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no, really. i don't let go of things easily.

three years ago i right-click-saved this photo, and (considering all the archery, swash-buckling, and feathered hats of yore) there was a fair amount of hand flapping over this newly straightened short hair, not to mention the button down and trousers. hello, sir )

and while i'm here, some other orlando related things. i saw this photo on tumblr a few times - at first assuming it wasn't real, but i'm starting to think otherwise, in which case... WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN, WHAT DOES IT SAY, AND WHY DIDN'T I KNOW ABOUT IT. i feel foolishly sad for not knowing about it. what what )

and secondly, i know we all hate paparazzi photos, but omg. i'm sorry, i can't help this. baby bloom )
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Jan. 19th, 2011 08:21 am
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flynn bloom. o_O i... am not entirely sure about that name. i mean, i'm sure that's the kid's name, i'm just not sure i love it. it feels like a tongue teaser in my mouth, like something you couldn't say five times real fast without it coming out like FLI BOOM by the end.

ah well. poor kid is only 13 days old. i should give him a break. i mean, look at this "little ray of sunshine." awww.

and gah, gorgeous mom is gorgeous. *___*

(eta: linkage for later. apparently, it's miranda's blog, but it's completely overloaded right now.)
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i hope to write a proper update sometime soon, but here is the quick sum up. work has been busy. monday morning one of our favorite employees gave his two weeks notice. it sucked (and felt almost like a break-up, lol), but it's for the best (for him). there's not much room for advancement here, and he's got his future to think of. we'll miss him. :( still sanding every molding and trim surface in sight at the house in preparations to paint. so much gloopy paint from the prior owners, urgh. and i need a haircut. bad.

ion, yep. for the 7th year in a row, i feel the need to mark this day.

happy 34th, dude. you're a DADDY now.

i know, right?! :DDD so much glitter, bb. ♥
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so, ayup. i'm 39. i am WAY YOUNG FOR TREES. /o/ i mean, i'm not super dazzled about getting older, but it's a bazillion times better than the alternative, so i will take it! thank you, universe! \o\ also, mcr is throwing me a birthday party monday night, so, you know. that's pretty cool.

oh, man, i haven't posted in over a month. :( i have a few half-posts with random link dumps i meant to come back to and make something coherent out of, but yeah. that never happened. um... to recap? i still have a house (along with twenty new decisions to make daily), and this band i like has a new album out (it's pretty fucking sweet).

this month has been and continues to be pretty jam packed:

1 - scott pilgrim screening + q&a
5 - sympathy for delicious + q&a
8 - stamps @ hotel cafe, 9:30 didn't go, laziest
11 - haircut
12 - m&c bday @lolas
13 - lindsey's art show
18 - k2 arrives! (mcr on kimmel)
19 - dinner at craft! happy bday to meeeee.
20 - harry potter matinee
21 - big family dinner
22 - mcr @ hob, album release
25 - thanksgiving
26-27 - san diego
30 - k2 leaves :(

house: construction finally started! and is proceeding surprisingly swiftly! there currently is a giant hole in the back of my house. this picture was taken only 4 days ago, and already it looks so different. the new framing is almost completed and the windows were supposed to have gone in yesterday. i'm going up later today to check it out and take photos. so. exciting. (for me.)

band: (we've now seen the whole video, but before that) so i saw this screencap from sing? )

lindsey's art show: i went. her art is pretty amazing. i can't even imagine have the patience (and vision!) to create those dioramas. thousands and thousands of little itty bitty pieces of paper glued together to create these magical boxes of wonder that tell a story. i wish i had a picture as an example, but i don't think i do... as for the boys, when i walked in, gerard was tucked around the corner right at the entrance. it was dark and i could only vaguely see his shape in my peripheral vision, but i heard him talking and YEP. WE'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE, i told my friend as we kept walking. i didn't turn around or anything, and i never saw him again the rest of the night. i did unknowingly walk in front of ray toro while looking at lindsey's art. i heard his voice RIGHT BEHIND ME O_O and almost came in my pants. we oddly crossed paths several times that night, and DAMN BOY IS FIIIIIIIIIIINE. UNF UNF RAY TORO. i never saw mikey, alicia, or mike pedicone. i did see lindsey from a distance a few times, but she was always surrounded by people or being interviewed. and jimmy and chantal were there, adorable as always. aside from our mcr-related crew, who were among the ordinary looking people, it was QUITE. A. SCENE. LOL. very LA art crowd. everyone was in black adorned with some combination of feathers, glitter, platform boots, and buckets of ~~dramatic flair~~. in conclusion, lindsey's got talent, and UNF UNF RAY TORO.

today there will be boot shopping and then harry potter and the second to last! AND I HAS A K2! my other half arrived thursday night, and since then we have gorged on our favorite foods and watched our favorite shows together and laughed and laughed and oh, how i have missed this. our big plans for her stay here include watching more tv, going to the movies, shopping, seeing our friend jen in san diego, and watching more tv. <-- that sounds lame, i know, but it's not! it's ~glorious~! :DDD and i'm really glad she's here for mcr's record release party. she's not really that into them, but as corny as it sounds, i'm glad i get to share something that's so important to me with her.

and that's all i got right now. i am woefully behind on all things LJ. :( every weekend i think THIS will be the weekend i catch up, but then... well, like last weekend, i spent TEN HOURS between sat & sun staining my fence. basically when i wasn't staining, i was flopped in bed moaning in pain. good times! anyhow, point is, i miss y'all, and really hope i can keep up better in the coming months. <3
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i've been trying to type up a comic-con report, but i've only gotten so far as, "so, um... comic-con YAYE!" i did manage to upload my photos last night, though, so that's half the battle right there. but now i'm leaving tomorrow morning for a quick vegas/glambert trip and work has been batshit crazy this week, so much so that it's a wonder i'm here right now posting this. but there are things! things that need to be said.

first and foremost: ORLANDO GOT MARRIED, Y'ALL. i'm still a little stunned i had to find this out on my own scrolling through flist skip=250. i guess there are rumors that miranda is pregnant, but whatever, even if she is, they seem pretty darn happy together, so yay. yay love. ♥

i had the opportunity to go see scott pilgrim vs. the world last weekend, but passed on it twice because of other sdcc adventuring. i can't recall right now what i was doing friday instead of enjoying this film, but saturday i was sitting a line to nowhere. the plan was to see kevin smith, but unbeknownst to us, some dude inside was busy getting stabbed in the eye (the perils of saving a seat a comic-con), so no ksmith for us. and no scott pilgrim either. i made the sadface! woe was my life! :( oh, right, bummer for that dude who wound up in the emergency room, too.

anyhow, this review of the scott pilgrim film made me lolllll. talk about missing the DOINT. "What's disappointing is that this is all so juvenile. Nothing makes any real sense. The "duels" change their rules on a whim, and no one takes the games very seriously, including the exes, who, when defeated, explode into coins the winner may collect." srsly, are we being punked? o_O

and in other scott pilgrim news, i appreciated this fashion-forward piece from GQ featuring michael cera, jason schwartzman, and chris evans:

Come summer, even your easy-fit workweek chinos can seem heavy, stiff, and constricting. Maybe that's why New York's most discerning dressers have moved on from casual Fridays. Here, the stars of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World show us how to beat the heat while letting it all hang out. )

okay, enough nonsense. back to work for me. three more hours, i can dooooo this. ugh ugh splat.
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one year i will stop caring about this day*, but this is not that year.

happy 33rd, mister bloom. yes, it's true, you still make me smile. so thanks for that. ♥

i've been feeling rather nostalgic lately, likely due to the recent holiday lord of the rings season and having watched all three films not too long ago. so with that in mind, i bring you a classic. one of my most favorite of favorites, forever and ever.

a ranger's perspective )

*to clarify, i will stop caring about this day in regards to it being orlando's birthday. my youngest nephew also shares this birthday (he's 7 today!), and so i actually expect to still care about this day long after my affections for the bloom have faded.

woop woop

Jan. 7th, 2010 11:01 am
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thank you, interwebs, for one way or another bringing me the following:

+ jo chen's AMAZING art book! it is gorgeous! absolutely stunning. i'm in love. i couldn't stop beaming at it last night as i flipped through page after page. first of all, the cover is all shiny and metallic (hard to tell from that phone-pic), and then the inside is filled with the myriad covers she's done for various comics. i'm most familiar with her work on the buffy: season 8 comics, but her others are equally as beautiful. the only bummer is that the book is written in chinese (mandarin, presumably), and i don't understand a word. :( but it's really okay, because it's so damn pretty pretty pretty! (you can check out more of her artwork on her site here.)

+ the mail also brought me comics, casanova & ursula, by gabriel ba and fabio moon! yay! )
ugh, where is a lazy afternoon when you need one?! until then, they will join the alarming large stack of books by my bed all marked "To Read."

+ DANCE PARTY, USA - the bloominator strikes back! \o/

i love that after all these years, the orlish one can still make me grin from ear to fucking ear. HE'S SUCH A GOOF. my laughing heart eyes, let me show you them. :D apparently, he and the chick hosting the event (i think?) were havng a DANCE OFF. lollll. two more )

+ also of the good, i'm seeing rufus wainwright saturday night! second row seats! \o/ if memory serves, it's been about two years since i last saw him - TOO LONG.

+ and in running news, it's official, i signed up for a half-marathon at the end of april. four months to get my ass in gear. i ran 5 miles after work last night, and it went pretty well, so that's encouraging.
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most quick. i has a [livejournal.com profile] camillafarfalla! and thus have been away from the innertubes for the last few days (and we are soon off to the getty and then the beach! oh 80 degree weather, you are amusing), but i couldn't let today pass without a quick mention.

happy thirty-second, you. may the coming year bring you even more crinkles and laugh lines. ♥
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okay, please ignore the fact that these are paparazzi photographs (srsly, it kind of make my stomach turn), but you guys. all these years later and he's still rockin' the yellow socks. )
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oh, old skool crackfic lotrips_finders, you make me laugh.

It was a viggorli I think where Orlando was a disabled orphan and Viggo was a vampire who would visit him. Orlando got badly burned in a fire, so Viggo gave him some of his blood to heal him. I think he then took Orlando in, Orlando was able to walk again and became a dancer.

speaking of orlando... i have a few thoughts on this set of photos. one, i hate the fucking paparazzi. two, orlando's wearing a grandpa sweater <3. three, he's still wearing trinkets around his neck (though they appear to be different ones... out with the old, in with the new, perhaps). four, i... have no strong feelings for miranda kerr, aside from extreme indifference. i think it's because i just know nothing about her, except that she's a model and is dating mister bloom. (and that he never looks terribly happy around her, but that's likely more to do with the fucking paparazzi as mentioned in number one above, and less to do with her. i assume, anyhow.) but what i can tell you, what i do know, is that I WANT HER BAG. )

in news not orlandish, apparently complaining about my back yesterday was the key to it healing! this morning i woke up to find the knife extracted, and the steady firm press of thumbs in its place. still a solid ache, but it's progress and i'll take it. also, i have a pumpkin spice latte, so you know, THAT HELPS.

and sadly i wasn't able to get my porn on last night - sitting at the computer kills my back - but i was able to find a semi-decent position to curl up with an actual book. i'm reading odd thomas by dean koontz and completely loving it. IT'S SUCH GOOD FUN. \o/ i'm only about 50 pages from the end. om nom koontz' brain.
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Comment on this post. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

my 7 interests picked by [livejournal.com profile] cakeface: surprisingly image heavy )

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+ i haven't been online much this week. i feel all discombobulated. *paws at flist*

+ comic-con! who else is going to be there on saturday? perhaps we can briefly meet up, even if only to say HEY! ...HEY! :D

+ happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] secrethappiness! i hope your day is made of pure win and filled with unexpected delights, like cupcakes and rainbows. here's to a brand new year, and a new adventure. <3

+ look who else is off to a brand new start. remember this guy? )

+ and now is the time for coffee.
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not one hour after deleting my orlando/joel squish icon from my line-up, i get this in my yahoo fucking alerts. orlando chooses joel and sake over miranda kerr. just stab me in the heart. like i wasn't feeling guilty enough deleting some of my old favorites. =\

but guys, they're still friends. after all these years. he's in sydney, and so drinks with joel it is. naturally. shit like that makes me smile.

(oh god. they probably talked about heath. :( uuugh.)
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i've just discovered that both viggo and orlando were at the bafta's. (!!!)

there is video here of viggo being interviewed while orlando is off in the distance signing autographs for fans. (there's also a brief shot of radcakes toward the end.)

i can has viggo/orlando photo nao??? stomp stomp. HOW MANY YEARS MUST ONE WAIT FOR THIS.

well, in the meantime, my, he's pretty. )

eta: mckellen was there too! come on, there needs to be reunion photos people.

oh look, keira was there with rupert, sitting right behind orli. )
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squirtguns omg

happy 31st birthday, baby.

i know things have been a little weird between us lately.
but please know that you are always in my heart, no matter who is on my desktop.

your girl forever,
krit ♥
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here be questions and answers from the interview meme that was making the rounds last weekend.

questions from slightlytricky )

questions from cakeface )
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good morning! how's about a much needed dose of laughter. :D )

if this is a sign, and surely it is, this weekend is going to rock. my goal? to stay in my pjs until monday morning. it'll be hard, flist, but with a little determination, some buffy season seven, and this laptop, i think... i think i can make it happen.

and now, coffee.
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left my house: 5:15 am
returned home: 10:45 pm
items consumed: cheez-its, chocolate pop-tarts, granola bar, water
sweat: buckets
disney made: shitloads

pirates 3 premiere, the long version )


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