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i decided to finally start the long put off project of tagging my old entries. turns out, tags really do help when you're trying to find something from years back. who knew!

and in doing so, i keep finding unfinished and abandoned entries. the Posts Not Posted in this LJ are sadly abundant, a habit i'm trying to break. so welcome to a new series of Posts of Previously Privated and Not Posted Posts. ...or something.

let's all jump into the way back machine and travel to july 19, 2008: my otps, let me show you them. (includes lotr and its offshoots and harry potter, among others)

i never finished that post like i had intended, with the new and shiny boys of my heart, but i'm pretty sure i made those feelings clear in the years since. oma nom nom.


ion, this weekend i plan to finalize the color scheme for my house (i'm having second thoughts about yellow :|), paint the closets (white), mow the lawn, and pull 468465313 weeds. good times! happy weekending, guys! <3
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one year ago today i officially began my swift descent into bandom. i rightclicksaved my first bandom photo and totally blamed it on the shoes. :D i knew so little back then that i actually included gerard in the category of tattooed boys. d'oh! SILLY NOOBY ME.

it's fascinating how quickly things can change. at the start of last october i posted a to-do list that included the option "wizards or hobbits?" and by the end of the month i was sucked into a new and exciting world that would soon DEVOUR MY SOUL. i never ever thought any fandom would or could rival lotrips for me, but OH HOW WRONG I WAS. bandom as a whole has entertained and delighted me since day one, but frank and gerard especially have secured a place in my heart. i don't really know how to put it into words except to say that i love them. i love them a lot.

in conclusion: YAY BANDOM (ESP MCR ♥)! :D

meme time

Aug. 14th, 2008 10:03 pm
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well my posting mojo came to an end yesterday. just didn't have it in me. but tonight i bring you more memage. woo. (if anyone still wants to join in, just drop a comment and i'll pick seven of your interets.)

7 interests picked by [livejournal.com profile] yourealwaysmine: ... )
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not long ago [livejournal.com profile] phineasjones posted/picspamed her top otps through all her fandoms, and encouraged everyone to do the same. and lo, i have.

my otps, let me show you them )


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