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hello, flisters, hi! it's been 100 degrees (if not higher) for over a week now and i'm losing my mind. our a/c at work is on its last legs, and my a/c at home is total crap. or maybe my house has poor insulation. likely both. all i know is i get home from work and it's 90 degrees INSIDE and after the a/c has been on for hours and hours it still only gets down to the mid-80s. that shit ain't right. i really should do something about it, but it's too hot to function. there's also no end in sight. 100+ all this week. :|

so i haven't slept well in over a week, and i'm one of those people that loves and needs their sleep. last night i got less than 5 hours and so i've have a LOT of coffee this morning, and thus HEY LJ HEYYYYYYYYY, even though i don't have much to say. or maybe too many things but they're all scattered and shouting.

the loudest is probably SUITS SUITS SUITS. idk, this season i fell headfirst and there's only two episodes left which is freaking me out, so i bought the season 1 dvds last night. there's commentary and deleted scenes and a gag real. i'm pretty jazzed. also there's fic. not on the dvd, on the internet, and HOLY BALLS some of it is great. nom nom nom.

there's also sebastian stan who is currently on political animals which i think is kind of a crap show and repetitive and often boring but sebastian is engaging and hot as hell and damaged and makes out with boys regularly and good god i'm only human. you might also know him as cap's best friend bucky in captain america, and he'll be reprising this role in the sequel, the winter solider, in 2014. cut for spoilers if you haven't seen captain america yet, and vague-ish ones for the comics )

ANYHOW there are feels, SO MANY FEELS, with bucky and cap, and obvs cap and tony, and then somebody made THIS on tumblr and it was the worst thing ever. ;_____; i don't even know how to handle it. to borrow a phrase or two, I NEED HELP REACTING TO SOMETHING, bc all i can think of is lying down in traffic. D:

and then gerard was interviewed by kevin smith on his show spoilers and he was just the cutest thing (surprise). i think my favorite part was when he said he looked up past eisner award winners (the night he won his) and realized that he was now a part of this group of influential creators. also when he said that he's totally 'george lucas-ed some lyrics' bc he came up with something better after the fact, and kevin said well just don't jar-jar them. :p and lolllll at them having costumes for the new album, UNLIKE LAST TIME. oh hah ah ahhahha. OKAY, GERARD. sure.

and so that's about where i am, fandom-wise, i guess. i read the perks of being a wallflower last weekend, and wow. intense book. i really wasn't expecting that. but i'm quite excited for the film, now, i must say. and i've heard good things.
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happy 35th, gerard. i'm so very glad you exist. ♥ ♥
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happy 34th, you big nerd.

i kicked off the celebration with a pot of coffee and some comics. not exactly original, but fitting, i suppose.

for the rest of the day, in honor of your birth, i'm going to buy some grout, hopefully find a couch, freeze my butt off, and enjoy a most delicious dinner with dearest friends celebrating the birth of another exceptional individual.

but first, i'm going to finish watching adventures in babysitting. you understand.
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hey, remember when it didn't take an entire week to get LJ comments? remember when LJ used to reimburse you with extra paid time for the inconvenience? i mean, i created my LJ in january, but now my yearly renewal date is in march. that's how much free time they used to give out. i miss those days. apparently, they're saying it's some snafu with yahoo mail flagging the comments as spam. reluctantly, i've switched over to my gmail account for LJ, and sure enough, it seems to be a-okay. but bah. email worlds colliding. dnw. :\

it's been an entire month since i posted last. woops.

house stuff )

surely there's some bandom content i should mention... um. i saw panic! at the disco at the roxy earlier this month. it was so great to see them on stage again. especially brendon in all his brendonness. i kind of adore that kid. and at the end, my mouth literally hung open in shock when he launched himself into the crowd. i was really, really not expecting that. A++, boys.

glee! i went to the paley festival's glee panel which was a delight. it started off with a screening of the most recent episode (the one where kurt and blaine FINALLY kiss) which was followed by a q&a with almost the entire cast in attendance. i feel like i have ~things~ i want to say about this show, but my thoughts are pretty jumbled. basically, i feel like while everyone's been distracted with the will they or won't they (or rather, WHEN will they) storyline regarding kurt and blaine, the writers were able to slip in this other gay storyline without anyone realizing. from early on with the flippant comments about brit and santana having sex yet not being in a relationship to the scissoring bit with sweet lady kisses, and then surprise confessions and declarations of love. i cried so much during that episode. i watched it three times and i can't bear to delete it from my dvr. i love kurt (and blaine), but i find myself more emotionally invested in this relationship. and i find it sort of strange that so much attention is still on the kurt/blaine dynamic and their *gasp* kiss! and yet here, these two girls have been having sex since season one (and presumably before) and have said i love you to each other, and yet... idk, no one cares? i mean, not no one, but... *shrug* i guess maybe that's a good thing, in the end. that it's kind of... inconsequential?

what else. the boys of mcr (and their wives) continue to be my favorites. no real 'news' to report there. eta: gerard will apparently be singing at tonight's DURAN DURAN concert! it seems there will be a livestream of it here. TALK ABOUT WORLDS COLLIDING. you guys, when i was 15, duran duran posters covered my walls. nick and simon were over my bed. ♥__♥ this is really weird for me. and a leeeeetle embarrassing when i stop to think about how little has changed. /o\ ah well, once a fangirl, always a fangirl, i suppose.
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+ this tweet from an interviewer for the sun, which says: Just had morning in Pasadena. I think Gerard Way is a v interesting man and that new MCR album going to be big

EMPHASIS MINE. ALSO aksdfj;lakjkjd. that's my town, yo. adlksafj;lskjd.

+ i get the keys to my house today! the sellers moved out yesterday, and today we go over all the instructions that come with the house, ie how shit runs: sprinklers, garage door, gardener info, etc etc etc. once they leave and i am left all alone i am going to run around and dance in every room. LIKE YOU DO (I WOULD IMAGINE).

+ this blog, how about orange, which seems to have been made just for me. i mean, really. if you know me, you know the answer is always yes to orange.

+ things not making me happeh: 105+ degrees. >:[ we are melting. even the fucking weather agrees, it's fucking hot. epic dnw.

+ but i has coffee! and a house! so whatever! hi, flisters, hi! ILU!
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11:15-12:15 Spotlight on Gerard Way — Comic-Con special guest Gerard Way, writer/creator of The Umbrella Academy, is joined by guests in a 60-minute deconstruction of the comic book industry, featuring helicopter rides and Jonesy the Human Ferret.

um... what? :DDD
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almost three years later, and i'm still completely smitten. he is charming and ridiculous and hilarious and thoughtful and HIS BRAIN YO. it mystifies me.

happy 33rd, dude. now go finish that album and get going on those comics you promised!
xoxo k

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i can't stop laughing.


our cupcake king. ahahahahahahahahahahawheeze.

that is all. carry on.
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happy 32nd birthday, 'gewawd'.

here's to a moast EPIC year. ♥
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FLIST HALP. does anyone know anything about this picture? where/when it was taken, if that's really indeed frank (i mean, it sure looks like it could be, but my jaded little heart is afraid to get its hopes up), bc akdjsf;klds WINGS. )

also also i need more than just a snippet of the desolation row video like BURNING. when when when do we get the whole thing?? is it really tomorrow? can it be tomorrow now???

IN ADDITION, umbrella academy dallas #3 was fantastic. i laughed out loud REALLY REALLY LOUDLY. and then i made a lot of these faces :OOOOO :|||||||||| :))))))) :???? gerard way, your brain. <3 srsly, he must have so much fun writing this series. also, when i was at the comic shop yesterday picking up ua, i overheard the employees unpacking watchmen action figures! i was in a rush and didn't have time to see them, but i will definitely be going back soon with my credit card in hand.

and lastly, here is gerard guest blogging or something about his love for watchmen. movies and videos and songs, OH MY.



Jan. 18th, 2009 04:57 pm
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i just went looking for my pictures from sequoia, but was momentarily waylaid by some other pictures in my july 2008 folder.

so you all know how if you move AT ALL, even dare to breathe while using my camera, the pictures will come out blurry? well imagine what the first few seconds of SEEING GERARD WAY AT COMIC-CON will do to them. ahahaahhaha /o\ )
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waited in the freezing cold (okay, freezing for LA) on the sidewalk by myself surrounded by spazzing teenagers for three long hours. but oh, oh, it was worth it.

blurry photos and whatnot )
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the schedule for comic-con is finally up!

Saturday, July 26
2:15-3:15 Grant Morrison and Gerard Way: Born Under a Black Sun- Grant Morrison (The Invisibles) and Gerard Way (The Umbrella Academy) discuss death, death, and everything: comics, culture, the war on youth, and how you can fight back. This panel will change your life! Room 6B


i can't even.


eta: crap crap crap

1:00-2:00 Dollhouse- When news broke that Joss Whedon was returning to television with a vehicle for “Buffy” alum Eliza Dushku, legions of fans around the world rejoiced. Although most will have to wait until January to learn more about the exciting new project, Comic-Con fans will hear it straight from Joss and Eliza in person! Ballroom 20

i don't think i'd be able to do both. there's not enough tiiiiime. joss or gerard. joss or gerard. :( :( :(
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in the category of Things Making Me Smile Right Now...

sometimes even geeway cuts his bangs too short. :D )


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