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i didn't want to talk about this before it happened for fear of jinxing, or in case it just didn't work out, but OMGGGGGGG I SAW THE AVENGERS TODAY! /o/ \o\ /o/ \o/ no real spoilers, just some enthusiasm )

man, this has been A Day. it started at 4:50 am when my alarm went off (the first of two - i was REALLY concerned i might sleep through just one). stumbled to the shower by 5, coffee in my hand by 5:15, and out the door by 5:30. there wasn't even a smidge of daylight yet. buhhhhh. x_x

the screening started at 9:30, but they said to get there early, that not everyone was guaranteed to get in. we arrived shortly after 6:30 and didn't see a soul. we couldn't possibly be the most uncool people in LA showing up for this thing at ass-crack o'clock, right? there had to be bigger nerds out there than us. i mean, THE AVENGERS! well, sure enough, the line was on another floor, but still we were only about 40 people back? WE WERE MOST DEF IN. /o/ holy shit this was really happening. (as an aside, it was almost all dudes, though i did notice that the first person in line was a girl, so yeah! *high five*)

even with 5 layers, a hat, and scarf, i still managed to freeze for the next two hours, but whatever! worth it. not complaining. once we were seated inside ralph garman (from kroq radio) asked avengers-related trivia questions and handed out prizes. it went on for some time, and eventually, with camera crews standing around, it was clear he was stalling and we were waiting for someone. but, who?!

huzzah, joss whedon came out to introduce the movie! :D :D :D he made a few jokes, thanked the fans, and i thought cool! now let's get to the movie! but that wasn't all! clark gregg (agent coulson) and cobie smulders (other shield agent) were there as well! :D :D :D (ngl, at the first mention of clark i totally grabbed my friend's shoulder, bc holy shit i kind of adore him. <3)

so that was awesome and i was totally excited (clark!) and ready to watch the movie. BUT THAT WASN'T IT.


TOM FUCKING HIDDLESTON WAS JUST A FEW ROWS IN FRONT OF MY FACE YOU GUYS I ALMOST DIED. DIED! and then chris hemsworth walked out too and they were standing next to each other all smiles and brothers and next to each other in front of my face and what is my liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife. x_o

so yeah. that happened.

we weren't allowed any electronics, but here is a photo from the internet. )

oh! and i forgot to mention, when standing in line they were handing out toy props from the movies - a hulk fist, cap's shield, and i got THOR'S HAMMER. mjolnir )

and now i'm about to fall over. those were a lot of emotions to deal with on just a few hours of sleep. but it was ao amazing. eternal thanks to my friend m for thinking of me. <3333

ugh. i needed this day. ♥

eta: what is with these cut-tags, LJ? >:[


Aug. 22nd, 2011 11:03 am
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i'm posting every day this week! i'm just going to do it, damn it. i've no idea about what, but i'll figure it out.

like right now... um... how about a weekend wrap up.

did a bit of gardening here at work (we have two sidewalk gardens and a planter box). then i spent the rest of the afternoon moving stuff into my new (to me) dresser! between craigslist and thrift stores, i've recently acquired a dresser, a desk, and a trundle bed for the guest room/office. shit's finally coming together. \o/ for the past two months i've been living with a good portion of my clothes still in bags on my bedroom floor, but this weekend they all found a home. ahhhhhhh, such a glorious feeling. saturday night i went out to dinner and then drinks for a friend's ex-girlfriend's birthday (yeah :|). due to her friends not understanding how bills work, and not wanting to make a stink on her birthday, i ended up spending an extra 20 bucks so the waiter didn't get the shaft. despite this nonsense, we had a pretty great time, and i re-discovered my love for bombay saphire. nommmmm.

was meant to be equally as productive. i was going to garden at the house and then work on the desk/office where everything is still a giant pile of CHAOS. but instead i watched tv, bought a bunch of comic books, and re-read my LJ entries from 2006 - my last year in nyc. man, i really hated my job. i pretty much only posted about that and orlando bloom.

this week there needs to be grocery shopping and major cleaning, especially attacking that office. i have three weeks until K2 arrives and that room has to be habitable. right now it is a junk room/giant shoe closet. so much to do, but whatever, bc in less than a month we will be ON OUR WAY TO HAWAII! \o/ i've never been! i can't wait! bring me a mai tai! \o/

as for fandom content, i guess mcr might be releasing their third and final video of the killjoys trilogy this week? and i am having all the ridiculous emotions. )

SO YAYE NEW VIDEO. excitement! trepidation! fearrrr. ;_;
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* holy crap! In order to show our appreciation for your loyalty and support during our recent DDoS attacks, we've added two weeks of Paid time to your account. LJ, i am stunned. thank you for that gesture. it actually helps.

* i feel like the only person who doesn't have hbo lately. *thrones-less* :(

* i have been hard-core craving high school mikey/pete this week. or high school mikey/anyone-who's-a-boy. i think gerard is generally the go-to Gay Way (i mean, it just makes sense), but i really want to read something where he's the straight older brother and mikey is the gay one. and maybe mikey feels uncomfortable about telling him? not that he would react horribly - OBVS GERARD WOULD BE COOL WITH IT - but still. mikey's sort of hesitant and unsure. or maybe gerard already knows, because he's gerard. or more likely, mikey just hasn't told him yet because gerard's kind of wrapped up in his own self-involved shit. WHATEVER, point is mikey just really likes that pete/frank/ray kid, and he's kind of on his own navigating that. and then there are hand & blowjobs and eventual ass-fucking (bc there should always be eventual ass-fucking). so, yeah. i want that. or pretty much any hs mikey/boy. if you have any favorites (that aren't everyday mysteries in the summertime or holly golightly - ugh <3 ugh), feel free to drop recs in comments!

* last week i saw patrick stump at the hotel cafe! WHAT A LITTLE FIRECRACKER. i'm not sure i've seen someone with as much energy on such a tiny stage. he's... quite simply: captivating. his music isn't exactly my bag (i lean more pop/rock and less soul/jazz), but that hardly mattered! that kid has got mad talent and his enthusiasm is MOAST infectious. if you ever get a chance? go see him. i highly doubt you'd regret it.

it's also a well established fact that i am le old and often in bed by 9, however! we stayed for the second show and i was still WIDE AWAKE AND ENTHUSED at the end. it also didn't hurt that when we walked back to the stage for the second show, there was this odd little pocket of space where inexplicably no one was standing. so i took that space, like you do, and being maybe 10 feet from patrick fucking stump? pretty nice, i gotta say. a few peechurs )

* lastly, i'm having a hard time closing the tabs with these pictures in them. gurgle )
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1. i finally get my house two weeks from today! the sellers will be OUT and i can run around and cartwheel through it and shake my booty in every room because it is mine mine MINE. can. not. wait. omg. understatement. :DDDDDD though it is a bit nerve-racking to think that i need to start the Big Remodel in ~~2 WEEKS~~ wah decisions gaLORE. but the sooner i get a move on, the sooner i get innnnnnn (which almost more importantly means ouuuuuuuuuut of the parents' house).

2. i saw RENT at the hollywood bowl twice last weekend. it was directed by neil patrick harris, which, you know, YAY. except... well... okay, look. i loved it. i will never not love rent. i sat there in UTTER GLEEEEEE friday night when mark started singing. i was almost quite literally bursting with song in my seat the entire night, bc RENT. ♥ the guys who played roger and angel were fantastic, and wayne brady as tom collins was surprisingly awesome. the A+++ performance of the show goes to nicole scherzinger of pussycat dolls fame. she was AMAZING as maureen. hilarious and refreshing! she made me hoot and holler during 'over the moon' and her 'love me or leave me' duet with joanne (the fabulous tracie thoms) was the showstopper of the night.

i should probably stop there (but i won't). :\ the stage production was too small for a venue like the bowl. i thought it would be much grander in scale so as to resonate with the thousands far, far away (like us, and we were only about half-way back!). it was a bit muddled and hard to follow at times (even for us veterans). mark, my favorite character, was just mediocre. and they left out one of my favorite bits (excuse me, oh i'm not, i'm just here, i don't have, i'm here with, mark. mark. i'm MARK.), but now i think it doesn't really matter, because this mark, eurgh. :\ they also left out the sex. no wet hot heat sweat etc. and no, vanessa hudgens does not make a good mimi. bless her heart for trying, but she has the voice and presence of a disney princess, or maybe stripper barbie, and lacks the grit and raw-ness needed for this role. ah, well. it took guts to get out there and try, so i commend the effort!

3. so this rumor that mcr might tour this fall? has me both ecstatic and frustrated. i pretty much haven't taken a vacation in almost two years anticipating and waiting for the tour that never came. and now when i'll be deep in house renovations and broker than broke, they might be all ~HEYYYY *JAZZ HANDS* ...harrumph.

4. sytycd finale tonight! but i find i'm just not as interested without billy in the mix anymore. and i LOVE kent (i have since day one!), but it's more fun to root for the underdog, you know? but i love kent, so... go, kent! i guess. even though it's obvious you'll win. but i do want you to. so... kent. yeah. rah. (i don't think this number made any sense.)

5. the weekend before last, i was in vegas seeing adam lambert. we stood outside in a wading pool, sandals tucked in our bags, enjoying the warm cool breeze, and he strutted around the stage above us in leather and glitter. not sure i could think of a better way to see adam in concert (oh, wait, there was a severe lack of boy kissing, NEEDS MOAR BOYKISSING). and i was pleasantly reminded of what an incredible voice adam has. sometimes i forget. i think it takes a backseat in my brain to all the glitz and glam and FEATHERS and cock-pants and your general gay, that i forget. that boy can SING. dayum.

in conclusion, i'm eating a salad with pistachio crusted goat cheese balls in it. ajdflajds heaven.
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weekend sum up:
friday: work, tv, sleeps

saturday: amaaaaaazing brunch w/the girls and then outfest! a q&a with jane lynch (as charming and hilarious as you would imagine) and then the movie 'leading ladies' which co-starred one benji schwimmer of sytycd fame. :D it's essentially about two sisters and their wacky family. one sister is an aspiring ballroom dancer (and benji is her dance partner - also, gay) and the other sister is a soon-to-come-out lesbian who prefers to lead. like most small, low-budget films, it had its good parts (every scene w/benji) and its not so great parts. but this film also had one FANTASTIC part. a boy/boy dance between benji and his boyfriend? friend? boytoy? i don't recall what their official status was in the film, but does it really matter? i think not. the dance was stunning. beautiful, graceful, slinky and hot. and performed with such ease and intimacy. it was a wonder to behold. more of that please. (also, nigel lythgoe, take note: MORE OF THAT, PLEASE.) you can watch the trailer which has snippets of benji's dance on the film's website here.

sunday: brunch again! twice in one weekend, huzzahhhh. ran a few errands, one of which was picking up my mail at the new house. MY FIRST MAIL AT MY NEW ADDRESS. ♥__♥ naturally, they're bills.

now i'm watching hp: order of the phoenix. mmmm, occlumency scenes. i've also started re-reading deathly hallows, because aside from the death count, i don't actually remember all that much about it. :\

lastly, here, have an old icon meme that i forgot to post. you know the drill if you want to play. yadda yadda )
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i started this post on monday, but never finished. hrm. last weekend:

saturday: ran/hiked/walked 8 miles. it was kind of awful and pathetic. i honestly don't know about this half-marathon in less than three weeks. :\ my brother and i were totally on schedule, training-wise, until we got derailed at the end of january, and now... idk. we're going to try 10 miles this weekend and see how it goes. if it seems at least marginally manageable, i guess i'll still give the race a go.

saturday night we went to kroq's annual kevin & bean's april foolishness to see some stand-up comedy (an early birthday gift from me to my bro). it was, in short, HYSTERICAL. omg, i think i was crying and wheezing at one point, and my cheeks literally ached by the end of the evening from smiling for three hours straight. the line up: jimmy kimmel, adam corolla (both of whom are kroq alums), jay mohr, bill burr, azis ansari, sarah silverman, jeffrey ross, and joe rogan. jay mohr was by far my favorite with dead-on impersonations of eddie veder, christopher walken, and tracy morgan, and HI-LARIOUS bits about the two times he was the most high in his entire life - one of them being when he 'accidentally' smoked pcp with tracy morgan, lolll. good times, good times. certainly not an evening for those easily offended - but omg, we had such a blast.

sunday: met my parents in seal beach for brunch. it was gorgeous out, but i felt like ass for much of the day (likely due to the prior day's run and then not getting to bed until 1 AM the night before). in the afternoon i did a few loads of laundry, painted my nails (RED), watched some telly (rotk <3). it wasn't as restful as i would have liked, bc i kept thinking about all the things i really should have be doing (like my TAXES).

and here we are, friday. still haven't done my taxes (HATE HATE - the forms always make me feel so dumb), and the 10 mile run is tomorrow. :||| we shall see. :||| but after that there will be a gathering of friends, cocktails and yummy foodstuffs, and hopefully a movie at some point this weekend (i must see the runaways!). it would also be grand if LJ WOULD FIX ITSELF. grr argh. >:[

in conclusion, like almost all other friday conclusions: WEEKEND YAYE.
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last night i went to see 'pippin' at the mark taper theatre. it was another Deaf West production so the entire cast signed as well as sang. i saw them do 'big river,' the story of huck finn, a few years back in nyc which i really, really enjoyed. i'm not quite sure what to make of pippin. i certainly was entertained, for the most part, and i loved the signing aspect and a lot of the little humorous bits and bobs, but... the ending. it left me... idk, it left me. more pippin thoughts )

ion, WATCHMEN TODAY YAY HOORAH WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. \o/ and then sleeping in tiems tomorrow, followed by lazy coffee and interwebby catch up. ugh, i need it so hard.
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contrary to appearances, i've actually had a really good weekend, despite a mess of wonky emotions (thanks, period!). i really wish my body didn't react like this each month, the fuck-it-all feelings and overdramatics. it's such a fucking lame cliche, but it seems to be getting worse the older i get. JOY! but anyhow, i really did have a good weekend. ;)

+ friday i went out with my friend victor for tasty mexican and margaritas, and then we went back to his for cervezas and eddie izzard's 'dressed to kill', which HE HAD SOMEHOW NEVER SEEN. it was fantastic getting to hear him laugh his ass off for the first time from DO YOU HAVE A FLAG, CAKE OR DEATH, and SLUT BINWALLA to my personal favorite, BECAUSE THERE'S A FUCKING H IN IT. :DDD good times, good times.

+ i knew i was going to be out sunday, so i allowed myself saturday for total slothing. watched several hours of angel (shocker) and started knitting a scarf for my friend's birthday (which was a few weeks ago, whoops). it's coming along nicely, i'm excited. pictures )
i'm doing a seed stitch, which i've never done before. i really like the way it looks. and when you hold it up to the light, you can kind of see through it a bit, somewhat lacey-like. i thought it might be good for a light-weight southern california scarf.

+ sunday i met up with [livejournal.com profile] azewewish and company for a fantastic brunch in hollywood! it was a gorgeous day, a great time was had, and i ate THE MOST DELICIOUS GRILLED CHEESE IN THE WORLD. three types of cheese grilled between RAISIN BREAD. the sweet with the salty. *HANDS* omg. i can't stop thinking about it. nommmmm. we also discovered that it's a small little fandom world. [livejournal.com profile] callsigns, everybody says HI!! :D (unfortunately i fail bc i don't remember everybody's LJ name. /o\ brenda, halp!)

after brunch i spent the afternoon with my friend barbara, and her two little boys before and after their naptimes. it had been far too long since we'd seen each other. i always say i won't let so much time pass until the next time, but then time passes and i don't see her for months. ugh, must work on that. it's always so great seeing her. [livejournal.com profile] ruckiss, she says HI! ♥ unfortunately i forgot my camera so i didn't get pictures of the boys. :( they're fucking adorable, though. i got to play peak-a-boo with the little one, and the older one and i read a book together.

+ today was brunch again, this time with the parents. it wasn't bad, but it didn't even compare to yesterday's. SIGH. brunch has clearly been ruined for me from here on out. ;) then there was more knitting, more angel, and there should be some cleaning, but... instead there is interneting. WHADYA GONNA DO. (incidentally, i'm kind of bummed that i'm not enjoying angel as much as i thought i would. i think i'm just trying to hurry up and get to season five. connor was just taken into the hell dimension or whatever, so now i've got episode after episode of wesley being separated from the gang. and i hate it. angel and wesley apart, it's just not right. and knowing that next season is the jasmine/connor season. uuuuuuuugh, DNW. but there is illyria to look forward to. and then SPIKE in s5. :D maybe i'm just more of a buffy girl, afterall.)

it really is so good to get out and hang with friends. even the driving part, i love just getting to where i'm going, shoes off, singing my lungs out. i missed that part so much when i lived in nyc. i guess it's a trade-off. nyc had reading on the train. cali has singing loudly in the car.

my word, another post without a frank mention. i'll make up for that in a minute! DON'T YOU WORRY. :D


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