinker. there are some really interesting sounding panels about how to break into the industry, story-building, art (there's one on DRAWING MONSTERS, how awesome is that?), etc. but i'm not pursuing comics as a career, so... you know.

also, i still feel like such a n00b in the comics world. which is great in that there is still SO MUCH new stuff (to me) to read out there. i'm working my way through fables and loving it, but i'm only on book 5 out of 43686 and i'm terrified to hear some major spoiler at their panel. like bill winningham will be all, "yeah, i didn't know what we'd do once we killed bigby off..." and i'd be in the audience all, "whuuuut nooooooo. ;______________________;" and then he'd say, "oops, spoiler alert," and everyone would LAUGH AND LAUGH because that happened like FIVE YEARS AGO and i'd still be all *CRYING FOREVER* ;______;

but my point is also that, being rather new to comics, i haven't actually read many 'superhero' books, and a lot of the panels seem to focus on those. i've read a little x-men here and there, and... um... yeah. the idea of reading superman or spiderman has never really appealed to me. batman, sure, but where does one even start?? besides, there's so much other stuff i'd rather read instead: demo, local, sandman, daytripper, fables, y:the last man, doom patrol, and buffy (of course). i just started reading american virgin and I LOVE IT. so different from what i expected - not that i really knew what to expect, but... wow. color me intrigued.

i'm also hoping to maybe pick up some artwork while there. maybe. depending on how much $$ i can spend. i'd really, really like something from artist ryan kelly, but i'm not sure how much he charges for commissions. we'll see, fingers crossed. and i absolutely have to find [livejournal.com profile] _ming to a) say hello! and b) pick up a copy of the loneliest astronauts. \o/

speaking of art - and now that i have WALLS OF MY VERY OWN - here is my wish list of comics-related artwork i'd eventually like to have on those walls (so far):
ryan kelly
ming doyle
hope larson
roman dirge
jo chen
bryan lee o'malley

now, if i could just win the lottery. sighhhh, all in good time. but it's nice to ~dream~ in the meanwhile.

okay, i've babbled enough. this laundry isn't going to do itself. later taters!

woop woop

Jan. 7th, 2010 11:01 am
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thank you, interwebs, for one way or another bringing me the following:

+ jo chen's AMAZING art book! it is gorgeous! absolutely stunning. i'm in love. i couldn't stop beaming at it last night as i flipped through page after page. first of all, the cover is all shiny and metallic (hard to tell from that phone-pic), and then the inside is filled with the myriad covers she's done for various comics. i'm most familiar with her work on the buffy: season 8 comics, but her others are equally as beautiful. the only bummer is that the book is written in chinese (mandarin, presumably), and i don't understand a word. :( but it's really okay, because it's so damn pretty pretty pretty! (you can check out more of her artwork on her site here.)

+ the mail also brought me comics, casanova & ursula, by gabriel ba and fabio moon! yay! )
ugh, where is a lazy afternoon when you need one?! until then, they will join the alarming large stack of books by my bed all marked "To Read."

+ DANCE PARTY, USA - the bloominator strikes back! \o/

i love that after all these years, the orlish one can still make me grin from ear to fucking ear. HE'S SUCH A GOOF. my laughing heart eyes, let me show you them. :D apparently, he and the chick hosting the event (i think?) were havng a DANCE OFF. lollll. two more )

+ also of the good, i'm seeing rufus wainwright saturday night! second row seats! \o/ if memory serves, it's been about two years since i last saw him - TOO LONG.

+ and in running news, it's official, i signed up for a half-marathon at the end of april. four months to get my ass in gear. i ran 5 miles after work last night, and it went pretty well, so that's encouraging.


Sep. 9th, 2009 08:11 pm
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hey guys, remember when i used to post regularly? yeah, me neither.

but how could i let a day like 09/09/09 pass without a mention? i mean, that's some pretty neato burrito shit right there. and it's brian schechter's birthday to boot.

as thrilling as that date is, today was pretty unexceptional. i was planning on heading to the comic book store after work (the next buffy: season 8 trade is out), but i forgot i had plans to go the gym with my brother. wah. i've been itching to get to my comic shop SO BADLY. i finally started reading doom patrol, y: the last man, and fables and I LOVED THEM ALL. must have the next book of each, like NOW! or rather tomorrow, as it seems. fables especially took me by surprise and i just kept wondering why i hadn't read it already. the james jean covers always caught my eye, but i always set it back on the shelf. why? i mean, snow white! the big bad wolf! beauty and the beast (and their lolzy marital issues)! all trying to make it in both the big city (modern day new york) and their own underground community (of fellow exiled fabled folk). it's a good, fun read.

and now i am freshly showered and squeaky clean, about to settle in for some top model and so think you can dance. it's an exciting life that i lead.

so yep, that was 09/09/09. can't wait to see what happens next year on 10/10/10!
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WATCHMEN!!!!! \o/


uuuuuuuuugh, so many perfect details from the book. so many.

well done.
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FLIST HALP. does anyone know anything about this picture? where/when it was taken, if that's really indeed frank (i mean, it sure looks like it could be, but my jaded little heart is afraid to get its hopes up), bc akdjsf;klds WINGS. )

also also i need more than just a snippet of the desolation row video like BURNING. when when when do we get the whole thing?? is it really tomorrow? can it be tomorrow now???

IN ADDITION, umbrella academy dallas #3 was fantastic. i laughed out loud REALLY REALLY LOUDLY. and then i made a lot of these faces :OOOOO :|||||||||| :))))))) :???? gerard way, your brain. <3 srsly, he must have so much fun writing this series. also, when i was at the comic shop yesterday picking up ua, i overheard the employees unpacking watchmen action figures! i was in a rush and didn't have time to see them, but i will definitely be going back soon with my credit card in hand.

and lastly, here is gerard guest blogging or something about his love for watchmen. movies and videos and songs, OH MY.



Jan. 27th, 2009 01:39 pm
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via fabio moon's twitter:

Neil Gaiman, who is being interviewed on NPR right now, said his favorite comic at the moment is Umbrella Academy from Dark Horse comics.

i love it when people i love love each other and/or their work. \o/
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oh, beloved flisters, i have missed you. one week ago today, my computer came down with a nasty virus. it's my fault, really. i hadn't updated the virus protection in a long time and i continued to use ie. two not very good things.

i handed my computer over to my brother to work his voodoo magic, but i faced the long FOUR-DAY WEEKEND with not an intertube in sight. :((( i felt so lost, and yet HELLO PRODUCTIVITY. i cleaned like i've never cleaned before. :p and i read! oh, how i read. comics comics comics. i finished the first volume of angel: after the fall, read umbrella academy's dallas #2, and got a little over halfway through the watchmen. which ps, how the hell did they make all of that into a movie?! THERE'S SO MUCH. TOO MUCH. it makes me nervous for what got the axe.

the only outlet i had to the outside world was twitter. but i couldn't even turn on my phone alerts bc i don't have unlimited txting. :((( and then i came in to work on monday morning, itching to get my hands on you guys, only to discover that not only had our printer/fax died over the weekend, but our INTERNET WAS BROKEN AS WELL. /o\ fail, universe, fail. we finally got everything up and running late yesterday afternoon, and my computer seems to be back in business too. though really, only time and use will tell. fingers crossed for the long weekend coming up.

as for the last week, i had a lovely christmas with the family; watched the extended editions of both fellowship and two towers on a gigantor screen (we will hopefully conclude with rotk this weekend), and i cried at parts for the first time in a long time, esp over boromir's death; baked cookies and ate tons; watched most of buffy, season two; saw milk and cried a little more.

one early morning, i also had two mcr dreams. in the first i made an ass out of myself in front of gerard. in the second, i was at frank's house and managed to trip and fall into a curtain, tumbling to the ground and wrapping myself up like a burrito in such a comical fashion that i WOKE MYSELF UP LAUGHING. oh, krit. even in your dreams you are laaaaame. /o\

happy almost new year's, flist! i hope this week has treated you well. i know it started out pretty rough for some of you. <3 <3 catch up this weekend. *flops, flops*
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waited in the freezing cold (okay, freezing for LA) on the sidewalk by myself surrounded by spazzing teenagers for three long hours. but oh, oh, it was worth it.

blurry photos and whatnot )


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